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Watching porn at work a 'silent epidemic' 1.10.2007 CNN-IBN Top Stories
BAD ADDICTION: Watching porn is a problem affecting the workplace and families, say experts.Watching porn is a problem affecting the workplace and families, say experts.
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George Michael says trying to smoke less marijuana 1.10.2007 News

LONDON, Sep 30 (Reuters) British singer George Michael is trying to reduce his consumption of marijuana, the pop star told the BBC today.
Q & A 1.10.2007 Hindu:Education Plus: Chennai
I am studying B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I would like to know about broadcast engineering. Broadcast engineering is the field of electrical engineering, and now to some extent computer engineering, which ...
Diplomas in psychology and counselling 1.10.2007 Hindu:Education Plus: Tiruchirapalli
Bharathidasan University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Athma Institute of Mental Health and Social Sciences (AIMSS) in Tiruchi paving the way for the latter to offer one-year postgraduate diploma courses in Counselling and ...
School for mentally challenged children opened 30.9.2007 Hindu: Kerala
Kozhikode: A special school of the Kozhikode Institute for the Development of Special Education and Training (KIDSET) was inaugurated here recently. Self-help groups of parents were launched on the occasion. K.V. Jayadevan, chairman of ...
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Moving force 30.9.2007 Hindu: Sunday Magazine
Confined to the wheelchair, Kariveppil Rabia, through sheer determination, has single-handedly brought literacy and change to her village.
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Adventure camp in city 29.9.2007 The Assam Tribune
Adventure camp in city
Saviour of destitute women 29.9.2007 Hindu: Other States
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Noble mission 29.9.2007 Hindu: Other States
Mission Ashra, a programme for destitute mentally ill women, initiated by People’s Forum, is helping the mentally ill women in the State. – Page ...
BULLETIN BOARD 27.9.2007 Deccan Herald
Enhanced care 26.9.2007 Frontline
Enhanced care
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Superpower State 26.9.2007 Frontline
Karnataka has evolved into one of India’s most dynamic States thanks to, among other things, a vibrant industrial base.
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Dearth of psychiatrists in health services 24.9.2007 Hindu: Kerala
State has high rates of suicide and alcoholism
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Counsellors are in great demand 24.9.2007 Hindu:Education Plus: Bangalore
If studying human behaviour interests you, psychology is the field for you. What was earlier considered as the profession restricted to mental illnesses, is creeping into every sphere of life. Psychologists not only study the human mind ...
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Studying human mind 24.9.2007 Hindu:Education Plus: Hyderabad
Psychologists can apply their knowledge to health and human services, management, education, law, and sports
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Yoga therapy for patients 23.9.2007 New Indian Express
Yoga therapy for patients
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DIASPORA DESPATCH 23.9.2007 The Statesman
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Suven, US firm to develop cardiovascular drugs 22.9.2007 Business Standard
Suven, US firm to develop cardiovascular drugs
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Depression and physical illness 22.9.2007 Hindu:Metro Plus: Hyderabad
Depression is an illness that is made worse in case of physical problems
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Mystery shrouds death 21.9.2007 Hindu: New Delhi
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