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Ben Jennings on Cameron's description of Britain as a 'Christian' country - cartoon 22.4.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
Ben Jennings on Cameron's description of Britain as a 'Christian' country - cartoon
In praise of the John Muir Way | Editorial 22.4.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
The father of America's national parks has had a trail in Scotland named after him With his passion for the wild places of the world, and for the necessity of conserving them, John Muir is a man whose time keeps on coming. The Scot who became the father of America's national parks is an icon on both sides of the Atlantic, there as a founder of the Sierra Club and here as the inspiration of the John Muir Trust . Appropriate, then, that on the 176th anniversary of Muir's birth and in the centenary year of Muir's death, Alex Salmond on Monday opened the John Muir Way, a long-distance path stretching 134 miles across central Scotland from Helensburgh in the west to Dunbar, Muir's birthplace, in the east. Quite what this lover of wildernesses would have thought of a route that skirts the Glasgow suburbs, bodyswerves past the Grangemouth refinery and passes a drop kick away from Murrayfield stadium is something to ponder while tramping it. But if it helps bring Muir's ideas home, it is on the right ...
Letter: Put Bundy in jail 20.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
When is stealing from the American people not a crime? If every rancher in the West decided to graze their cattle where they pleased, and there was no government action to stop them, what do you think our national parks and open lands would look like? The people who think Cliven Bundy is a hero to be celebrated for destroying our public lands without at least some compensation are idiots, plain and simple. The man should be put in jail just like any other thief. Ron Neisler Sandy
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Free entry this weekend in national parks 18.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
National parks in Utah and across the country are offering free entry Saturday and Sunday to help kick off National Park Week. Entry to the parks is free, but fees will still be collected for other services like camping. The theme for the week, offered in conjunction with the National Park Foundation, is “Go Wild!” The foundation offers a list of nine suggestions for enjoying the parks during the week and throughout the year. The celebration includes the new film “Bears” from DisneyNature, the ...
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National parks free this weekend 18.4.2014 CNN: Top Stories
Looking for something free to do this weekend? Check out a national park.
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Fish found with mercury in remote park areas in West 18.4.2014 Seattle Times: Nation & World
Federal scientists have found high amounts of mercury in sport fish caught in remote areas of national parks in the West and Alaska, according to a study released Thursday. Researchers caught 1,400 fish between 2008 and 2012 at 86 lakes and rivers in places such as Mount Rainier National Park.
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Free days at Mount Rainier, but still winter in Paradise 18.4.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
America's national parks will be fee-free on April 19 and April 20, including Mount Rainier National Park. (Washington state parks are fee-free on April 19 and on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day)
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Utah Symphony to perform at Utah’s ‘Mighty 5’ national parks 16.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
The Utah Symphony will perform at or near all five of Utah’s national parks during a weeklong tour in August. The event, dubbed the “Mighty 5 Tour,” is part of the orchestra’s 75th-anniversary celebration and a lead-up to the 2016 centennial celebration of the National Park Service. Music director Thierry Fischer will conduct the free performances, and popular Utah soprano Celena Shafer will be the soloist. Fischer said he chose shorter selections, such as Shostakovich’s “Festive Overture,” the...
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Utah Symphony announces performances in Utah’s ‘Mighty 5’ national parks 16.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
The Utah Symphony will perform at or near all five of Utah’s national parks during a weeklong tour in August. The concerts are part of the orchestra’s 75th-anniversary celebration and a lead-up to the 2016 centennial celebration of the National Park Service. Music director Thierry Fischer will conduct the performances, which were announced during a Tuesday news conference at Momentum Climbing Gym. Concerts will be free, and popular Utah soprano Celena Shafer will be the soloist. There will als...
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Where the Wild Things Are 14.4.2014 American Prospect
Picture a perfect Southwestern day: The air as clear as gin, the bright blue sky marked only by a few stray clouds. In this spot, the waters of the Colorado River are placid, cool green, with none of the muddy brown foam found in the rapids that, over millennia, have carved out the Grand Canyon. Redwall limestone cliffs stretch high above. They’re streaked with desert varnish—the stain left by manganese seeps—and lightly colored with the aquamarine of lichen. Eons of the planet’s history are visible from here, whole epochs rendered in the span of a few thousand vertical feet. It’s an awesome sight.  Then I move my mouse over the river surface and click on a small circle of white in the water. The scene swirls in fast-forward, and I continue my trip downriver. I’ve never rafted the Colorado River through the bottom of the Grand Canyon. My “experience” through that wonder of the world came courtesy of Google Treks, the information company’s effort to extend its popular Street View program to some of the ...
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Family rescued from southeast Utah canyon after 3 days 13.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
A Payson father and his sons were rescued Saturday after getting stuck at a Garfield County canyon. Jason Knight, 35, and his 11 and 8-year-old sons entered Sandthrax Canyon — about midway between Canyonlands and Capitol Reef national parks — on Wednesday. That day, the father became trapped 350 feet down between the tight canyon walls, and told the boys to stay where they were — on a ledge at the top of the canyon — to prevent further incident, according to a Wayne County news release. The boy...
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Environment Department to shed 25% of its staff after $100m budget cut 8.4.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest

