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Mayor Lori Lightfoot lays out plan for Chicago to provide Joliet with Lake Michigan water 24.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday laid out her plan to try to convince Joliet officials to let Chicago provide the city’s water. As Joliet looks to sign a contract to start getting its water from Lake Michigan, both Chicago and Hammond, Ind., want the potentially lucrative deal to deliver it. Lightfoot introduced a preliminary contract to the City Council on Tuesday, that would give the city Water Department the authority to do so.
Column: With Biden in the lead, why aren't more Democrats dancing in the streets? 6.11.2020 LA Times: Commentary

Democrats' wailing and gnashing of teeth arises from a longstanding reluctance to accept that politics is about campaigns, not movements.

Could your car keep you safe from COVID-19? 13.10.2020 LA Times: Business

Automakers including Volvo and Lincoln are rolling out advanced filtration systems — and Chinese carmaker Geely has announced it will make cars with "comprehensive virus protection." Could they entice wealthy consumers worried about the coronavirus?

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From portable air purifiers to ultraviolet wands that can sterilize glassware, restaurants are investing in safety. But will diners come inside during a pandemic? 22.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Restaurants hoping to see the other side of the pandemic are pouring money into air quality upgrades and other safety features even as business remains devastated by COVID-19. As they burn through cash, these restaurants are counting on customers taking comfort in the changes and filling seats.
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In a small California town, a fight over desalination is now about environmental justice 15.9.2020 LA Times: Environment

A proposed desalination plant along Monterey Bay is one of the most complicated and fraught issues to come before the California Coastal Commission.

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Lou Holtz's Orlando mansion, once struck by lightning, hits the market 10.9.2020 LA Times: Business

Lou Holtz's Florida home — which was completely renovated after being struck by lighting in 2015 — has surfaced for sale at $4.5 million.

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Booming Front Range cities take first steps to build $500 million dam, reservoir near Holy Cross Wilderness 6.9.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Aurora and Colorado Springs are planning to flood these wetland fens and replace natural storage with a man-made system: a $500 million dam and a reservoir that may require changing wilderness boundaries.
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Bush Brothers counts on water reuse to reduce local impact of bean production 20.5.2020 Resource Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
Bush Brothers counts on water reuse to reduce local impact of bean production Jesse Klein Wed, 05/20/2020 - 03:20 "There was nothing except a pipe going out the back of the plant." This was how Rodney Aulick, president of integrated solutions and services at Evoqua Water Technologies, described the wastewater system at Bush Brothers and Company’s Tennessee plant, when it first engaged with the food company. Bush Brothers is the largest manufacturer of prepared beans in the United States, and its work with water treatment titan Evoqua resulted in massive improvements, Aulick said. The plant is now able to reuse much of its water, lowering the strain on the community system and environment as a whole. The company is also better equipped to tightly control its water usage, according to Evoqua.   Bush Brothers, a family-owned business, has been operating in the small community of Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, for over 110 years. The company keeps the community in mind when pushing for new production goals and ...
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This is agtech's fertile future 2.4.2020 Resource Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
The hunger for alternative protein and non-synthetic approaches to cultivation are inspiring new innovation recipes for animal health and aquaculture.
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Westminster to raise water and sewer rates for next two years 29.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Westminster residents will notice up to a 12% increase in their water and sewer bills in 2021.
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Column: Time again to remember that there's been only one great Super Bowl ad (Apple, 1984) 29.1.2020 LA Times: Business

Apple's 1984 Super Bowl commercial launched the whole Super Bowl ad meme

Trend: Companies warm to nature-based solutions 27.1.2020 GreenBiz.com
More than 350 companies have made commitments to help reverse nature loss and restore vital natural systems on which economic activity depends.
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A change in leadership for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community 23.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Charlie Vig is retiring after eight years as chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. He stops in to talk about the state of Indian gaming and his community’s relationship with neighboring cities.
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Putting People at the Center of Climate Action 12.12.2019 THE CITY FIX
This commentary explores the social and economic benefits that climate action can deliver and uses real world examples to show how these benefits can be used to further equity and ensure a just transition to a new climate economy. In ...
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Minnesota's native mussels: Still in peril, but signs of hope 25.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Freshwater mussels are considered the most endangered group of organisms in the United States. But there are signs of hope: Thanks to conservation and reintroduction efforts, some native mussels are making a comeback in Minnesota rivers. And Minneapolis is putting their unique skills as harbingers of the river’s health to work.
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Arvada has stopped adding fluoride to drinking water until mid-summer 12.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
Arvada announced Monday that it will not be able to add supplemental fluoride to its municipal water supply until summer because of a leaky storage tank.
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Supreme Court leans toward expanding Clean Water Act to protect oceans from wastewater 7.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

The case from Hawaii has emerged as a major test of the scope of the federal anti-pollution law, even as President Trump's EPA cuts back enforcement.

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Algae growth from late-summer high temperatures causing odor in Lafayette water 6.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Due to a wet spring and early summer, followed by a string of 90 degree days at the end of summer, algae blooms have formed in the creeks, ditches and reservoirs containing the Lafayette's water supply and are affecting the water's taste and smell, according to the city.
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The innovation buzz from Stockholm World Water Week 25.9.2019 Small Business | GreenBiz.com
It’s not just about technology, it’s about laws, public policy and social engagement.
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Color coordinating: How urban green infrastructure can build resilience 10.9.2019 GreenBiz.com
We need to promote natural “green” infrastructure such as forests, wetlands, and urban green spaces that can reduce risks from natural disasters.
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