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An Afghan bird refuge comes back to life after decades of neglect 25.6.2017 Washington Post: World
But lack of cooperation from locals continues to hamper cleanup efforts at the scenic U.N.-protected site.
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A taste for blood 25.6.2017 Washington Post
A high school teacher used carnivorous plans to get kids into botany. Then he realized they weren’t the only ones dazzled by a bit of carnage.
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New Jersey college recalls being host to Cold War summit 24.6.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

As relations between the U.S. and Russia make daily headlines over election meddling and Moscow’s growing global influence, a New Jersey town is marking the 50th anniversary of when leaders of the world’s two superpowers gathered at a small liberal arts college to talk through similarly turbulent times. Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin sent a message […]
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Georgia swamp wildfire appears to be quenched after rainfall 23.6.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say it’s been nearly two weeks since any smoke has been seen at the site of a wildfire that began in early April in a south Georgia swamp. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Ranger Susan Heisey says June 10 was the last time smoke was seen in the area, and there […]
Neighborhood Spotlight: Playa Vista has master-planned convenience, but developing an identity will take time 23.6.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The land on which Playa Vista sits on was, for thousands of years, a salt marsh that was fed by the Los Angeles River before its course shifted south to empty in San Pedro Bay in 1825.

The Tongva people called the area Washna and laid their dead to rest in a large burial ground in the shadow of...

