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‘Modi has made sincere efforts to eradicate poverty from India’ 19.4.2019 The Navhind Times
Vasco: Stating that the BJP-led government at the Centre made serious efforts to develop  the necessary infrastructure in the state, for the last five years of its tenure, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis called upon the people of Goa to vote for BJP candidates,thereby paving the way for Narendra Modi to become the prime minister ...
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Will not allow formation of two India: Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat 18.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Addressing a campaign rally at Vanthli in Junagadh district, he also accused PM Modi of applying different rules to the rich and the poor.
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If Cong voted to power, indebted farmers will not be sent to jails: Rahul Gandhi 18.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Gandhi also hit out at the Modi-led central government for its poor showing in generating employment in the country.
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Hope more youngsters head to the polling booths and vote! 18.4.2019 Central Chronicle
New Delhi, As phase second of Lok Sabha elections gets underway on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed the hope that people of various constituencies which are going to polls would exercise their franchise to strengthen democracy. “Dear Citizens of India, Phase 2 of the Lok Sabha polls start today. I am sure all those whose […]
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Reduce arsenic in rice with parboiling 18.4.2019
Washington: While rice is a highly consumed food in many parts of the world, the arsenic in rice might pose greater problems. A new study has devised a new way to reduce inorganic arsenic in rice. The following study was published in the Journal "Environmental Science & Technology". As per the statistics from the International Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh consumes the highest amount of rice in the world, thus, placing them at heightened exposure to inorganic arsenic, a toxic substance that can enter rice from the soil of flooded paddies. The new study aims at modifying processing methods at the traditional, small scale parboiling plants to reduce the amount of arsenic. This method also adds the calcium content of the rice, according to the researchers. After harvest, most of the rice is parboiled, a process that involves soaking rice (with husk) in water and then boiling, followed by some other steps to produce polished white rice. The researchers tested this new method in 13 ...
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Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi, says he "divided" country 18.4.2019 PTI: All news
Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi, says he "divided" country
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Rains, thunderstorm leave nearly 50 dead in 4 states 18.4.2019 PTI: All news
Rains, thunderstorm leave nearly 50 dead in 4 states
Hardik Patel emerges as a star campaigner for Gujarat Cong 18.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Patel attempts to attract voters by questioning the BJP and the Prime Minister on issues concerning farmers and unemployment.
Soldier’s Death As Election Plank 18.4.2019 Commentary – The Navhind Times
KAJAL CHATTERJEE, KOLKATA PRIME Minister Narendra Modi asks: “If farmers die then it is an election issue, but when soldiers die then it is not an election issue. How can that be?” Modi is absolutely right in pointing out this hypocrisy. Indeed if death, suicide, abject conditions of the farmers merit as an election issue ...
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We’ll fulfill our promise to waive off loans of farmers at any cost 17.4.2019 Central Chronicle
CM Kamal Nath’s address at Chhindwara’s massive election rally Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that the BJP has only one work – that is to clinch votes by serving people with lies. The Chief Minister said that our promise is that the loans of 50 lakh farmers of the state will be […]
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Not here to make false promises, committed to resolving issues: Rahul in Kerala 17.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Gandhi, who is on a two-day visit to the state, had addressed a series of rallies in central Kerala Tuesday.
Devise strategy to provide MSP to farmers: Telangana CM tells officials 17.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
The efforts of our government to provide MSP to the farmer has become a role model to the entire country,' the CM said.
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Demand for farmers’ commission 17.4.2019 The Shillong Times
SHILLONG: The Hill Farmers Union (HFU) has demanded the government declare 2019 as year of the farmers besides a farmers’ commission at the earliest. A delegation of the HFU met Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday in this regard. The president of the union, C Shangpliang, also said that the government must establish an […]
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HFU wants early setting up of Farmers’ Commission 16.4.2019 The Shillong Times
SHILLONG: The Hill Farmers’ Union (HFU) has asked the state government to declare the year 2019 as year of the farmers besides establishing Farmers Commission at the earliest. The demand from the Union came after a delegation met the Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong here on Tuesday. The president of the Union, C Shangpliang also said […]
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'If ours allaince is Mahamilawat, what shall we call yours': Akhilesh asks BJP 16.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
He also questioned the BJP-led central government on job creation and farmers income.
Modi not serious about farmers problems: Sharad Pawar 16.4.2019 Central Chronicle
Osmanabad, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and state Chief minister Devendra Fadanvis of not being serious about issues of farmers. “Apart from solving problems of farmers, the present dispensation is only involved in criticizing Gandhi-Nehru family in their election campaigning” Mr Pawar said. On Monday, while addressing an […]
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INS Magar loaded with relief material reaches Mozambique 16.4.2019 The Assam Tribune
INS Magar loaded with relief material reaches Mozambique
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Cong will focus on development, says Shivakumar 16.4.2019 PTI: All news
Cong will focus on development, says Shivakumar
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Low Food Inflation Disadvantages Farmers 16.4.2019 Commentary – The Navhind Times
AJIT RANADE THE latest data for March shows the inflation rate to be 2.86 per cent. The average inflation during the last fiscal year which ended in March is about 3.5 per cent. This has been a remarkable success story, the credit for which should go jointly to the Reserve Bank of India and the ...
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Rahul questions source of funding of Modi’s LS poll campaign 16.4.2019 National News – The Navhind Times
PTI Agra (UP) Even a 30-second advertisement on television costs lakhs of rupees, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Monday and asked who was funding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. Addressing a rally in favour of Congress nominee Raj Babbar from Fatehpur Sikri, which goes to the polls in ...
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