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Most Superfund Sites Are Threatened by Climate Change. EPA Doesn’t Plan to Do Anything About It. 19.11.2019 Mother Jones
Two years ago, Congress asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to determine how prepared the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was to address the threat climate change poses to Superfund sites—spaces that store hazardous materials, like coal ash ponds or decommissioned mining sites that the EPA has identified for eventual clean up. The GAO findings just […]
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Climate defenders: The woman helping coal miners to save the planet 18.11.2019 BBC: World
Sharan Burrow wants to find alternative livelihoods for coal miners and therefore help protect our climate.
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Woodhouse Colliery: First UK deep coal mine in decades to go ahead 2.11.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
The new mine in Cumbria could create 500 jobs but protesters argue it will contribute to global warming.
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General Election: Who is target voter Workington Man? 30.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
He is 2019's Worcester Woman. But who is he? And what do men in the Cumbrian town think?
California ditched coal. The gas company is worried it's next 22.10.2019 LA Times: Environment

Southern California Gas is engaged in a wide-ranging campaign to preserve the role of its pipelines in powering society.

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Opinion: A Uighur scientist faces execution as part of China's broad persecution of a Muslim minority 18.10.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Tashpolat Tiyip, a renowned scholar and geographer, has been sentenced to death in a secret trial by the Chinese government, which has made no charges or evidence public.

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Colorado senator who said climate is changing for the better invited to discuss climate policy at CU Boulder 8.10.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
A state senator who earlier this year claimed climate change is happening "in reverse" and "the planet is a thing that heals itself" has been invited to hold a public discussion on climate policy at the University of Colorado Boulder this week.
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Greenbrier Valley floods: Confronting climate change in Trump's coal country 24.9.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
West Virginia, the heart of US coal country, is increasingly advocating for energy alternatives.
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His work in gender confirmation surgery brought renown to Trinidad, Colo. Where are the tributes? 12.9.2019 LA Times: Nation

Dr. Stanley Biber's pioneering work in gender confirmation surgery brought thousands to this small town. Why does he remain such an unknown figure?

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Russian Kindergarten Inspection Uncovers High Levels of Radioactive Gas 3.9.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Radon levels four times above normal were found in one of the nap rooms of the kindergarten in Siberia's Kemerovo region.
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Germany elections: AfD surge in Saxony and Brandenburg 1.9.2019 BBC: World
But the result may disappoint the AfD as the party hoped to win most of the vote in Brandenburg.
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Q&A: Trump wants to buy Greenland. How much is it worth anyway? 23.8.2019 LA Times: Science

Trump shocked the world when he said he was serious about wanting to buy Greenland. Just how much is it worth, and how does climate change fit in?

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Mines no safer despite $1 Billion in fines, federal audit says 22.8.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A Labor Department audit found no correlation between the federal system that fines mining companies for unsafe conditions and safety in mining operations.
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Letters to the Editor: Trump is onto something with his public charge rule for migrants 21.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

It was unthinkable for his grandparents to go on public assistance during the Depression; why is it so bad for Trump to expect the same from today's migrants?

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Pacific forum turns into row with Australia over climate goals 16.8.2019 BBC: World
Small Pacific nations tell the region's biggest emitter it should be more focused on "saving" people.
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North Korea 'stole $2bn for weapons via cyber-attacks' 7.8.2019 BBC: World
UN experts are investigating 35 attacks on financial institutions and crypto-currency exchanges.
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Kelly Craft: Congress confirms UN ambassador pick 1.8.2019 BBC: World
Congress approved President Donald Trump's nominee for UN ambassador by 56 votes to 34.
Proms pay space-aged tribute to Nasa engineer Christopher Kraft 26.7.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
Chris Kraft, who founded Nasa's mission control, is honoured at the Proms after his death this week.
Today: A Retreat, Without a Question 12.7.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

President Trump says he’s abandoning the effort to ask about citizenship status on the 2020 census.


A Retreat, Without a Question

Proclaiming that “we are not backing down,” President Trump has backed down from his fight to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Instead, he...

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The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest 12.7.2019 BBC: World
Much of Germany's power is still made by burning coal. Activists have occupied a forest in protest.
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