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Recognition for A-VIEW 21.8.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
Recognition for A-VIEW
Government plans to set up CSR portal 21.8.2014 News
To provide a "one stop virtual shop" for all social welfare spending needs of companies, government plans to have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portal along with data analytics platform.
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Govt plans to set up CSR portal 21.8.2014 HBL: Home
To provide a “one-stop virtual shop” for all social welfare spending needs of companies, the Government plans to have a corporate social responsibility portal along with data analytics platform.
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iSPIRT adds 50 donor members 20.8.2014 HBL: Smartbuy

In an industry dominated by software service companies, iSPIRT, an independent think-tank formed last February to champion the cause of Indian software product firms, has beefed up its Foun...

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Odisha Poised to Be Model State in Telemedicine 19.8.2014 The New Indian Express - Odisha -
Odisha, by December this year, will become the first State in the country to institutionalise e-health services, replete with telemedicine reach to the nook and corner and a state-of-the-art resource centre to guide the activities.
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Indian learning solutions company opens office in Australia 18.8.2014 ET: Education
The Bangalore-based learning solutions provider Dexler Information Solutions was officially opened by Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips on Friday.
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CM brings in SATHI to improve work culture in govt 13.8.2014 TOI: Ahmedabad Times
The intellectual property rights of ?SATHI' are solely with the state government.The primary objective of this software is to connect routine government administrative work with e-Governance, the chief minister ...
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Google searches for e-learning breakthrough 12.8.2014 HBL: Industry & Economy
Partners top institutions to enable free courses on the Net
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Gujarat CM launches software to improve skill of govt employees 12.8.2014 Latest News
Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel on Tuesday launched 'SATHI', a software system aimed to improve capacity and skill of government employees.An official statement said, SATHI, or System of Application of Technology for Human Resources ...
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E-learning centre wins award 11.8.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
E-learning centre wins award
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5,000 Raspberry Pi for students this fiscal 11.8.2014 Thiruvananthapuram News, Thiruvananthapuram City, Kerela News | Cities News - Times of India
Of the 5,000 computers, 90% will be given to aided and government school students in classes IX to XII, while 10% will be distributed among students of unaided ...
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SmartSchool concept launched by Educomp 9.8.2014 ET: Education
Claimed to be among the first of its kind in the world, ESS would help schools enhance the quality of learning and increase learning outcomes.
Educomp launches 'SmartSchool' 9.8.2014 HBL: Home
E-learning company Educomp today launched ‘SmartSchool’, claimed to be the next generation education eco-system, aimed at transforming schools across the country, a top company official said today...
Globally, colleges moving towards simulation 8.8.2014 TOI: All Headlines
Globally, colleges moving towards simulation
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e-learning portal 7.8.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
e-learning portal
Engagements 5.8.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
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Transforming India with e-learning 4.8.2014 Top Headlines
E-learning initiatives such as A-VIEW 3.0 can enable any institution that provides higher education to link teachers and students for virtual classroom lessons.
ICAI launches ‘cloud campus’ for students 2.8.2014 The Hindu: Today's Paper
ICAI launches ‘cloud campus’ for students
ICAI launches ‘cloud campus’ for students 1.8.2014 Hindu: Home
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched ‘cloud campus’ — the next generation interactive online learning programmes — to enable students from anywhere across the world...
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Manipal Global and Google India's digital marketing programme 31.7.2014 Rediff: GetAhead
Manipal Global Education and Google India's digital marketing programme for students and professionals. Here's what the programme entails
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