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Mesas and Sky 19.1.2015 Current Issue
2014 Bell Prize runner-up
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As water demand slows, utilities seek new solutions 30.12.2014 High Country News Most Recent
Will new pricing models be the answer to both revenue problems and water waste?
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Texas ranchers seeking alternative incomes 20.12.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
GAIL, Texas (AP) — The Muleshoe Ranch's profits were chopped in half when the drought withered pastures, dried up stock tanks and forced the owner to move most of his cattle out of state.
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Aquifer recharging can help stanch drought 10.12.2014 Writers on the Range
Oregon is successfully capturing runoff to underground storage.
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Underground storage can help stanch invisible drought 10.12.2014 Writers on the Range
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Calif. drought driven by natural atmosphere patterns, study says 10.12.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
California's worst drought in four decades, which has threatened agriculture and exacerbated wildfire risk, has been driven primarily by natural atmospheric patterns, according to a U.S. government-sponsored study.
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Cities look to farms for help in Colorado River drought 9.12.2014 High Country News Most Recent
West’s biggest water agencies finalize a major agreement to boost Lake Mead levels.
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California releasing new figures on water saving 3.12.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Californians are losing ground in a state goal to cut water use by 20 percent in the drought.
Dry California awaits powerful Pacific storm 2.12.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Pacific storm moved into drought-dry California on Tuesday, bringing hopes for much-needed moisture but fears of mudflows on wildfire-scarred hillsides.
Colorado weighs taking "waste" out of wastewater to fix shortfall 23.11.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado water providers facing a shortfall of 163 billion gallons are turning to a long-ignored resource: wastewater.
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Dry San Diego to look to sewers as water source 19.11.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Acknowledging California's parched new reality, the city of San Diego has embraced a once-toxic idea: turning sewer water into drinking water.
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San Diego considers recycling water for drinking 18.11.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Dismissed only a few years ago by residents of California's second-largest city, San Diego is joining other California cities that are taking a closer look at recycling wastewater for drinking as the state suffers from severe drought.
Residential wells run completely dry in the Central Valley 14.11.2014 High Country News Most Recent
The drought is not an abstract threat for families in Porterville, California.
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California’s sweeping new groundwater regulations 10.11.2014 Current Issue
Will the law finally mean better aquifer management for the drought-stricken state?
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Dispatch from a young farmers confab 31.10.2014 High Country News Most Recent
How better dirt can conserve water, save farming and help feed the West.
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In defense of the cattle industry 29.10.2014 High Country News Most Recent
A new book flips an old debate on its head.
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California drought takes bite out of rice harvest 29.10.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
WOODLAND, Calif. (AP) — California's deepening drought is shrinking its rice crop, and that's bad news for farmers, migratory birds and sushi lovers.
An expedition along the imperiled Rio Grande 27.10.2014 High Country News Most Recent
The river’s future may include longer droughts, larger floods and shrinking snowpack.
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In 2014 water year, Colorado fortunate 13.10.2014 Durango Herald
The 2014 water year has ended gently – for Colorado, at least – as monsoonal rain and the remnants of Hurricane Odile provided enough moisture to push even the drought-stricken southeast quadrant into the 70-90 percent of normal precipitation range.It’s reasonable to think of it almost as an escape, as the state was...
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Drought a 'slow-motion disaster' for West 8.10.2014 | news
Presentations at the Western Governors' Association Drought Forum stress planning ...
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