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Infants born to anxious, depressed women 'likely to have poor sleep' 1.4.2009 News
Washington, Apr 1 (ANI): A new study has shown that babies born to women who suffered from anxiety or depression prior to pregnancy are likely to sleep poorly at both 6 months and 12 months of age.

Woman set ablaze by daughter in Dhoraji dies 1.4.2009 TOI: All Headlines
Woman set ablaze by daughter in Dhoraji dies
One held on charges of rape 1.4.2009 TOI: Goa
The Calangute police arrested the uncle of a mentally challenged girl, who was sexually abused in North Goa recently.
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Well-wishers appeal to save George from coterie 1.4.2009 TOI: Patna
After his wife made a fervent appeal that the coterie around George Fernandes should give him advice of not contesting the Lok Sabha polls, friends and well-wishers of the JD(U) founder have now issued a similar appeal.
Schizophrenics face increased risk of type 2 diabetes 31.3.2009 Hindu: Breaking News
Schizophrenics face increased risk of type 2 diabetes
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UPA farm policy won't win votes 31.3.2009 Rediff: Top Stories (India)
The UPA agricultural policy, in all its crucial features an extension of the National Democratic Alliance's, will end up eroding the farmers self-reliance and promoting industrialised agriculture. The farmer will be reduced to a labourer on his own land, kept alive by subsidised foodgrains.
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Schizophrenia linked to diabetes 31.3.2009 New Kerala: Health News
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Schizophrenics face increased risk of type-2 diabetes 31.3.2009 New Kerala: World News
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Cardiac surgery affects kids' quality of life 31.3.2009 TOI: All Headlines
Cardiac surgery affects kids' quality of life
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60-yr-old woman raped by son 31.3.2009 TOI: All Headlines
60-yr-old woman raped by son
SNIPPETS 31.3.2009 Deccan Herald
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Drama on Parliament Street: man threatens to immolate self, family 31.3.2009 Indian Express: Delhi
Around 15 policemen stood guard with blankets around B S Barari who posed for shutterbugs on Monday morning waving numerous petitions he had sent to the government to review his case.
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Counselling to cut dropout rate in civic schools 31.3.2009 Indian Express: Pune
The Pune Municipal Corporation School Board has decided to appoint a counsellor for each of its 271 schools to prevent students from dropping out.
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Good Samaritans pitch for the for rape victim 31.3.2009 TOI: Ahmedabad Times
The mission to help the mentally challenged woman is being spearheaded by the NID student, Anjali Nair.
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Feeling sad, depressed? Help yourself! 31.3.2009 TOI: Ahmedabad Times
Self-help manual developed by doctor to aid victims understand problem, deal with it.
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Cameras not allowed 30.3.2009 Telegraph: Opinion
I have never entered a government hospital for the mentally ill. But the nearest to its kind I have entered in West Bengal is a government-run children's home where "children in need of care and protection" are kept, supposedly according to the prescriptions of the Juvenile Justice Act. This was about three years ago, but I remember vividly how difficult it was for me to get in there. The NGO I am involved with was going to take me in, but I was strictly instructed not to reveal my identity as a journalist under any circumstances. I was to go in as a social worker, and mingle innocuously with the other (genuine) social workers. From the prison-like front gates, through all the little intermediary offices, until the final entry into the premises, I ...
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Behind the invisible screen 30.3.2009 Telegraph: Opinion
Tears welled up in Bindi's eyes. (All names have been changed.) Then they spilled over, rolling down in two straight lines on her cheeks. Someone asked her if anything was wrong, but she chose not to answer. It was Mithai who spoke up for her. "Or bari hariye gache. Tai kandche (Her home is lost. So she's crying)," said Mithai, with a nervous giggle. Mithai, dark, cherubic, with cropped hair, then burst into raucous laughter, even as Bindi continued to sniff. But the eyes of the two women bore a vacant look, as if they could not quite comprehend the reasons for their mirth or misery. Their eyes gave away the truth: something was not quite right about Bindi's and Mithai's world.
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Parents' conduct may put kids at risk 30.3.2009 TOI: All Headlines
Parents' conduct may put kids at risk
Multiple births up maternal depression 30.3.2009 TOI: All Headlines
Multiple births up maternal depression
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Another Oasis... 30.3.2009 Citizen Matters

I was coming back from the Central Business District, and waiting for a friend to pickme up at the junction of Richmond Road, where Brigage Road starts calling itself Hosur Road. Right next to Thom's Hotel, I looked in the cool greenery of All Saints' Church, and on an impulse, walked inside.

What an oasis of peace it is! True, the roar of the traffic is unrelenting...but the beautiful, low-set church, and the huge trees (there is one huge Millingtonia, or Sausage Tree, in full bloom and fruit just now) and the birds in them give the effect of stepping into…

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