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Movie camera turns real life to reel life for these talented street children 24.11.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
After a few classes of theory and screening of world classics, the youngsters benefited from basic lessons in making documentaries about their own life experiences
An exercise in social enterprise 24.11.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Delegation from U.K. university to participate in collaborative workshops
Patrick Barkham on the backlash against Sacha Baron Cohen 24.11.2006 The Guardian -- World Latest
With his victims now turning to the courts, who will have the last laugh? By Patrick Barkham.
Around the City 24.11.2006 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Commissioner of VMC Natarajan Gulzar has warned of initiating action against hoteliers if they are found conducting their businesses in the city in unhygienic conditions. Mr. Gulzar inspected condition of various amenities in Satyanarayanapuram, ...
Niret, naturally! 23.11.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
Over king prawns and river sole, Niret Alva talks about food and fun
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In their own land 23.11.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
Ashok Pandit talks about his film "And the World Remained Silent" that opens at IFFI this Thursday
SEZs: Invitation to chaos? 22.11.2006 India Together
A Marathi booklet published by the Pune-based National Centre for Advocacy Studies reveals a number of lesser known facts about the latest controversy in Indian development, Special Economic Zones. From land-use patterns to crony land acquisition to the stake of real estate developers in Maharashtra, Aparna Pallavi sums it up.
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Is this an f-word too far? 19.11.2006 The Guardian -- World Latest
A new documentary can't be mentioned by name in some US publications. Why on earth not, asks Rowan Walker.
Capturing the man and his music 17.11.2006 Hindu:Friday Review: Chennai
In Arar Asaippadar, Prasanna Ramaswamy transfers the auditory magic of Sanjay Subramaniam's inimitable style to the visual screen.
Film festival begins today 16.11.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
CHENNAI: A two-day film festival is to be held at the MGR Film and TV Institute from Thursday. It will feature award-winning documentary films of the Films Division on Indian cinema on both days. The films to be screened on Thursday are `I am ...
Doordarshan's Indian classics to be shown in theatres 16.11.2006 HBL: Industry & Economy
Doordarshan, the television broadcast arm of Prasar Bharati, has produced a series of Indian classics, some of which have never been filmed before. This includes Tamil literary works such as `Chandrikayin Kadhai' by Bharathiar and `Karavai' by ...
Rs 30 cr allotted for TV series on Indian classics 15.11.2006 New Kerala: Tamil Nadu
Chennai, Nov 14: Prasar Bharati has alloted over Rs 30 crore during 2006-07 for production of programmes in the Indian classics series, its member Chitra Mudgal and Doordarshan Deputy Director General N G Srinivasa said today.
Rs 30 cr allotted for tele-series on Indian classics 14.11.2006 New Kerala: Tamil Nadu
Chennai, Nov 14: The Prasar Bharati has alloted more than Rs 30 crore in 2006-07 for production of software under the Indian classics series, its member Chitra Mudgal and Doordarshan Deputy Director General N G Srinivasa, said today.
Documentary on Sankaradoss Swamigal released 14.11.2006 New Kerala: Tamil Nadu
Puducherry, Nov 13: A documentary film on Tamil playwright Thavathiru Sankaradoss Swamigal was released on the occasion of his 84th memorial day here today.
Nandi Awards: two entries for national integration rejected 12.11.2006 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Films with educational content continue to be a rarity
<i>Rang De Basanti </i>wants Services chiefs to help in Oscar promo 6.11.2006 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Still heady from national adulation, the makers of Rang De Basanti now want the Services chiefs to endorse the film in a promotional documentary ahead of the 79th Academy Awards next February
For a global outlook 4.11.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Thiruvananthapuram
A documentary film fete from November 6
Where have all the sparrows gone? Wonders Dikshit 4.11.2006 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi, Nov 4 : "I haven't seen a sparrow in a long time, though my garden has over 80 different kinds of birds." A concerned Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit said at the inauguration of an environmental documentary film festival here.
Kabaddi Kabaddi in Canada! 3.11.2006 Rediff: Movies
The documentary Kabaddi Cops celebrates the success of the Toronto police kabaddi team and its role in trying to address the mistrust the South Asian community had of the Toronto police.
Award for DD staffer 3.11.2006 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Doordarshan's Emani Krishna Rao's `Making of a Naval Officer' has bagged the best documentary award in the Doordarshan National Awards 2006. Mr. Rao, a special correspondent with the national television channel, had shot ...
36,102 to 36,121 of 36,416