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First Step To 'Eco-Grieving' Over Climate Change? Admit There's A Problem 22.4.2017 NPR Health Science
Psychologists say anxiety over climate change is making some people feel overwhelmed. To talk through their worries, a group in Utah is meeting weekly and the idea has drawn interest in other states.
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Google marks Earth Day with its Doodle 22.4.2017 New Kerala: Business India
Google marks Earth Day with its Doodle
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Five myths about oceans 21.4.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
No, the deep sea isn’t a lightless abyss.
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Status of forests is 'dire' as world marks 2017 Earth Day 21.4.2017 LA Times: Commentary

They cover a third of the world’s landmass, help to regulate the atmosphere, and offer shelter, sustenance and survival to millions of people, plants and animals.

But despite some progress, the planet’s woodlands continue to disappear on a dramatic scale.

Since 1990 the world has lost the equivalent...

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Antarctica's biodiversity 'falling between the cracks' 20.4.2017 New Kerala: Technology
Antarctica's biodiversity 'falling between the cracks'
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Brazil's response to a huge yellow fever outbreak: Kill the monkeys 15.4.2017 Washington Post
Brazil's response to a huge yellow fever outbreak: Kill the monkeys
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Weekend split: Spectacular Saturday, Sunday soaker 7.4.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Sunny 70s Saturday give way to a rainy Sunday.
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Thinning of forests aims to reduce fire risk in Central Cascades 4.4.2017 Seattle Times: Local

The Nature Conservancy is selectively logging dry forests as part of a long-term plan to make privately owned forestland more resilient to fire, disease and climate change.
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Thinning forests aims to reduce fire risk 3.4.2017 AP Washington
CLE ELUM, Wash. (AP) -- To restore a forest and reduce the risk of severe wildfires, a conservation group is cutting down trees....
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Sci-fi forest tracks carbon impact 3.4.2017 BBC: Technology
Scientists dose trees with atmosphere of the future to see how much they can swallow.
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Discovery of Florida panther kittens near Everglades buoys hope for the endangered cats 2.4.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Florida panther kittens have been discovered in a part of the state where they had not been seen before, a sign that the endangered cat is expanding its range.

Trail cameras have captured photographs of a female panther with two kittens in Charlotte County north of the Caloosahatchee River, showing...

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More trees, less global warming? Not exactly 31.3.2017 New Kerala: World News
More trees, less global warming? Not exactly
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Trump's Keystone XL pipeline plan faces legal challenge 31.3.2017 BBC: Business
Environmental groups say the potential harm to land, air, water and wildlife has been underplayed.
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Death of three desert tortoises prompts warning at Joshua Tree National Park 30.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

People driving in Joshua Tree National Park are being asked to watch out for wildlife after the deaths of three desert tortoises in the past week.

Two of the tortoises were killed in a campground.

The National Park Service said Wednesday that factors contributing to the deaths include a big increase...

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Bob Lutz, the auto industry's 85-year-old bad boy, goes off on Elon Musk and President Trump 30.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

If you’re into cars, you’ve certainly heard of Bob Lutz, no matter what your age.

Lutz, now 85 and only semi-retired, is an auto industry legend. He’s one of a still-too-rare species of Detroit executive known as a “car guy,” an enthusiast who puts the product first and then figures out how “the...

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A record number of West Coast whales are getting caught in crab gear 30.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Federal authorities are reporting a record number of whales getting tangled in crabbing gear off the West Coast.

The Center for Biological Diversity environmental group announced the development Wednesday, citing new figures from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The conservation group says...

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Denver Zoo welcomes fluffy gray chick for vulnerable New Zealand parrot species 30.3.2017 Denver Post: Local
The zoo announced its first successful hatching of a Kea, a vulnerable New Zealand parrot, Wednesday. Scarlet is still being cared for by zookeepers but will make a public debut soon, according to the zoo.
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Defying man and nature, the sea otters of Morro Bay have made a comeback 27.3.2017 LA Times: Science

On a day of cozy coastal grays — soft cloud cover, a silver foil-wrap sea — a dozen gray fur balls brought visitors the most comfort.

Bobbing 20 feet from a harbor walkway, the sea otters were part of a record number in California. They once were believed to be as extinct as the dodo bird or the...

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Scott Pruitt Is a Nightmare—But Reagan's EPA Boss Was Worse 24.3.2017 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by High Country News and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. March 25, 1983, business was booming at Harry's Liquor, Wine & Cheese, near the Environmental Protection Agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters. EPA employees were in the mood to party. The agency's top lawyer had just resigned, the latest casualty in a purge of political appointees. Weeks earlier, EPA Administrator Anne Gorsuch Burford had also resigned amid a ballooning controversy over her management of the Superfund program. Agency staff celebrated by springing for eight cases of champagne and six ounces of Russian caviar from Harry's. One employee even took vacation time to sell commemorative T-shirts to his colleagues. They read: "I Survived the Ice Queen's Acid Reign." The EPA was only a decade old when Gorsuch, as she was then known—she married Bureau of Land Management Director Robert Burford in 1983—became its first female administrator. Gorsuch, a conservative state ...
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FEATURE: Humanity at the core as UN readies for first-ever Ocean Conference 23.3.2017 New Kerala: World News
FEATURE: Humanity at the core as UN readies for first-ever Ocean Conference
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