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Marley biopic to come to big screen 26.9.2007 TOI: Entertainment
Palm Pictures will be bringing a documentary about late Bob Marley’s family’s first trip to Ethiopia to the big screen after acquiring the rights to it.
Trials of toiling masses on silver screen 26.9.2007 Hindu: Other States
Action picks up at Chitranjali studio complex 26.9.2007 Hindu: Kerala
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The documentary section at the Chitranjali studio complex under the Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) is humming with action after years of inactivity. While noted director K.K. Chandran is making a ...
Trials and tribulations of toiling masses on silver screen 26.9.2007 Hindu: Other States
Short film ‘Ezhumalai Jamaa’ screened on Monday
Documentary making waves 26.9.2007 Hindu: Karnataka
Guardian Films scoops Emmy 25.9.2007 The Guardian -- Front Page
Baghdad: A Doctor's Story wins international award.
Guardian Films scoops International Emmy 25.9.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
The Guardian Films documentary Baghdad: A Doctor's Story has won an International Emmy.
Kalam film: Little Dream, larger cause 25.9.2007 Rediff: Top Stories (India)
Non-fiction cinematic work 25.9.2007 Hindu: Book Review
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‘Do I have to talk about RGV?’ 25.9.2007 TOI: Entertainment
Sarah Singh talks about films, India, Pakistan and Bollywood.
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Gritty movie causes controversy in Brazil 24.9.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
· Police fail to ban violent film on Rio street strife· Governor praises 'faithful' account of city's problems
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Imprints of Indian culture 24.9.2007 New Indian Express
Imprints of Indian culture
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Lights on sound 23.9.2007 Deccan Herald
Lights on sound
A sex worker's story 23.9.2007 Business Standard
A sex worker's story
The Saudi connection that belittles Britain 23.9.2007 The Guardian -- Front Page
Comment is free: Nick Cohen: At last, there are signs the shameful censoring of Saudi critics in this country is to be challenged.
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Institute of media studies to come up in Mumbai soon 23.9.2007 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
“To offer professional assistance to young film makers”
Documentary highlights impact of ancient Indian culture on South-East Asia 23.9.2007 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Preview of extracts, running into 18 episodes, screened at Raj Bhavan
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Matt's in the big league 23.9.2007 TOI: Entertainment
Matt Damon’s come a long way.
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Sarah Elder, young at heart 22.9.2007 New Indian Express
Sarah Elder, young at heart
In search of an elusive new order 22.9.2007 The Statesman
In search of an elusive new order
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