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Diane Mitsch Bush is an unflashy pragmatist. Is she also Colorado’s next congresswoman? 9.8.2020 Denver Post: Local
Her time as a state legislator and Routt County commissioner were defined by an almost obsessive attention to detail and a willingness to work with all sides, former colleagues recall.
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The children of Korean War prisoners who never came home 27.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
South Korea largely forgot its prisoners of war. Now their children are fighting for recognition.
Dunston Staiths: A symbol of the past fighting for its future 13.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
Reputedly Europe's largest timber structure, is there a future for Dunston Staiths?
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State orders coal company to cease expansion of West Elk Mine into roadless area near Paonia 19.6.2020 Denver Post: Local
The company that owns and operates the West Elk Mine near Paonia was ordered by the Colorado Division of Reclamation and Mine Safety Thursday to stop building new roads in a roadless area where it plans to expand coal mining operations.
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Coronavirus in Illinois updates: Bars and brewers in Chicago can open today, but only for outdoor customers 17.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus in the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois.
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Homes to be heated by warm water from flooded mines 9.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
Can abandoned British coal mines help tackle the climate crisis?
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Coronavirus: Hundreds of Polish infections linked to mine 8.6.2020 BBC: World
A single coal mine in southern Poland accounted for 38% of all new infections on Sunday.
Colorado keeping tabs on underground coal mine fires 7.6.2020 Denver Post: Local
South Canyon near Glenwood Springs is a place you’d go to check out new mountain biking trails, or go on a hike.
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Climate change: How a green new deal really could go global 31.5.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Chief Environment correspondent Justin Rowlatt considers the prospects for a big economic makeover.
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In a time of pandemic, another rural hospital shuts its doors 16.5.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Williamson Memorial Hospital did not treat any COVID-19 patients, but the coronavirus wreaked a devastating financial blow, causing ER visits to plummet.

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Methane observing firm eyes UK for key base 14.5.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Canadian firm GHGSat, which carries out methane monitoring from space, looks to set up a UK hub.
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This 'gay, atheist, leftist' is taking on Poland's right-wing government — by running for president 5.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

In Poland, where the conservative Catholic Church has a deep hold, an atheist, Robert Biedron, is the first gay man in history to run for president.

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The multimillionaire's plan to reinvent a town 3.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
Town centres across the UK are suffering, but Bishop Auckland's fortunes could be about to change.
Letters to the Editor: Single-issue coal miners can tip the election for Trump? Thanks, electoral college 27.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A reader from coal country in Pennsylvania worries that people whose livelihoods depend on the mines will sway the election from Trump.

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Interior states sue to force California cities and other West Coast ports to ship coal exports 26.2.2020 LA Times: Environment

As the movement to ban coal exports gains on the West Coast, coal states are mounting a legal offensive to protect mining jobs and tax revenue.

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Column: Trump says the economy is doing great — but whose economy is it? 26.2.2020 LA Times: Business

Trump's economy has been great for stock investors, but not for workers.

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The converging art careers of Henry Moore and Bill Brandt 18.2.2020 BBC: World
Henry Moore and Bill Brandt created images of civilians sheltering during the Blitz.
Deadly fires turn Australians into climate change converts, similar to California 13.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

Deadly fires in recent years have heightened concerns in California about the impacts of climate change. The same shift is happening in Australia.

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Trump team finalizes plans for drilling, mining in shrunken Utah national monuments 7.2.2020 LA Times: Environment

Final drilling and mining plans are implemented for two national monuments in Utah downsized by President Trump despite objections of several groups.

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Trump administration finalizes plans to allow mining, drilling in 2 Utah national monuments 6.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The U.S. government implemented final management plans Thursday for two national monuments in Utah that President Donald Trump downsized. The plans ensure lands previously off-limits to energy development will be open to mining and drilling despite pending lawsuits by conservation, tribal and paleontology groups challenging the constitutionality of the president's action.
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