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Rain barrels can help you connect with the land 23.4.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Deryn Davidson is the CSU Horticulture Extension Agent for Boulder County. She’s been with Extension for five years, but before that she worked in Arizona designing large rainwater harvesting systems. Her background also includes a master’s degree in landscape architecture.
Tesla gears up for fully self-driving cars amid skepticism 22.4.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears poised to transform the company's electric cars into driverless vehicles in a risky bid to realize a bold vision that he has been floating for years.
Dan Haley: There is no 90-day regulatory loophole on oil and gas emissions 16.4.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
It’s important that Coloradans know some important facts about oil and gas drilling, especially when it comes to air quality and emissions.
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How a tiny endangered species put a man in prison 15.4.2019 Current Issue
The Devils Hole pupfish is nothing to mess with.
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Oil and gas development complicates effort to protect sacred sites 13.4.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The battle over oil and gas development across the high desert that surrounds Chaco Culture National Historical Park has been brewing for years.
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Denver mayor candidate Q&A 12.4.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The Denver mayoral race features Penfield Tate, Michael B. Hancock, Kalyn Rose Heffernan, Jamie Giellis, Stephan "Seku" Evans and Lisa Calderón.
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Denver City Council District 11 candidate Q&A 12.4.2019 Denver Post: Local
The Denver City Council District 11 race features Christine M. Alonzo and Stacie Gilmore.
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Bill overhauling how oil, gas is regulated in Colorado clears legislature: Now the action really begins 8.4.2019 Denver Post: Local
Now that a bill overhauling how oil and gas are regulated in Colorado has cleared the legislature, state agencies will start writing rules to implement the changes once Gov. Jared Polis signs the bill. And Coloradans are bracing for the on-the-ground impacts.
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Colorado lets oil and gas companies pollute for 90 days without federally required permits that limit emissions 7.4.2019 Denver Post: Local
Colorado public health officials have let oil and gas companies begin drilling and fracking for fossil fuels at nearly 200 industrial sites across the state without first obtaining federally required permits that limit how much toxic pollution they can spew into the air.
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Russian investors are keen on Nevada’s copper 5.4.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Demand for clean cars is causing an uptick in copper mining in the West, but at what cost?
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Baristas beware: A robot that makes gourmet cups of coffee has arrived 31.3.2019 Denver Post: Business
In the food industry, it seems, the robot revolution is well underway, with machines mastering skilled tasks that have always been performed by people.
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Two Colorado oil and gas projects under scrutiny after judge rules BLM, Forest Service violated federal environmental law 29.3.2019 Denver Post: Business
A U.S. District judge in Denver has ordered two federal agencies to meet with environmental organizations that sued over oil and gas drilling in western Colorado to sort out questions about the projects' effects on wildlife and the indirect effects on air quality.
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EPA: No known toxic releases at flooded Superfund sites in the Midwest 29.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Flooding in the Midwest temporarily cut off a Superfund site in Nebraska that stores radioactive waste and explosives, inundated another one storing toxic chemical waste in Missouri, and limited access to others, according to federal regulators.
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Oil industry leaders marvel at their access to Interior 26.3.2019 High Country News Most Recent
‘We have unprecedented access to people that are in these positions who are trying to help us, which is great.’
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Supreme Court again considers partisan gerrymandering, but voters are not waiting 24.3.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
“Voters Not Politicians” made Michigan one of five states in 2018 – Ohio, Colorado, Missouri and Utah the others – where voters reined in partisan gerrymandering.
White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District 18.3.2019 High Country News Most Recent
North of San Francisco, a well-heeled community has its privilege tested.
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Tiger Woods says game “right on track” as Masters approaches 18.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Tiger Woods hit 12 of 14 fairways, made a 30-foot putt for birdie and holed out for par from a greenside bunker in the final round at The Players Championship.
Gov. Polis sits down with Front Range residents who want more community control of oil and gas 13.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis heard from Front Range residents who want local communities to assert more control over oil and gas development. His meeting with residents follows feedback from the industry and others as a bill that would overhaul how oil and gas are regulated moves through the Colorado General Assembly.
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Colorado oil and gas bill: Dueling rallies, hundreds of speakers descend upon Capitol for hearing 6.3.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado lawmakers held the first hearing Tuesday on a bill that would make sweeping changes to how the state's oil and gas industry is regulated.
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Colorado-Utah earthquake studied for link to deep injection well 5.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Federal officials are investigating whether a 4.5 magnitude earthquake near the Utah-Colorado border was caused by a well that injects salty water deep underground.
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