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No change in RTI Act:Accountability must  21.8.2006 Central Chronicle
No change in RTI Act:Accountability must 
RTI Act 21.8.2006 Hindu: Opinion
The Centre's move to defer the proposed amendment to exclude file notings from the purview of the Right to Information Act is welcome. In my opinion, the campaign to save RTI by a cross-section of society was the largest mass movement since the ...
Why women steer clear of science 21.8.2006 CNN-IBN Top Stories
<img src="" alt="" border="0" width="70" height="50" align="left" hspace="5"/>A study shows that a woman would change her career plans for a job that allows her flexibility to have a family.
Government in a bind over RTI Act 21.8.2006 Hindu: Front Page
President, Service chiefs against sharing "file notings"
acting right 21.8.2006 Telegraph: Opinion
It does not bode well for a modern democracy when its leaders feel edgy about the citizen's right to information. It is, therefore, deeply reassuring that the prime minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, has taken a decisive stance against the proposed amendments to the Right to Information Act. Not only would the amendment bill not be introduced in this session of the parliament, but the bill may also be dropped altogether. In the name of "removing ambiguities" from the existing RTI Act, the Centre, in this case represented by the information and broadcasting minister, had drafted clarifications to some sections of the act that would have seriously affected its ability to ensure transparency and accountability in democratic governance and ...
Babus resent public access to ‘file noting’ 21.8.2006 Deccan Herald
Babus resent public access to ‘file noting’
Essay contest on RTI Act 21.8.2006 New Indian Express
Essay contest on RTI Act
Colleges urged to follow UGC norms 21.8.2006 New Indian Express
Colleges urged to follow UGC norms
Information 21.8.2006 The Statesman
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Govt 'drops' RTI changes 21.8.2006 The Statesman
Govt 'drops' RTI changes
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Munshi plays information nanny 21.8.2006 Telegraph: Nation
At a quiet meeting in a capital hotel early this week, media minister Priya Ranjan Das Munshi told news channel editors that his officials had asked them to run a scroll of an apology on television screens for three days from August 15 without his knowledge.
‘Govt yet to designate PIOs’ 21.8.2006 Hindustan Times
‘Govt yet to designate PIOs’
A conventional Approach still 21.8.2006 HBL: Opinion
The Eleventh Plan Approach Paper has been accused of departing from conventional wisdom. But it has not departed enough. The critical issues it lists are all chronic sores that innovation, not conventional wisdom, can solve. But the Approach has no answer, rues P. V. INDIRESAN.
RTI activists upbeat after govt decision 21.8.2006 NDTV National
RTI activists upbeat after govt decision 21.8.2006 NDTV National
Protests against amendments to Right to Information Act gave way to celebration at Jantar Mantar in the capital. The venue was until Saturday, the ep
"RTI Act an effort towards participatory governance" 20.8.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Principle of democracy will be realised only if there is effective flow of information : Apex Court Judge
People win! RTI Amendments Bill halted 20.8.2006 CNN-IBN: India
Govt’s decision not to introduce RTI Amendment Bill in the ongoing session of Parliament is a victory of common people.
School kids learn RTI, pass it on 20.8.2006 CNN-IBN: India
School children have already learnt a chapter called the RTI. They are helping other people use it successfully.
Central Chronicle 20.8.2006 Central Chronicle
Central Chronicle
Centre backtracks on RTI Act 20.8.2006 Hindu: Front Page
Sonia wanted wider consultations among stakeholders
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