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The state's new delta water rules don't end conflict with Washington 1.4.2020 LA Times: Environment

New California rules governing state water exports from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta triggered threats of lawsuits and complaints from both sides.

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Column: 3 billion birds have vanished from our skies. Can we ever bring them back? 18.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Steve Holmer heads the American Bird Conservancy, whose motto is "Bringing back the birds." Can it be done, and how?

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Rare white giraffes killed by poachers in Kenya 10.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
Rangers found the carcasses of a female and her calf in a village in north-eastern Kenya.
Environmental disaster or key to a clean energy future? A new twist on hydropower 5.3.2020 LA Times: Business

Energy companies are scrambling to build 'pumped storage' projects to complement solar and wind farms. Environmentalists are concerned.

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Scientists seed local seas with imperiled fish. Can giant sea bass make a comeback? 5.3.2020 LA Times: Environment

Scuba-diving biologists released nearly 200 baby giant sea bass into the murky depths of Santa Monica Bay on Wednesday, an effort to revive the endangered fish.

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Walk this hidden wildlife sanctuary not far from an L.A. freeway 3.3.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Tujunga Ponds is a stone's throw from the urban fringe. Still wildlife thrives in its quiet waters.

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The Disappearing Songs of Hawaii’s Endangered Native Birds 29.2.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Undark and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. The sounds of Kauai’s forests are changing. Thirty years ago, David Kuhn could hear a dawn chorus and identify the many different birds that lived on the Hawaiian island. But more recently, Kuhn, a wildlife recordist based on […]
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Westlands Water District gets permanent U.S. contract for massive irrigation deliveries 29.2.2020 LA Times: Environment

The Interior Department on Friday awarded Westlands Water District, a former client of Secretary David Bernhardt, a permanent entitlement to roughly twice as much water as the city of Los Angeles uses in a year.

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Denver weather forecast: Spring-like weather heading into the weekend 28.2.2020 Denver Post: Local
Metro area residents will get some spring like weather heading into the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.
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Packham 'outraged' by Cambridge University bird netting 28.2.2020 BBC: Front Page
Netting has appeared on 20 trees at the campus "to discourage birds from nesting".
Trump Has Been Very Bad for Vulnerable Animals. The Administration May Finally Have to Change Its Behavior. 28.2.2020 Mother Jones
In the past three years, the Trump administration has targeted rules and regulations critical for wildlife survival from every angle: It has stripped long-standing protections and instituted new hoops to jump through in the name of economic growth. It has made it easier for polluters to dump pesticides in lakes and rivers. It has opened public lands for […]
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Britons 'missing out' on daily dose of nature - National Trust 27.2.2020 BBC: Front Page
The National Trust urges Britons to "actively" experience nature to help tackle wildlife crisis.
Environmental groups want cows corralled to protect jumping-mouse habitat 23.2.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Federal authorities are accused of failing to keep livestock out of Arizona wetlands, damaging a rare-mouse species habitat.

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Editorial: California's mountain lions are already under threat. Stop killing more of them 21.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a permit to kill mountain lion P-56 last month after he had killed a dozen sheep. It should be the last time.

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Conservation: Calls to protect species across borders 20.2.2020 BBC: Science
Measures to protect the jaguar and Asian elephant are being proposed at an international summit.
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DNA tests confirm 4 wolves are living in northwestern Colorado 14.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado Parks and Wildlife unveiled the results of genetics tests Thursday that confirm the presence of wolves -- three females and one male related to each other -- in the northwestern part of the state.
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State officials see merit in extra protections for Southern California mountain lions 13.2.2020 LA Times: Environment

State officials on Wednesday concluded that several cougar clans in Central and Southern California may warrant listing as threatened under the state Endangered Species Act.

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After a nuisance mountain lion is killed, two L.A. city leaders want to end the practice 13.2.2020 LA Times: Environment

Councilmen Paul Koretz and David Ryu want California to stop issuing depredation permits that allow nuisance mountain lions to be put down.

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Wildlife photos: Squabbling mice top 'people's poll' award 12.2.2020 BBC: Science
An image of two mice fighting on the underground over a crumb of food tops a popular wildlife photo poll.
Effort aims to persuade Minn. anglers to go lead-free for loons 11.2.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is planning to launch a new program focused on encouraging anglers to voluntarily switch to lead-free fishing tackle as a way to help save the common loon. Lead poisoning is a leading cause of death for Minnesota loons.
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