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Seeds’ soldier 17.1.2008 Frontline
Vijay Jardhari is on a mission to create a bank of indigenous seeds to share with other farmers.
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Slow climate change: Mountain Forum Himalayas takes a call 16.1.2008 HimVani
By: Dr. Devendra Pirta Shimla: Though climate change is a global phenomenon, it is being felt more in mountainous regions owing to the fragile nature of eco-systems that survive there. Himachal Pradesh itself is facing the heat of global warming in more ways than in its literal sense. The high altitude regions of the state are [...]
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Other bird species suffer as well 15.1.2008 DNA: Mumbai
Destruction of habitat has taken aheavy toll of grey hornbill, vultures and ashy wood swallows.
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Wandering out of the wild 15.1.2008 Deccan Herald
Wandering out of the wild
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Call to help birds injured by 14.1.2008 TOI: Cities
Just spare a thought for the hundreds of injured birds who are either maimed or remain flightless after getting entangled with the razor sharp manjas.
Mistery of Migration 12.1.2008 The Statesman
Mistery of Migration
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Save the frogs 11.1.2008 Hindu:Young World: Coimbatore
An awareness campaign which could go a long way.
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Help in offing for disturbed Olive Ridley mass nesting 11.1.2008 TOI: India
Forest department personnel are fencing off the nesting grounds of the sea turtles in the forest near the Habelikhati isle from the hungry animals.
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At Dhanushkodi, winged visitors from Russia 11.1.2008 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Thousands of flamingos flock the island
Concerns over vanishing gharials 8.1.2008 ndtv.national
There are barely 1300 of gharials in the entire world and most of them are in India. But in the last one month, at least 69 of these suddenly died. Wh
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Biodiversity action plan will be sent to Cabinet soon 6.1.2008 The Statesman
Biodiversity action plan will be sent to Cabinet soon
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Those stunning little kangaroos with HUGE ears? 4.1.2008 Deccan Herald
Those stunning little kangaroos with HUGE ears?
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Watch out for the birds 4.1.2008 Hindu:Young World: Kochi
Bird watching will help protect these rare species.
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44 fruits, plants, 11 wood types on quarantine list 4.1.2008 Mint: Latest
Latest order targets 29 insects; indicates India’s efforts to tighten its ecological protection measures, experts say
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Carcasses of endangered turtle species washed ashore in Andhra 2.1.2008 Rediff: News
Environmentalists suspect that the cause of death of these endangered turtles could be sea pollution and mechanised fishing activity.
North Block's endangered species 2.1.2008 Rediff: Columns
Now for the first time, the top team in North Block has the predominance of IAS officers.
A K Bhattacharya: North Block`s endangered species 2.1.2008 Business Standard
A K Bhattacharya: North Block`s endangered species
Business rules 2.1.2008 Frontline
Bali demonstrated that when profit scores over the planet, the political will to address climate change is in short supply.
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Calendar featuring endangered species 1.1.2008 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Here is a way to begin every month of the year with a rare species from different parts of the globe, which deserves your attention and care. Greenpeace has brought out a calendar featuring endangered species in animals such as Tamarin ...
World voted to end trade in tiger parts 31.12.2007 Asian Age: India
By YOJNA GUSAI New Delhi, Dec. 31: It was the issue of tiger farming that hogged the limelight this year especially the historic ruling when tiger ranging countries along with most of the participating countries voted against domestic and international trade in tiger derivatives and parts, thus ending lone country China’s — which is into tiger farming — hopes of formally reopening its tiger trade. It should be noted that India has the maximum number of tigers in the wild and more than 90 per cent of the illegal tiger parts from here are smuggled to China, which has the biggest market for tiger products in the world. This decision took place at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meeting, where one of the ...
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