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Washington Post wins 6 Pulitzers 8.4.2008 The Indian Express -- Front Page
The Washington Post dominated the 92nd Pulitzer Prizes for journalism on Monday, winning six, including the prestigious...
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2008 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists 8.4.2008 Hindustan Times: World
These are 2008's Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists...
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World in a nook 8.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Chennai
A cheery reading spot can be a personal sanctuary
World in a nook 7.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Hyderabad
A cheery reading spot can be a personal sanctuary
The facts of fiction 7.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Coimbatore
Vikram Sampath’s book on Mysore royalty is a non-historian’s objective telling
Inside the books of James Lee Burke 6.4.2008 Indian Express
Inside the books of James Lee Burke
Sales Chart: OXFORD BOOKSTORE 06/04 6.4.2008 The Statesman
Sales Chart: OXFORD BOOKSTORE 06/04
BESTSELLERS 6.4.2008 Deccan Herald
Fruits of diaspora soil 6.4.2008 Business Standard
Fruits of diaspora soil
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The Booker's favourite 6.4.2008 The Guardian -- Front Page
Arts & entertainment: Salman Rushdie reveals how writing helped him escape the painful break-up of his marriage
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Profound and provocative 6.4.2008 Hindu: Literary Review
Sujatha had a new take on everything in the Tamil world of letters.
Roots that sustain 6.4.2008 Hindu: Literary Review
Africa is a huge presence in his fiction and poetry, says Alain Mabanckou, who hails from Congo Brazzaville.
An aesthetician’s ideology 6.4.2008 Hindu: Literary Review
James Wood, unalienated from the creative instinct, offers us rare insights in How Fiction Works.
Landscapes of memory 6.4.2008 Hindu: Literary Review
The Silent Raga is an authentic portrayal of the flavours of Tamil Brahmin culture.
Inside the books of James Lee Burke 5.4.2008 The Indian Express -- Front Page
This is a shameless plug for an author who isn't too popular in India, a man who I have never interacted with...
Print pick 5.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Thiruvananthapuram
A truly international 21st century thriller set in Johannesburg, Angola, Hamburg and London with an exquisite denouement. Unaccustomed Earth: Jumpa Lahiri, Rs. 450 The heart of family life and the immigrant experience. A ...
World in a nook 5.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Vijayawada
Pastime A cheery reading spot can be a personal sanctuary, says G.B.S.N.P. Varma
Legend of the clone 5.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Mangalore
Priya Sarukkai Chabria has used imagination and poetry to explore emotions in her novel Generation 14
Conspiracy theories get a modern spin 4.4.2008 Asian Age: Opinion
Of Cabbages & Kings / Farrukh Dhondy "Bad Poets were created to flatter fools" From Art and Evolution by Bachchoo So stop press or hold the literary pages or whatever the current expression is! A million schoolchildren can be wrong! Julius Caesar was not assassinated by conspirators. Shakespeare may have thought so but times and definitions have changed. A plot into which the audience has an insight is no longer a conspiracy. The word is reserved for flights of fantasy on the part of those whose shadows would rise to strike them down in an uncertain and duplicitous world. This week the coroner at the inquest into the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed ruled out the possibility of murder by a conspiracy hatched by ...
Indian twins take on Europe with bestseller 4.4.2008
Indian twin brothers are tasting sweet success with their epic novel
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