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Film on discrimination wins global acclaim 15.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
`Faces of Change' is a powerful documentary that portrays the pangs of the marginalised
Film on discrimination wins global acclaim 14.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
"Faces of Change" portrays the pangs of the marginalised
`Andolan' well documented 11.12.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Sanjay Kak's `Water on Words', screened recently by the Vizag Film Society, depicts the remarkable struggle natives of Narmada Valley have been waging.
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Documentary on Bt cotton busts myths 5.12.2005 HBL: Agri-Biz & Commodities
RAPID strides made by India in cotton production in the last three years are nothing short of a dream run for any agrarian economy. The period also coincides with the adoption of Bt cotton, the country's first genetically-modified (GM) crop. ...
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A day with a hangman 30.11.2005 Rediff: Movies
Joshy Joseph's latest feature length documentary One Day from a Hangman's Life' to be shown at the International Film Festival of Goa depicts the media hype created during the hanging of rape convict Dhananjoy Chatterjee in Kolkata last year
Pondy photography exhibition 29.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
PONDICHERRY: An exhibition of photographs titled "Puram naapadhu" is now on at the Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry. Puduvai Ilavenil, who organised the exhibition, said "in these 40 photographs I didn't want to freeze time instead I made it ...
Students meet on heritage at Changanassery 25.11.2005 HBL: Industry & Economy
KOTTAYAM: The Fashion Technology department of Assumption College, Changanassery is organising a seminar on the rich heritage of India on November 25 at the conclusion of the one-month long intensive research of the students on lifestyles, ...
Google cash for digital library 23.11.2005 Telegraph: International
The US Library of Congress has kicked off a campaign today to work with other nation's libraries to build a World Digital Library, starting with a $3 million donation from Google Inc.
Silence over Franco broken by new Spanish generation 20.11.2005 The Guardian -- World Latest
Spain is suffering from collective amnesia about General Franco's rule, say the makers of a controversial documentary.
A Lithuanian perspective on women's issues 17.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Her feature film, `A land of glass', was well received at the film festival in Chennai
Toxic truths from the Iraqi battlefront 15.11.2005 Hindu: Opinion
When a war is illegal, the methods of warfare are bound to go beyond what is permissible under the laws of war. But don't expect the American media to tell you any of this.
Rallying for a cause 14.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Three-city second annual "Mile for a Smile Rally" flagged off The idea is to provide financial assistance to organisations run by individuals until they are self-sustaining
Media has anti-Muslim bias, claims report 14.11.2005 The Guardian -- World Latest
The portrayal of Arab and Muslim people in the western media is 'stereotypical and negative', a new study says.
Day of quizzing, thrill and fun 13.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Children trek and cross crevasses from across the lawn while answering questions
A Lithuanian perspective on women's issues 13.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Her feature film, `A land of glass', was well received at the film festival in Chennai
Chemical arms smear on US 9.11.2005 Telegraph: International
US forces in Iraq have used incendiary white phosphorus against civilians and a firebomb similar to napalm against military targets, Italian state-run broadcaster RAI reported today.
DD walks away with 15 Nandi awards 9.11.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Best director honour for Bapu for ETV'sSri Bhagavatham
A fantastic feast for filmbuffs in store 6.11.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
MADURAI: A veritable feast is in store for those who are interested in watching documentaries, as the seventh Documentary Festival 2005 will be organised in the Temple City from December 6 to 10. The five-day festival will feature some ...
Documentary to be made on anti-liquor movement 1.11.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
KARIMNAGAR: Taking a cue from the women self-help groups (SHGs) of the district who waged a crusade against illicit liquor (ID), the district administration has embarked upon an ambitious task of producing a documentary film on the women's ...
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Is shouting back the way to tackle religion? 31.10.2005 Hindu: Opinion
The problem with debates on religion is that they turn into an "us-versus-them" affair with all secularists branded as unreconstructed atheists and enemies of the faith, and all believers as irrational and fanatical.
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