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Nature's 'Brita filter' is dying and nobody knows why 7.12.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A mysterious die-off of freshwater mussels has scientists scrambling to find a cause. Freshwater mussels clean water and provide habitat to countless other species.
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General election 2019: What parties' environment promises really mean 28.11.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
It's the greenest election campaign ever - but how much are the parties promising on climate change?
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Great auk extinction: Humans wiped out giant seabird 27.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Extinction reconstruction with ancient DNA reveals humans were responsible for the demise of the giant, flightless great auk.
Minnesota's native mussels: Still in peril, but signs of hope 25.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Freshwater mussels are considered the most endangered group of organisms in the United States. But there are signs of hope: Thanks to conservation and reintroduction efforts, some native mussels are making a comeback in Minnesota rivers. And Minneapolis is putting their unique skills as harbingers of the river’s health to work.
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Malaysia's last known Sumatran rhino dies 23.11.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
The species is now extinct in Malaysia, with fewer than 100 animals believed to exist elsewhere.
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A third of tropical African plants face extinction 21.11.2019 BBC: Science
An assessment shows rapid loss of trees, shrubs and herbs in countries such as Ethiopia and Tanzania.
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Report: Minnesota is improving pollinator protections, but more work to be done 20.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Minnesota state agencies are taking steps to protect pollinators. But a report to the Environmental Quality Board indicates there’s more work to be done on improving pollinator habitat, reducing the use of pesticides harmful to insects and expanding public support for bees and butterflies.
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Butterfly on a bomb range: How scientists have made the Endangered Species Act work 20.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

Nearly 1,500 species have been protected by the U.S. Endangered Species Act, and only 11 have gone extinct. When laws are enforced, species can be saved.

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Endangered Species Act at work in protecting butterflies at Fort Bragg’s artillery range 19.11.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
In the unlikely setting of the world’s most populated military installation, amid all the regimented chaos, you’ll find the Endangered Species Act at work.
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Who should I vote for? General election 2019 policy guide 13.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Compare where the parties stand on key issues, from Brexit and the NHS to education and the environment.
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Secrets of the largest ape that ever lived 13.11.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
The fossilised tooth of a mysterious extinct ape is shedding new light on the evolution of great apes.
Bird of the Year: Rare anti-social penguin wins New Zealand poll 11.11.2019 BBC: Science
The rare hoiho becomes the first penguin to take the title, after two weeks of "memes and trash-talk".
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Climate change: Sea ice loss linked to spread of deadly virus 8.11.2019 BBC: Science
Scientists say the decline of Arctic sea ice is connected to the spread of disease among marine mammals.
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Hunters of rare Swiss ibex stir Alps wildlife row 6.11.2019 BBC: World
A Swiss region allows trophy hunters to shoot ibex, but the elusive animal remains rare in the Alps.
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Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead 5.11.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
The ghosts are all around the gently rolling farmlands of eastern England. But you have to know where to look.
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'Alarming' loss of insects and spiders recorded 30.10.2019 BBC: Science
A new study shows hundreds of different butterflies, bugs and flying insects are declining across Germany.
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Australian wildfire: Hundreds of koalas feared dead 30.10.2019 BBC: World
"It's a national tragedy," says one worker from a koala hospital in New South Wales, Australia.
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How do you save endangered gorillas? With lots of human help 29.10.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Deep in the rainforest of Volcanoes National Park, a 23-year-old female gorilla named Kurudi feeds on a stand of wild celery. She bends the green stalks and, with long careful fingers, peels off the exterior skin to expose the succulent inside.
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Greta Thunberg: New beetle named after climate activist 25.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
The nelloptodes gretae - named after the teenage climate activist - is less than 1mm long.
Southwest Atlantic humpback whales on recovery path 16.10.2019 BBC: Science
The population first ravaged by commercial whalers in the 1900s is almost back to where it was.
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