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SHGs giving a new lease of life to poor illiterate women 26.2.2008 New Indian Express
SHGs giving a new lease of life to poor illiterate women
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Fishermen live in penury 26.2.2008 The Statesman
Fishermen live in penury
Left can only bark 26.2.2008 The Statesman
Left can only bark
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BPL list to be redrafted 26.2.2008 The Statesman
BPL list to be redrafted
Prez echoes govt's optimism on 9% growth 26.2.2008 TOI: India
Projecting a robust economic growth with hugely funded flagship programmes softening the harsh edges of poverty, President Pratibha Patil talked of an "India on the move".
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Schools for strife-torn district 26.2.2008 Telegraph: Front Page
Bhubaneswar, Feb. 25: Two months after the ethnic clashes in Khandhamal, the Orissa government today announced a special programme for the tribal-dominated backward district.
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Priority to high growth, low prices 26.2.2008 Telegraph: Business
New Delhi, Feb. 25: The Congress-led government will attempt to maintain high growth without fuelling a price spiral.
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Ration cards issue dominates ZP meet 26.2.2008 Hindu: Karnataka
‘People’s representatives not consulted’
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My Budget: Budget must boost supply to fuel growth 26.2.2008 TOI: India Business
This will be the fifth Budget in a row for Mr Chidambaram, and probably his most challenging one.
Over Rs. 50 lakh for poverty reduction panels 26.2.2008 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Tiruvannamalai Collector gives cheques to office-bearers
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NSS can help increase literacy: Tharakan 26.2.2008 Hindu: Karnataka
Bangalore: The problems of the country, such as poverty, illiteracy and corruption could be eradicated through the National Service Scheme, adviser to the Governor P.K.H. Tharakan has said. He was speaking at the annual NSS award ...
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Budget 2008-09: The burden of expectations 26.2.2008 Hindu: Opinion
The challenge before the Finance Minister in preparing a pre-election budget is to balance the minimal tax sops needed to keep the markets in an upbeat mood with massive spending programmes that will find resonance with the electorate.
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Schemes for poor fine, but whats the definition of poverty? 25.2.2008 Financial Express: Front Page
The UPA government is yet to set up an expert group to undertake a survey to identify people below the poverty line, even as the 11th Plan is already underway.
Address by the President of India, Smt. Pratibha devisingh Patil, to Parliament on February 25, 2008 25.2.2008 Govt of india: PIB
Address by the President of India, Smt. Pratibha devisingh Patil, to Parliament on February 25, 2008
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'We don't require a Budget' 25.2.2008 Sify Finance
We don't require a Budget, says DNA Money Editor R. Jagannathan. Answering a host of queries that flowed in during his chat with our readers, Jagannathan said: "What we need is greater accountability for the money raised and spent." He also predicted the Sensex to head down post-Budget. Read on to find out about what more he has to say on the Union Budget 2008.
Gowda's statement on terrorism draws flak 25.2.2008 New Indian Express
Gowda's statement on terrorism draws flak
US university under fire for low wages to Indian teachers 25.2.2008 Rediff: Intl News
Florida Atlantic University in the United States has received widespread criticism after an error in filing visa applications for 16 Indian school teachers, in the country on a cultural exchange programme, which could have led to their deportation. The university has also come under fire from the State Department for paying the experienced teachers, what they call, 'poverty' wages.
Changing demographic structure of Assam 25.2.2008 The Assam Tribune
Changing demographic structure of Assam
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Can car owners, rich farmers be 'common men'? 25.2.2008 Rediff: Columns
Surely car owners who get cheap petrol and rich farmers who get free water and power can't be aam?
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Social sector spend fits in with govt's growth stratagem 25.2.2008 ET: Indicators
It is nobody's case that the govt cut development & infrastructure investments to meet norms of FRBM Act.
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