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Boy with special needs rescued from marsh in Eden Prairie 21.6.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Police say the search for the boy Tuesday was difficult because of the tall reeds, cattails and water and muck. A State Patrol helicopter was launched and the child was spotted from the air.
Delta Dispatches: Coastal Challenges & the Best of Bycatch 20.6.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
On today’s show Simone talks with the Executive Director of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, Dr. Robert Twilley about The Louisiana Sea Grant Programs working individually and in partnership to address major marine and coastal challenges. Pepper Bowen, Director of Culinaria stops by to talk with Simone about how through legal research and policy analysis, Culinaria Center reviews and addresses a wide range of local, national, and global food policy topics and issues and seeks solutions in support ...
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Albert R. Hunt: A senator’s voice of reason rises from the swamp 19.6.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Looking for someone to make sense of the Washington scandals? It’s always smart to turn to a senator from Maine. In the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is looking at Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election, Maine’s Susan Collins is the Republican most likely to speak up for bipartisan common sense. The most thoughtful interrogator of all has been the state’s other senator, Angus King, an independent who usually votes with Democrats. Wisdom and fortitude are Maine traditions. In ...
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Pence's lawyer is the godfather of Comey's daughter. That's 'the swamp' for you. 16.6.2017 Washington Post
Pence's lawyer is the godfather of Comey's daughter. That's 'the swamp' for you.
Confirmed: Trump Trashing Rules To Protect Students From Predatory Colleges 14.6.2017 Politics on
It is now confirmed : Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are trashing the Obama rules created to protect students and taxpayers from scam for-profit colleges. The purpose of these rules is to determine which career training programs are actually helping students build careers, and channel taxpayer dollars to those schools, rather than to overpriced, low-quality schools that are systematically deceiving and ripping off students. For-profit colleges have donated big money to the GOP , Trump owned one , DeVos invested in them. An executive from predatory Bridgepoint Education, Robert Eitel,  now works at the Department of Education. The for-profit college industry has relentlessly opposed the Obama rules, spending millions of our tax dollars to hire lawyers and lobbyists to try to defeat them. Now they appear to have prevailed. This is blatant corruption of policy by a predatory industry, one that has faced numerous law enforcement investigations for fraud. This is the opposite of draining the swamp. Under Trump, ...
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Vast Georgia wildfire almost out after days of soaking rain 13.6.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — A wildfire that burned vast acreage and at one point threatened hundreds of homes near the Georgia-Florida state line has been nearly extinguished after steady rains soaked the Okefenokee Swamp over the past week. The team fighting the blaze now considers it 90-percent contained and the flames that burned nearly 240 […]
Delta Dispatches: Seeing Louisiana's Coast from Above 12.6.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
On today’s show Simone & Jacques talk with Meredith Dowling, Associate Executive Director and Emmet Bartholomew, Gulf Region Volunteer Pilot Recruitment of Southwings about how Southwings organization provides a network of volunteer pilots to advocate for the restoration and protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Southeast through flight. Below is a transcript of this week's Delta Dispatches Podcast. Listen to the full recording or subscribe to our feed in iTunes and Google Play.     Listen now! Jacques: ...
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Trump's presidency becomes a legal swamp 12.6.2017 Washington Post
Trump's presidency becomes a legal swamp
AP PHOTOS: Far from roads, cowboys thrive in Brazil wetlands 12.6.2017 Washington Post: World
Greener pastures grow under water in the Pantanal de Mato Grosso do Sul, an immense area of wetlands in western Brazil.
GOP Senator Slams DOJ Legal Opinion As 'Nonsense' That 'Floods The Swamp' 9.6.2017 Politics on
WASHINGTON ― Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent  a scathing letter this week to President Donald Trump , arguing that the Office of Legal Counsel is  “flooding the swamp.” “You are being ill-served and ill-advised,” the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman wrote, adding that the Department of Justice office had “utterly failed to live up to its own standards.” Grassley’s letter was prompted by a May 1 memo  from the OLC to other federal agencies, instructing them to effectively ignore any requests from Congress that do not come from chairs of committees or subcommittees. Requests from other individual members of Congress “do not trigger any obligation to accommodate congressional needs and are not legally enforceable,” the memo stated. (Since both houses of Congress are currently controlled by the GOP, that means don’t answer any questions from Democrats as well as most Republicans.) The memo, signed by acting Assistant Attorney General Curtis Gannon, claimed that it was a “longstanding policy” for ...
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Talking money with the hospital trying to treat you 8.6.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Indianapolis • The financial counselor will see you now. Many people hit with a terrifying medical diagnosis like cancer also have to deal with another worry: whether the care will bankrupt them. Insurance that covers less and soaring treatment costs can swamp patients with piles of unexpected bills. To help ease money worries, hospitals and other care providers are increasingly using counselors to guide patients and, in some cases, arrange for financial help. Financial counselors can tell patie...
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Oysters vs. Oil: Hilcorp's Bayou Battle 7.6.2017 Truthout - All Articles
This story was originally published by The Revelator. Also see the first two stories in this series: Hilcorp Runs Aground: Pipeline Ruptures Expose Fractures in Billionaire's Energy Companies and Hilcorp: Putting Lives in Danger Gleason Alexis was ready with his camera phone to record the destruction of his family's oyster beds by contractors working for Houston billionaire Jeffery Hildebrand's Hilcorp Energy Company. For the third time in five years, Alexis says, Hilcorp contractors used tugboats to drag an oil-drilling barge through a shallow Louisiana wetland where his mother has had a lease to grow oysters for more than 15 years. The lease is in Barataria Bay, on the Louisiana coast south of New Orleans. Each time, Alexis says, the Hilcorp contractors' drilling barge and tugboats cut channels into the seafloor, destroying the oyster beds and stirring up silt that deposits on other nearby oyster beds, smothering the shellfish. "Every time it kills another generation of oysters," Alexis, 49, says. It ...
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President Trump Thinks He Has the Power to Block Anything He Chooses 7.6.2017 Truthout - All Articles
When President Donald Trump entered the White House he promised to change politics and pledged to "drain the swamp" of lobbyists and special interest groups influencing the government. Instead, he's made the "swamp" even deeper than ever, and has been flexing his executive powers in ways never seen before. So what is President Trump using his new powers to block now? Pretty much anything he wants. Despite the President's "no lobbyists" promise, his administration is chocked full of the same people allegedly "regulating" industries who are still profiting from them. How much? It's hard to say, especially considering the President has exempted many of his aides from being forced to disclose potential ethics violations. Those waivers have finally been posted online after repeated pushing from the Office of Government Ethics, and now we are starting to see how much his close staff is still working with their previous clients, even now that they are influential administrative officials. "Presidential ...
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Drain the swamp? Not if this guy can help it. 5.6.2017 Washington Post
As the Trump administration plans deep job cuts for the federal workforce, the president of the largest federal union has his work cut out for him.
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Trump's commitment to draining the swamp ... well ... it waivers 4.6.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump's commitment to draining the swamp ... well ... it waivers
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