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Bio-fuelling the world’s hunger 4.1.2008 HBL: Opinion
The soaring Sensex is as adrenalin to India Inc. Not many, however, seem to be unduly concerned about the galloping food prices. Almost everyone, from the Prime Minister downwards, is making pious noises on this score, without any tangible ...
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Lekhpals told to prevent malnutrition 3.1.2008 TOI: Cities
District administration of Lucknow has put its lekhpals on mission impossible. The job is to ensure that no cases of malnourishment come to light in their areas.
Hope 2008: It's time to give individuals a tax holiday now 1.1.2008 Sify Finance
Last year, the government undeservedly earned Rs10,50,000 crore -that's nearly Rs9,000 for every Indian citizen - but didn't know what to do with it. This doesn't mean nobody knew about the moolah - good economists like Manmohan Singh and P Chidambaram couldn't have missed it - but they preferred to sit on their hands and do nothing about it.
Whose land is this? 30.12.2007 Hindu: Sunday Magazine
When hunger, want, fear, prejudice and hate stalk the land, what do we have to celebrate? HARSH MANDER
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Hunger trap awaits India 27.12.2007 New Indian Express
Hunger trap awaits India
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Tackle hunger problem, says child rights panel 26.12.2007 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
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The issue is trade 25.12.2007 The Statesman
The issue is trade
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Serving food justice to all 24.12.2007 HBL: Mentor
Story so far: Trapped in debt. What is so alluring about debt? We need to talk about it more. Could life be made a bit easier if friends and family talked about debt? Or may be the stigma is too we ... Story so far: Trapped in debt. What is so alluring about debt? We need to talk about it more. Could life be made a bit easier if friends and family talked about debt? Or may be the stigma is too we ...
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Infant's death raises starvation issue 23.12.2007 TOI: Cities
The death of the infant once again epitomizes the unabated starvation deaths in the drought-hit Bundelkhand region.
LDA worker's widow dies of starvation 23.12.2007 TOI: Cities
Chaos gripped the head office of Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) in Gomtinagar on Saturday following death of spouse of an ex-employee of LDA reportedly of starvation.
Investment in health, education, a must 21.12.2007 Sify Finance
“Thani Oruvanukku Unav(u)ilaienil, Jagattinai Azhithiduvom’ was the war cry against hunger the celebrated Tamil poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiar unleashed almost a century ago. Loosely translated, it means, “Even if a single person goes without food, we shall destroy the world”.
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Investment in health, education, a must 21.12.2007 HBL: Industry & Economy
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Declare Bundelkhand famine-hit: BJP 18.12.2007 Hindu: Other States
LUCKNOW: The Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that the drought-hit Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh be declared “famine-hit”. Describing the crisis in Bundelkhand, which has received scanty rainfall in the past four ...
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State govt taking steps to meet food crisis: Food Minister 13.12.2007 News

Aizawl, Dec 13 (UNI) Mizoram Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister K Sangthuama today claimed that the state government and Centre were making all-out efforts to solve the food crisis in the state following devastation by the Mautam (bamboo flowering) related rodents.
40 African migrants feared dead on boat to Europe 13.12.2007 The Statesman
40 African migrants feared dead on boat to Europe
FAO warns of food shortage in new climate 13.12.2007 Hindustan Times: News
Climate change will lead to adverse and immediate impact on world food security, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned on Wednesday.
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UN Agencies urge immediate climate action to avert hunger 12.12.2007 News

New Delhi, Dec 12 (UNI) UN Agencies - FAO, the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development - today warned that climate change is a major challenge to world food security and will increase hunger and malnutrition unless immediate action is taken.
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No starvation death in UP, says Govt 12.12.2007 TOI: Cities
The Mayawati government on Tuesday strongly denied that there was any starvation death in the state.
Campaign to combat hunger, poverty launched in Delhi 11.12.2007 Hindu: New Delhi
NEW DELHI: To mark International Human Rights Day, MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation, Delhi, formally launched its campaign “Ek Mutthi Anaaj” at the Constitution Club here on Monday. On this special day, the Foundation ...
To Sum(m)it up: Partnerships for Action & sustainable future 10.12.2007 The Indian Express -- Front Page
To strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships, increase capacity and accountability and facilitate good environmental performance through sectoral policies...
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