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After initial hype, State Govt now mum on NFSA 20.9.2014 Manipur: E-Pao
After initial hype, State Govt now mum on NFSA
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Ryan International Group of Institutions launches Food Bucket Challenge in Mumbai 20.9.2014 Mumbai News, News in Mumbai, Mumbai City News | Cities News - Times of India
The Ryan Schools’ Food Bucket Challenge, a unique initiative, was launched by the Ryan International Group of Institutions recently in ...
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Good food from dry land 19.9.2014 India Together

Across 20 villages of Bankura and Birbhum districts in West Bengal, 800 families are learning to farm dry land anew in a sustainable manner, resulting in increased income, better health and nutritional outcomes, and food security. Ajitha Menon reports from Bankura.

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Malnutrition rocks assembly, govt denies any deaths 19.9.2014 Jaipur News, Jaipur City News | Cities News - Times of India
The death of children allegedly due to malnutrition in Kishanganj and Udaipur regions rocked the assembly though the state government claimed not a single child had died because of malnutrition or ...
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Malnourishment deaths in Rajasthan district 19.9.2014 Asian Age: India
More than a decade after hunger deaths in Baran attracted national attention, once again there are reports of malnutrition deaths of children in one of the most backward districts in the country. And, as usual politics is also heating up on this issue. PCC chief Sachin Pilot has announced to visit the area on September 22, after his party MLA raised Ramesh Meena raised the issue in the state Assembly. Mr Meena alleged that two children of Saharia tribe have died due to malnutrition in Shahbad tehsil of Baran. He was supported by Kirori Lal Meena of National People’s Party who alleged that half a dozen children have died. People don’t have enough money while the government has curtailed provision of free ration to the poor. According to Mr Meena, there are 62 children suffering from malnutrition in Baran hospital sharing 20 beds. He alleged that no local public representative from the ruling party including its MP from the area Dushyant Singh or any government official have visited these ...
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New alliance in Maharashtra promises breakfast for Rs 5, dinner for Rs 10 18.9.2014 Mumbai News, News in Mumbai, Mumbai City News | Cities News - Times of India
At a time when food prices are burning holes in family budgets, a new political alliance promises to empower the common man to buy breakfast for Rs 5 and lunch or dinner for Rs ...
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India, home to 190.7 million starving people 18.9.2014 Rediff: Business
The number of hungry people in India has fallen to by 9.5 per cent to 190.7 million now from 210.8 million two decades ago, but in neigbouring Pakistan the number has risen by over 38 per cent in the same period.
Zero Rules. Just Hints 18.9.2014 DNA: Bangalore
Zero Rules. Just Hints
No of hungry people in India falling but rising in Pakistan: Report 18.9.2014 ET: Indicators
India and neighouring nations are lagging far behind in achieving the illenniMum Development Goal (MDG) of halving hunger by 2015.
Woman executed in Texas for starving, torturing boy to death 18.9.2014 CNN-IBN: World
Coleman became the ninth convicted killer and second woman to receive lethal injection in Texas this year.
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No one died of malnutrition in Rajasthan: Govt 18.9.2014 News
Jaipur, Sep 18: There was not a single death of child due to malnutrition or hunger in Rajasthan, ruling BJP government told the state Assembly today. On an issue raised by NPP MLA Dr K L Meena during Zero Hour,
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Printpick 18.9.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
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NHRC notice to health ministry over HIV drug shortage 18.9.2014 All News-IANS Stories
The NHRC has issued a notice to the health ministry following a report that HIV patients were suffering due to shortage of medicines at government centres, a statement said Thursday.
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Texas executes woman who starved child to death 18.9.2014 Hindustan Times: World
Texas which has put more inmates to death than any other US state on Wednesday executed child killer Lisa Coleman one of only a handful of women on death ...
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Texas woman executed for starving 9-year-old to death 18.9.2014 Rediff: News
In a rare occurrence, a 38-year-old woman has been executed in Texas for the starvation and death of her partner's nine-year-old son, becoming the only fifteenth women to be executed in the US since 1976.
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Texas executes woman for starving to death a 9-year-old boy 18.9.2014 Sify News
A Texas woman convicted of the starvation and torture death of her girlfriend's 9-year-old son a decade ago was executed Wednesday evening.
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How to get that bikini body 18.9.2014 TOI: All Headlines
How to get that bikini body
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Sharp decline in child mortality 18.9.2014 Deccan Herald - Opinion
The United Nations has reported significant declines in the rates of child mortality and hunger, but said those two scourges of the developing world stubbornly persist in parts of Africa and South Asia despite major health care advances and sharply higher global food production. The trends, detailed in two annual reports by United Nations agencies, were presented before the General Assembly meetings of world leaders, where the Millennium Development Goals, a United Nations list of aspirations to meet the needs of the world's poorest, are an important discussion theme. While one of those goals — halving the number of hungry people by 2015 — seems within reach, the goal of reducing child mortality by two-thirds is years behind, the reports showed. The child mortality report, a collaboration of Unicef, other United Nations agencies and the World Bank, showed that the mortality rate for children younger than 5, the most vulnerable age group, had dropped by nearly half between 1990 and 2013. ...
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Texas woman set to die for starvation of child, 9 18.9.2014 Sify News
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a last-day appeal from a Texas woman convicted of the starvation and torture death of her girlfriend's 9-year-old son a decade ago, clearing the way
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100m people saved from hunger in last decade: UN 17.9.2014 Asian Age: International
The number of hungry people in the world has dropped by 100 million over the last 10 years, though one in nine are still undernourished, with Asia home to the majority of the underfed, the UN said on Tuesday. The UN’s food agencies said the global number was down over 200 million since the early 1990s, but warned that despite the progress made, “about 805 million people in the world, or one in nine, suffer from hunger.” The Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of undernourished people by 2015 is within reach “if appropriate and immediate efforts are stepped up,” the Food and Agriculture Organisation, International Fund for Agricultural Development and World Food Programme said in a joint yearly report. To date, 63 developing countries have reached the target and six more are on track to reach it by 2015, they said. “This is proof that we can win the war against hunger and should inspire countries to move forward, with the assistance of the international community,” the agencies said in a ...
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