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Montana’s water rights fractured by new development 5.12.2019 High Country News Most Recent
As subdivisions spread, it’s becoming harder to manage one of the state’s most valuable resources.
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Scott Warren reflects on the Borderlands 5.12.2019 High Country News Most Recent
After two years of federal prosecution the humanitarian aid worker was acquitted in November.
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A chemical dip is the greenest way to go after death. It’s now available in Arvada. 3.12.2019 Denver Post: Business
An entrepreneur in Arvada has launched an end-of-life company that touts alkaline hydrolysis -- or water cremation -- as a more environmentally friendly way than flame cremation or burial of disposing of peoples' bodies after they die.
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Colorado rethinks dam safety as climate change heightens risk for state’s 27 “unsatisfactory” structures 1.12.2019 Denver Post: Local
A Denver Post examination of state records and interviews with dam safety officials found that, among 432 high-hazard dams statewide where failure likely would kill people, 27 are rated by state inspectors as unsatisfactory. A dozen have been classified that way for more than five years, records show.
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‘This is a human tragedy and an ecological tragedy’ 22.11.2019 High Country News Most Recent
At a protest in Organ Pipe, border communities fight Trump’s wall.
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Greeley’s meat packing plant broke regulations on water discharge for 5 years 19.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
For 60 consecutive months, the JBS Swift plant in Greeley failed to meet state and federal guidelines for the water it discharged from a holding pond near its slaughterhouse.
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Humans are great at giving real problems the side-eye 11.11.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Two new titles provide insight on the willful ignorance that lead to the West’s water woes.
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Thousands face risk because of aging U.S. dams, including some in Colorado, AP finds 10.11.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
On a cold morning last March, Kenny Angel got a frantic knock on his door. Two workers from a utility company in northern Nebraska had come with a stark warning: Get out of your house.
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Colorado Prop DD: Sports betting measure is losing narrowly 6.11.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Colorado voters decided Tuesday whether to legalize and tax sports betting as they voted on Proposition DD.
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EPA to scale back federal rules restricting waste from coal-fired power plants 4.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday plans to relax rules that govern how power plants store waste from burning coal and release water containing toxic metals into nearby waterways, according to agency officials.
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Guest Commentary: Vote “No” on Proposition DD – it will “Dam and Destroy” Colorado’s rivers 3.11.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Most voters are looking at Prop DD and scratching their heads. They ask, “What in the heck does gambling have to do with ‘water projects’, and exactly what is a ‘water project’?”
Federal rule on hemp production seen as watershed for growing Colorado industry 31.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
While Colorado has been a leader in the hemp industry for a while, the rest of the country will be catching up with the release later this week of federal rules that will govern the legal production of the crop nationwide.
Environmental study of Shasta Dam height halted 28.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Stakeholders disagree over whether raising the dam would offer benefits or detriments.
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Snake River dams 28.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
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Hunting still holds meaning 28.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Fewer people are picking up a rifle or bow, but the act warrants examination regardless.
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Friednash: With a water shortage in sight, Prop DD will help keep the rivers flowing 25.10.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Mark Twain is credited with famously saying, “whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.” That quote has always rang particularly true in the arid west where water is our most precious and fragile resource.
Can a campaign for nature and community rights stop aerial spraying in Oregon? 23.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
The push for more local control upends the typical pattern of Westerners fighting against regulation.
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In Oregon, the fight for local control upends Western norms 23.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Advocates for an aerial pesticide spray ban are fighting for more protection and rights of nature.
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As “green rush” rolls on, Boulder’s Surna helping make cannabis industry more sustainable 13.10.2019 Denver Post: Business
Legal cannabis cultivation in the United States consumed 1.1 million megawatt hours of electricity in 2017 (enough to power 92,500 homes for a year,) generating 472,000 tons carbon dioxide, according to a 2018 New Frontier Data report.
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Protests escalate in Iraq: 9 dead, hundreds wounded 3.10.2019 Denver Post: National News Headlines
At least seven people were killed and dozens were wounded in clashes that spread across several Iraqi provinces on Wednesday as security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas for the second day to disperse anti-government protesters demanding jobs, improved services and an end to corruption.
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