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Students show concern for City 21.1.2007 Hindustan Times
Students show concern for City
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Goa should have single urban development agency for projects 21.1.2007 New Kerala: India News
Panaji, Jan 21: Rather than allocating the urban development projects of the state to different agencies, Goa should have one urban planning and development agency, town planning experts said here.
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The urban disaster 20.1.2007 Sify News
If the government is redesigning the metros for the rich, then these Shanghais might turn out to be urban disasters, writes Dunu Roy
Read On 14.1.2007 Deccan Herald
Read On
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Play by the rules, warn experts 14.1.2007 Deccan Herald
Play by the rules, warn experts
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Growth engine gathering steam 12.1.2007 HBL: Industry & Economy
Gujarat, the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who charted the course of India's independence and reintegration into a nation, is on the roll again. The western coastal State, which accounts for only 5 per cent of the Indian ...
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The amazing story of Magarpatta 11.1.2007 Rediff: Business
Satish Magar speaks about his long journey on what often seemed like a road to Utopia.
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Urban planning needs foresight: Bhatia 10.1.2007 Hindu: Kerala
KOCHI: Urban planning and regional planning are facing a series of complex problems that have to be tackled with prowess, Governor R.L. Bhatia has said. Inaugurating the 55th National Town and Country Planners' Congress here on Tuesday, Mr. ...
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Neither India nor Bharat 5.1.2007 Indian Express
Neither India nor Bharat
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Corporate lessons for transparency 5.1.2007 Deccan Herald
Corporate lessons for transparency
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Habitat School in Mumbai soon 4.1.2007 Business Standard
Habitat School in Mumbai soon
Unplanned growth will kill Indian cities: Experts 4.10.2006 ET: Infrastructure
Indian cities, facing the onslaught of unprecedented urbanisation, will collapse unless town planners review their policies and evolve a model compatible with Indian ethos, say experts.
TODAY'S EDITORIAL: Urban Plight 22.9.2006 TOI: Editorial
Poor governance, decaying institutions suffocate cities
TODAY'S EDITORIAL: Urban Legends 9.8.2006 TOI: Editorial
Shift in population from country to city.
Chennai to have unified transport authority 5.8.2006 New Kerala: Tamil Nadu
Chennai: Chennai may soon have a unified metropolitan transport authority, as suggested by the National Transport Policy.
Mad Cities 1.7.2006 TOI: Editorial
Empowered municipalities key to good local governance
LEADER ARTICLE: Rethinking Our Cities 18.5.2006 TOI: Editorial
Better planning could have prevented Vadodara violence.
Cabinet clears National Urban Transport Policy 6.4.2006 HBL: Front Page
The Union Cabinet has approved the National Urban Transport Policy that seeks to encourage integrated land use and transport planning in cities, and focuses on greater use of public transport and non-motorised modes by offering central financial ...
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Ground Realities 11.3.2006 TOI: Editorial
Supreme Court order goes against mixed land use principle
Urban transport tangle: some solutions 5.2.2006 Hindu: Open Page
To develop patronage for transit, private transport has to be restricted and made costly
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