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Left, Congress, take heart: Dr Singhs reading Chomsky, Advanis just finished with Nehru 26.4.2008 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Maybe this may warm a few hearts in the Left brigade-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lately been engrossed reading their patron saint Noam Chomsky.
Women love celebrity books than classics after birth 26.4.2008 New Kerala: World News
Mothers prefer celeb books, says survey 26.4.2008 DNA: Top News
Women stop reading serious literature and turn to lighter read after having children, research suggests.
Cartoon apocalypse 26.4.2008 The Guardian -- Front Page
Arts & entertainment: Cat's Cradle is a classic of cold-war science fiction, and its hallucinatory quality made author Kurt Vonnegut a hero to hippies and peaceniks, writes Benjamin Kunkel
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Print Pick 26.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Thiruvananthapuram
A terrifying global thriller with lot of twists and turns, emotional drama and unforgettable characters. Bone China: Roma Tearne, Rs. 295 A book about family and relationships. Young Wives’ ...
Blake's 7 ditches the shaky sets for prime time makeover 25.4.2008 The Guardian -- Front Page
Big-budget remake of 1970s British classic hopes to cash in on TV science fiction revival
Advani bestselling author again with Jhumpa Lahiri 24.4.2008 New Kerala: India News
C is no more… 24.4.2008 The Statesman
C is no more…
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Obituary: Edward D Hoch 24.4.2008 The Guardian -- World Latest
Obituary: One of the last of the penny-a-word pulp fiction writers
Mind over matter 24.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Kochi
INTERVIEW Dr. V.S. Ramachandran, Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of California, opens his mind on art, music, books and India, as Saraswathy Nagarajan listens
Noted novelist Sohan Singh Soz dies 23.4.2008
Noted novelist and Punjabi writer Sohan Singh Soz has died after a brief illness, family sources said today.
A time fit for fiction! 23.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Chennai
They’re hot from the press and they promise to lighten up your torpid summer days
Bestsellers 22.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Hyderabad
2. The Elephant The Tiger & The Cellphone By Shashi Tharoor -Penguin Books - Rs. 495 3. Bollywood Melodies - A History Of The Hindi Film Song By Ganesh Anantharam- Penguin Books - Rs. 295 4. The Deodis Of Hyderabad - A Lost ...
A time fit for fiction 22.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Bangalore
They’re hot from the press and they promise to lighten up your torpid summer days
Rushdie and free speech 21.4.2008 Financial Express: Front Page
There is something very comforting about an evening with Salman Rushdie without bag searches or metal detectors.
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A time fit for fiction! 21.4.2008 Hindu:Metro Plus: Coimbatore
They’re hot from the press and they promise to lighten up your torpid summer days. ZIYA US SALAM checks out the latest
Pulped Fiction 21.4.2008 Outlook
Publishers cope with soaring newsprint prices
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Potter case and hazy line of copyright law 20.4.2008 Sify News
For a time, Harry Potter superfan Steven Vander Ark seemed to be living a geeky dream. His website — an obsessive catalogue of spells, characters and creatures in J K Rowling's novels — was a hit among fellow fanatics. He spoke at conventions. Journalists sought him out for interviews. He was a guest on NBC's Today show.
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Target B-school, blind to the world 20.4.2008 Indian Express
Target B-school, blind to the world
Therapeutic fiction 20.4.2008 The Statesman
Therapeutic fiction
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