Government could open Uluru, Kakadu and Antarctica for development in hunt for revenue, environmental groups say

The federal Department of Environment will shed a quarter of its staff and look to generate alternative funding models from some of Australias premier natural spaces in an attempt to save $100m.

Environmental groups say the plans could mean areas including Uluru, Kakadu and the nations Antarctic territory being opened up for development.

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Editor column: We report from Washington what matters in Utah 5.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
To truly cover Utah, you need a reporter in Washington. Consider: • More than 70 percent of Utah land is controlled by the federal government — national parks, monuments, forests, and 30 million acres of BLM land. • The state’s congressional delegation includes one of the most tenured, and therefore most powerful, senators (Orrin Hatch). Our junior senator is a charter member of the tea party and architect of last fall’s federal government shutdown (Mike Lee). • Utah’s economy is dependent on d...
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Why Martin Clunes is the king of cuddly programming 4.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
He's no David Attenborough, but whether rescuing a lion called Mugie or saving Madagascan lemurs, Clunes manages to find the perfect balance between enthusiasm and obnoxiousness It's weird to think that, back in the mid-1990s, Martin Clunes was effectively the distilled essence of lad. As Men Behaving Badly 's Gary, he was beery and leery and perpetually teetering on the brink of staging a full-scale one-man On The Buses revival tour. But now? Now he couldn't be any more cuddly if you wrapped him up in a romper suit and shoved a dummy in his gob. Slowly but surely, Clunes has transformed into ITV's Mr Animal. He's at it again on Friday, presenting Martin Clunes and a Lion Called Mugie, a gentle and heartfelt documentary that follows Clunes to Kenya, where he meets a number of rescued lions and chats to the conservationists who plan to release them into the wild. It's Clunes by numbers, basically less authoritative than Attenborough, less bookish than Packham and less dementedly fixated on high-fiving ...
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Letter: Bishop’s bill to gut Antiquities Act shows GOP bias 31.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Rob Bishop is pushing legislation that would make it virtually impossible for a president to use the Antiquities Act to preserve any of our country’s national landmarks (“House passes Bishop’s bill on creating monuments,” Tribune, March 26). This is a Republican measure, and everyone knows that the GOP is the party of “No.” Individuals like Rob Bishop and Ken Ivory would like nothing more than to have all of our national parks dotted with oil wells, gas wells, strip mines and housing developmen...
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Director: Americans disconnected from national parks 28.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Efforts by Utah Rep. Rob Bishop to undermine the 1960 Antiquities Act and by the Utah Legislature to take control of federal lands in the state are “symptoms” of a larger national issue, says Jonathan Jarvis, director of the National Park Service. “What I sense with the flattening of visitation, the budget issues and the Legislative attacks is that they are symptoms of the waning relevancy of the [National Park Service] to the American people,” said Jarvis, in Salt Lake City to be the keynote sp...
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Dave Reichert breaks ranks with GOP on national monuments bill 27.3.2014 Seattle Times: Politics
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House Wednesday passed a bill to curtail presidential powers to designate national monuments, a legislation conservation groups condemned as shortsighted and which they urged the Senate to reject.
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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: In Africa, All Conservation Is Local 26.3.2014 NY Times: Editorials
Contributing Op-Ed Writer: In Africa, All Conservation Is Local
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Saving the Mojave from the solar threat 26.3.2014 LA Times: Commentary
The desert is a surprisingly delicate ecosystem, and large-scale renewable energy projects such as the one proposed at Soda Mountain don't belong there.

After nearly 38 years working for the National Park Service, I hung up my "flat hat" this month and retired as superintendent of Joshua Tree National Park. That means I can now speak out against pending proposals with the potential to harm our country's most spectacular national parks in the California desert.
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Paul Rolly: Rep. Rob Bishop knows how to block a bill 24.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
A report from the Center for American Progress singled out Rep. Rob Bishop as a key representative in a scheme to block bipartisan bills protecting pristine lands. The report alleges partisan gamesmanship has bottled up dozens of bills crafted by local stakeholders and sponsored by home-state representatives, citing the Utah Republican as one of the worst offenders. Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and former Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, say the bills that would give protected wilderness...
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