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Iran keen to become part of China-Pak corridor 22.9.2016 TOI: Home
Iran on Thursday expressed desire to become part of the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), that links western China with Gwadar deep-sea port in Balochistan and runs through Pakistan- occupied Kashmir.
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Fantasies about non-alignment 21.9.2016 HBL: Home
Signing defence cooperation agreements with the US does not mean we are compromising strategic autonomy
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Emergence of a Russian-Iranian axis 20.9.2016 Deccan Herald - Opinion
The partial ceasefire in Syria's civil war is welcome news. But it must not be allowed to obscure a dangerous new development — the emergence from the war of a Russian-Iranian military axis that could upset hopes for stability in West Asia, and for containing Russia's global ambitions, into the future. The extent of Russian-Iranian cooperation was signalled last month, when Russia used an Iranian air base to bomb targets in Syria. American officials dismissed the event as unsurprising and tactical, and some Iranian officials said Russia's access was for a "one-time antiterrorism operation." But a spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry attached the words "for now" to his announcement that the access "is finished," clearly leaving room for repetition. In fact, a Russian-Iranian bond for military cooperation is rapidly forming, based on a meeting of interests between Russians competing with the West for strategic influence throughout West Asia, and Iranian hard-liners seeking to dominate local and ...
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EU in 'critical situation' after Brexit warns Merkel 17.9.2016
French President Francois Hollande, the other half of the EU's power couple with Merkel, was equally blunt.
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EU in 'critical situation' after Brexit, warns Angela Merkel 16.9.2016 DNA: Wide Angle
German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Friday that the EU faces a "critical situation", as European leaders sought to plot the bloc's post-Brexit future at a summit without Britain. The 27 leaders -- minus British Prime Minister Theresa May -- gathered at Bratislava's towering castle overlooking the River Danube, determined to respond to the challenges of mass migration, security, globalisation and a stuttering economy. The aim was to thrash out a "roadmap" of reforms during talks in the Slovak capital's towering hilltop castle, and a boat trip down the Danube. Merkel said the bloc simply had to improve, but her influence as leader of the EU's biggest economy has been undermined by her unpopular decision to open Germany's doors last year to nearly a million refugees. "We are in a critical situation. We have to show with our actions that we can get better," Merkel said as she arrived at the special summit. French President Francois Hollande, the other half of the EU's "power couple" with Merkel, was ...
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Indo-US joint military exercise begins in Chaubatia 16.9.2016 TOI: All Headlines
Indo-US joint military exercise begins in Chaubatia
India announces $1 billion in developmental assistance to Afghanistan, now how about some defence equipment? 15.9.2016 FirstPost: World

Afghanistan’s president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani's working visit to India is taking place at a time when the Taliban has been stepping up attacks across the country and Kabul’s relationship with Pakistan is becoming increasingly bitter

The post India announces $1 billion in developmental assistance to Afghanistan, now how about some defence equipment? appeared first on Firstpost.

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India, Afghanistan tell the 'concerned': End terror exports 15.9.2016
Sending a stern message to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan on Wednesday asked it end to all support and safe havens to terrorists and decided to strengthen security and defence cooperation.
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Stop terrorism, India & Afghanistan tell rogue neighbour Pakistan 15.9.2016 TOI: Home
Signalling its commitment to Afghanistan, India promised $ 1 billion development assistance and upped defence and security ties even as both countries called for an end to state-sponsored terrorism in what was seen as a clear message to Pakistan.
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India pledges $1b for Afghan projects 14.9.2016
India on Wednesday pledged an additional $1 billion (Rs 6,694 crore) for development projects in Afghanistan, even as the two nations inked an extradition treaty and two other pacts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visiting Afghan President M Ashraf Ghani discussed the regional situation and sent out a strong message to Pakistan, albeit without naming it. They expressed "grave concern at continued use of terrorism and violence in the region for achieving political objectives". They also noted that the use of cross-border terror for political reasons "presented the single biggest threat to peace, stability and progress in the region and beyond". Modi conveyed to Ghani "India's abiding support for a unified, sovereign, democratic, peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan". A joint statement issued after their meeting in New Delhi dropped enough hints that India was ready to take its security and defence cooperation with Afghanistan to a new level, by providing more lethal military hardware to the ...
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Modi, Ghani meet, send stern message to Pak on terror 14.9.2016
The Prime Minister also proposed to supply world class and easily affordable medicines from India and cooperation in solar energy through mutually agreed instruments.
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India, Afghanistan call for end to state-sponsored terrorism 14.9.2016 Rediff: News
India offers $1 billion towards Afghanistan's development during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's visit.
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Ashraf Ghani meets Modi in Delhi: Full text of India-Afghanistan joint statement 14.9.2016 FirstPost: World

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday on his second trip to India. Both the leaders expressed concern at the continued use of terrorism and violence in region and released a joint statement.

The post Ashraf Ghani meets Modi in Delhi: Full text of India-Afghanistan joint statement appeared first on Firstpost.

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China slams India-Japan defence ties 14.9.2016 The Assam Tribune
China slams India-Japan defence ties
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After LEMOA, it’s war games now 14.9.2016 The Hindu: Today's Paper
After LEMOA, it’s war games now
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Russian Roulette with Pakistan 14.9.2016
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China says Japan 'shameless' for cutting price on weapons sales to India 13.9.2016 India Today| Must Read
China said it would be 'a shameless move' if Japan 'uses weapons sales for ulterior motives'.
Japan-India defence coop aimed at China is disgraceful: Beijing 13.9.2016 All International Stories
Japan's plan to sell search and rescue aircraft to India at a lower cost s aimed at pressuring Beijing over the disputed South China Sea, claims China
Will respect military pact with US, says Philippines 13.9.2016 Zee News : World
The Philippines will respect the military accord signed between it and the US in 2014 that allows Washington to use Manila bases and boost its presence in the Southeast Asian region, a minister said.
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Japan-India defence cooperation aimed at China disgraceful: Beijing 13.9.2016 TOI: Home
Asked to elaborate on why China regards this sale of weapons disgraceful, Chinese foreign ministry said "we hold no objection to state to state cooperation including defence cooperation as long is such cooperation is normal".
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