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Businesses in Cherry Creek North are adapting to construction impact 16.8.2014 Denver Post: Business
Cherry Creek North retailers say they're deploying all of the marketing tricks of their trade to lure back customers scared away by a major city storm drainage improvement project that has slowed traffic to a ...
Is Arizona really running out of water? 11.8.2014 | news
Yes, Arizona IS running out of water, just not the way some people think. Here's ...
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Idaho’s sewer system is the Snake River 6.8.2014 Current Issue
As Big Ag flourishes, this massive waterway suffers.
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Mesa candidates debate city's $580M utility-bond election 6.8.2014 | Arizona Elections
We asked, they answered: Mesa candidates analyze the city's looming, $580 million utility-bond ...
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Fate of mobile homes in limbo 3.8.2014 Denver Post: Local
Milliken wants to purchase the property and use it to upgrade the town's storm-water drainage system.
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Taking the romance out of farming 2.8.2014 Current Issue
Some farms are using the river as their sewer.
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With GOP runoff over, Perdue and Nunn face off 23.7.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
ATLANTA (AP) — Now that Georgia Republicans have settled on businessman David Perdue as their nominee for the state's open Senate seat, the real battle begins with a marquee match-up in the fall against Democrat Michelle Nunn that could help determine control of the chamber.
In Georgia Senate runoff, former CEO defeats congressman 23.7.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Atlanta • Businessman David Perdue has defeated longtime Rep. Jack Kingston in the Republican runoff for Georgia’s U.S. Senate nomination, setting up a nationally significant general election matchup against Democrat Michelle Nunn. Tuesday night’s primary runoff win validates the former corporate CEO’s campaign as an outsider. The former CEO of Reebok, Dollar General and the failed textile firm Pillowtex, Perdue offered his private sector record and tremendous wealth as proof that he can help s...
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GOP voters in Ga. to decide Senate nominee 22.7.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
ATLANTA (AP) — After a bruising nine-week runoff campaign, Georgia Republicans will finally have their Senate nominee who will compete against Democrat Michelle Nunn for a seat the GOP can ill afford to lose as the party looks to take control of the chamber.
Creek vulnerable to high e. coli levels after fire 19.7.2014 | Arizona Elections
Oak Creek has been known to have high e. coli levels in the past but runoff from heavy rains over the Slide Fire scar, can easily sweep excessive debris and animal waste into the ...
U.S. water quality: No day at the beach 18.7.2014 Denver Post: Opinion
What do you pack for a day at the shore? How about a hepatitis shot, antibiotic ointment, and a vomit bucket?
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Kerry brokers deal to audit votes in Afghan runoff 13.7.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Rival contenders in the Afghan presidential runoff have reached a grand agreement to solve a weeks-long political crisis, including the audit of all the votes cast in the election last month, Secretary of State John Kerry said in Kabul on Saturday.
Kerry meeting again with Afghan candidates 12.7.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting with rival Afghan presidential candidates for a second day as the United States struggles to find a path out of the crisis enveloping the nation's elections.
In Afghanistan, Kerry seeks path in voting crisis 11.7.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry sought Friday to broker a deal between Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates as a bitter dispute over last month's runoff election risked spiraling out of control.
Milbank: The Tea Party's embrace of martyrdom 11.7.2014 Denver Post: Opinion
Hiroo Onoda, the last imperial Japanese soldier to surrender after World War II, hid in a jungle in the Philippines for 29 years, refusing to believe that the war was over.
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Cruz, tea party groups want probe of Mississippi runoff 9.7.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • In a fresh sign of Republican turmoil, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, tea party groups and losing challenger Chris McDaniel all backed an investigation Tuesday into the June 24 Senate primary runoff in Mississippi, without offering evidence of alleged voter fraud they cited in the bitterly fought race. One day after Sen. Thad Cochran was certified the primary winner by the state Republican Party, the denunciations of the 76-year-old lawmaker were particularly vituperative. The Tea Party Lead...
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Proposed "waters" rule would drown counties in more red tape 9.7.2014 Denver Post: Opinion
Everyone benefits from the beauty and bounty of America's rivers, streams, lakes and other waterways.
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Black leaders seek Cochran’s help after runoff win 4.7.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Jackson, Miss. • After black voters helped Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran survive an intense Republican primary runoff against an insurgent conservative challenger, some civil rights leaders in the South want him to repay the favor. Their request? Cochran should lead the charge in the Senate to renew a key section of the Voting Rights Act struck down last year by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority. “But for the Voting Rights Act, those African-Americans who turned out to the polls ... to s...
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River of no return 1.7.2014 High Country News Most Recent
Seattle’s Duwamish has been straightened, dredged and heavily polluted. Can a Superfund cleanup bring it back to life?
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Cillizza: The tea party’s bad week 27.6.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
By Chris Cillizza The Washington Post Political movements peter out unless they prove they can win. That reality is a problem for the tea party, which just had one of its worst weeks since emerging on the scene way back in 2009. Tea-party-backed candidates in Senate primary races in Mississippi and Oklahoma lost to more establishment types, robbing the GOP’s purist wing of more representation in Washington. The big blow came in Mississippi, where conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel fell to ...
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