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Goa, Bali among Indian's favourite destination this monsoon 9.6.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Read on to find out about the other destination trending this season.
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Why diabetics need to sleep more 9.6.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
People with diabetes and pre-diabetes who have lower sleep efficiency have poorer cognitive function, a study has revealed.
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Ramzan recipe: Moroccan Stuffed Dates 6.6.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
We bring you traditional Ramzan recipes from across the world.
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Heart patients, do THIS to live longer! 1.6.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Aim for a fitter self for a longer life.
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World No Tobacco Day: Why Indians cannot kick the butt 31.5.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Seven out of 10 smokers in India are aware that smoking is dangerous. Yet, 53 per cent have been unsuccessful in their attempts to quit.
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Working during pregnancy? Read this! 30.5.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Don't try to be a super woman. You must listen to your body, says Dr Mahima Bakshi.
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Why go abroad to study? 26.5.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
These institutes, while expensive, are a viable alternative to studying abroad.
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India's first sports university to be set up in Manipur 23.5.2018 Rediff: Sports
Cabinet nod to ordinance to set up India's first sports university in Manipur
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Photos! Top 10 landmarks in India 23.5.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
How many of these have you visited?
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The surprising truth about fish that you didn't know 24.4.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
You can call it 'a friend for your nervous system'.
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The secret to cooking the perfect biryani 9.4.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
This burst of flavours is as much a delight to eat as for the chefs to dish out a perfect pot of biryani.
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Decline in sex drive? Blame your bladder 6.4.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Urinary incontinence affects sexual desire and activity in men and women, a study has revealed.
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India can do a Silicon Valley in 5 yrs, innovation ecosystem needs a boost: World Bank 3.4.2018
India has the potential to innovate on the lines of Silicon Valley but it needs to do more for expanding the innovation ecosystem as it aspires to become a middle-income country, World Bank India head Junaid Kamal Ahmad said today. He said what drives productivity is pertinent when it comes to innovation and is a very relevant question for India as it seeks to move up the ladder from low middle income to high-income country. Releasing a World Bank report on innovation in developing countries, he said: "I think we can do a Silicon Valley in India in the next five the world is changing, we can leapfrog. "I believe firm size, firm capability and innovation have a strong relationship. More needs to be done in the innovation ecosystem in India where firms continue to remain stagnant." In developing countries, the concept of national innovation system must be expanded, said the World Bank Chief Economist for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, William F Maloney. According to the report, ...
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Three killed on spot, one hurt, as van crashes into tree 2.4.2018 Deccan Herald - State

Three people died on the spot when the Omni van they were in, crashed into a tree near Devigere, Jagalur taluk, Davanagere district, early Monday morning.

Police suspect that the driver must have fallen asleep on the wheel and lost control.

The three deceased have been identified as Taj Peer (70), Rafiq (30) and Hafizullah (38).

Taj Peer Noor Jahan who was another passenger in the van is seriously wounded and is being treated a Davanagere hospital. All three deceased belong to the same family.

Taj Peer was a retired tahsildar.

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Only in Coorg! Wine from coffee plantations 18.3.2018 Rediff: GetAhead
Homemade wines from this coffee county make for surprising experiences.
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Kin blame girl riding pillion for biker's death 14.3.2018
A 26-year-old man was killed under mysterious circumstances and his woman friend riding pillion escaped with minor injuries after a speeding car knocked down their bike near Nakanur Gate in Chikkaballapur on Tuesday night. The deceased has been identified as Anand, a resident of Kamashettyhalli. Affair suspected A senior police officer said that Anand, an employee of a private firm, was married and had a child. The police suspect Anand had an affair with his woman friend Gayathri, who was injured in the accident. On Tuesday, they were returning to their village from Chikkaballapur. Gayathri told the police that she was in Chikkaballapur and met Anand on her way back to her village and he offered to drop her home. On their way, a speeding car hit their bike, killing Anand on spot. Gayathri escaped with minor injuries. The police said that members of Anands family accused Gayathri of having a role in his death. The Chikkaballapur police have registered a case of unnatural death and are waiting for the ...
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Two killed, four injured in serial accident 14.3.2018

Two people were killed on the spot and four injured in a serial accident near Navayuga Nelamangala Express Toll Plaza on Tumakuru Road on Wednesday.

The deceased have been identified as Rakesh (28) and Kemparaju (35), both residents of Srinagar in Tumakuru. The accidents happened when they were heading for Bengaluru.

A senior traffic police officer said a private bus applied sudden brakes and Rakesh, who was driving the car, ramed into it from behind and was killed on the spot. Meanwhile, a truck which was coming from behind, hit another car, killing Kemparaju instantly. Three cars were damaged in the accident.

The police arrested the bus and truck drivers, booked them for rash and negligent driving and seized the vehicles.

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Why tourism in Himachal is not reaching its zenith: The loopholes 8.3.2018 HimVani

Rather than starting with an all flowery accolade to the beauty of Himachal, let’s see why it never reaches the potential it has. While numbers and statistics of tourism in Himachal show a soaring growth trajectory, the ground reality is abysmal. It is not just the infrastructure or the facilities. It is the overall take […]

The post Why tourism in Himachal is not reaching its zenith: The loopholes appeared first on HimVani.

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Chilling Units achieved; scanty snow not an issue for apple trees: Expert 8.3.2018 HimVani

Scanty snow and prolonged dry spell has kept the apple growers worried fearing the apple and pear trees may not have received required chilling. However, experts have come forward to quell the fears stating the chilling has been already achieved. Stone and pome fruit trees rely on enough chilling for flowers and leaf buds to […]

The post Chilling Units achieved; scanty snow not an issue for apple trees: Expert appeared first on HimVani.

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With All Eyes on China, Singapore Makes Its Own Arctic Moves 6.3.2018 The Wire

With the world's attention diverted by China's intentions in the Arctic, Singapore is flying under the radar. But the tiny Asian nation is also pursuing its own interests in the Arctic.

The post With All Eyes on China, Singapore Makes Its Own Arctic Moves appeared first on The Wire.

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