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A dazzling performance to brighten a fest 6.7.2007 New Indian Express
A dazzling performance to brighten a fest
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Yamuna Gently Weeps 6.7.2007 New Indian Express
Yamuna Gently Weeps
An evening with Guru Dutt 6.7.2007 Deccan Herald
An evening with Guru Dutt
Stark as truth 6.7.2007 Hindu:Friday Review: Delhi
Noted journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta on his documentary “Hot As Hell”.
BJP has 'documentary evidence' against Pratibha 5.7.2007 Rediff: News
Talking to media persons, BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad said Pratibha's denial 'conceals more than it reveals.'
Shock and awe 5.7.2007 The Guardian -- Front Page
Arts & entertainment: Victor Schonfeld, maker of chilling documentary The Animals Film, relives the horrors that inspired his work - and wonders if TV would show it today.
Oxford prof documents India’s math contribution 5.7.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The India reel focuses on how several Indians developed theories in maths that were later discovered by Westerners who took credit for them, reports Naomi Canton.
For the Lord 5.7.2007 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
“My Lord and My God”, a documentary on Malankara (Kerala) Christians with special focus on Mar Thomas Syrian Church, was screened in New Delhi the other day
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‘Yamuna Gently Weeps’ 5.7.2007 Hindu:Metro Plus: Kochi
Demolition of the biggest slum in Delhi is the theme of the documentary, ‘Yamuna Gently Weeps’, to be screened in the city
Teacher banned for secretly filming pupils 4.7.2007 The Guardian -- Front Page
Media & professional: Supply teacher who filmed bad behaviour for TV documentary found guilty of unacceptable conduct.
Al Gore's amazing $100 million makeover! 4.7.2007 Rediff: Business
The untold story of how an epic loser engineered what may be the greatest brand makeover ever.
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Tusker video on the anvil 4.7.2007 The Statesman
Tusker video on the anvil
Plan to produce video on baby elephant 4.7.2007 Hindu: Other States
Bhubaneswar: Orissa’s forest department has decided to produce a documentary on Kalinga, the baby elephant that died recently in the wild, to keep alive memories of its short life. The baby elephant was reared by wildlife ...
No smokescreen here 3.7.2007 Hindustan Times: Views
The posterboy of the anti-US alliance, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, is not known to be microphone or camera shy. Toss up words like the ‘US’ or ‘nuclear’ and he will go ballistic before you can say ‘Ahmadinejad’.
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US trip lands Nepal's 'Living Goddess' in trouble 3.7.2007 New Kerala: World News
Chit chat with Lekha 3.7.2007 New Indian Express
Chit chat with Lekha
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Stage set for fest on communal harmony 3.7.2007 Indian Express
Stage set for fest on communal harmony
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Raichur first in achieving literacy with development 3.7.2007 Deccan Herald
Raichur first in achieving literacy with development
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Sunil Shanbag's special moment 3.7.2007 TOI: Calcutta Times
Veteran director Sunil Shanbag speaks about his return to the city, theatre group and latest play.
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Deepti Naval is looking for action 3.7.2007 TOI: Bangalore Times
Actress Deepti Naval says she's looking forward to being amidst the action again
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