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Federal jury sides with police officers in fatal shooting, awards no damages 5.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
A federal jury on Wednesday sided with two Chicago police officers involved in a 2011 fatal shooting, awarding no damages to the family of the motorist who was shot after an early-morning traffic ...
Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 04, 2015 4.3.2015 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Why do we measure wetlands loss in football fields? By Jesse Hardman, WWNO. March 03, 2015 “What happens when you combine the most popular sport in the U.S. with one of the most dire environmental situations in the country? The catchy analogy that a football field sized piece of Louisiana coastal wetlands is lost every half-hour.” (Read More) At pivotal moment in region’s history,| The Times-Picayune launches Future of New Orleans project The Times-Picayune. March 03, 2015 “The Future of New Orleans project will cover the region's challenges and opportunities, including: how we grow our economy; how the population is changing; how to improve schools and teaching; solving our crime problem and the poverty that is intertwined with it; how we care for the sick and prevent disease, and how the new hospital corridor figures in our health care; keeping the city's treasured culture alive and growing it; fostering our sports economy; saving our coast, protecting our environment and keeping us safe from ...
Lawyers: Chicago police had no cause to stop car before fatal 2011 shooting 4.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Attorneys for a motorist who was fatally shot by two Chicago police officers told a federal jury Tuesday that the officers lied on the witness stand last week and had no legal justification to pull him over shortly before the deadly ...
Richard Linklater: A slow-cook director eyes the microwave 28.2.2015 LA Times: Opinion
The news this week that Richard Linklater could be tackling Maria Semple's bestselling "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" was greeted, among those who follow such things, with unbridled happiness. Here was one of the most ‎well-regarded novels -- and, more important, one of the most...
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Ralph Nobles dies at 94; nuclear physicist worked on Manhattan Project 26.2.2015 LA Times: Opinion
Ralph Nobles, a nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and later led efforts to save thousands of acres of San Francisco Bay wetlands from development, has died. He was 94.
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Horse stuck in marsh in N.J. forest 25.2.2015 News
Rescue crews are working to free a horse stuck for hours in a marsh in a New Jersey state forest.
Ralph Nobles, a Manhattan Project physicist who saved San Francisco Bay wetlands, dies at 94 25.2.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
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Missouri man charged in killings of 3 people, unborn child 25.2.2015 Yahoo: US National
OZARK, Mo. (AP) — A southwestern Missouri man has been charged with four counts of murder in the killing of three people, including a pregnant woman and her fetus.
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Man charged in southwestern Missouri killings of 3 people, pregnant victim's unborn child 25.2.2015 Star Tribune: Nation
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The Courage And Ingenuity Of Freedom-Seeking Slaves In America 24.2.2015 NPR News
Did daring stories of fugitive slaves perhaps move the national political needle toward abolition?
West Coast ports delays could swamp companies for two months 23.2.2015 Yahoo: Business
"It's not going to be fast," Jon Slangerup, chief executive officer of the Port of Long Beach, told CNBC television. Port officials have informed retailers it will take 45 to 60 days to clear out the backlog, said Jonathan Gold, vice president of supply chain and customs policy at the National Retail Federation trade group. ConAgra Foods Inc , which has seen delays in export shipments of its Lamb Weston frozen potato products, Swiss Miss cocoa drink mixes, and ACT II popcorn, was bracing for congestion "to continue as the ports return to normal operations," spokeswoman Shelby Stoolman said in an email. Lowe’s Companies Inc uses most of the cargo gateways in the United States and plans to continue contingency routes "until we feel the congestion has eased on the West Coast," spokesman Steve Salazar said in an ...
Atlantic Surging, Virginia Sinking 23.2.2015 American Prospect
This article appears in the Winter 2015 issue of  The American Prospect magazine.  Subscribe here .   Standing at the Elizabeth River looking at the Naval Shipyard and neighboring Portsmouth, the climate change carnage looming over Norfolk, Virginia, may not be immediately noticeable. The water is calm, and on this mild day in November, dedicated boaters cruise downstream. Nestled between the river, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean, Norfolk is paradise for anyone who loves living near the water. But paradise comes with a price. The combination of sea level rise, tidal flooding, and subsidence—the sinking ground—has made Norfolk a prime example of what climate is going to do, and has already done, to our coastal cities. The city and surrounding region is on the front line in the battle against climate change, but opinions within city limits on just how bad the flooding is and what to do about it appear to be mixed. The stakes are high in Norfolk, which is home to the headquarters of the Navy’s ...
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Morgan Stanley breach probe shifts to hacker from fired employee: WSJ 19.2.2015 Yahoo: Business
Morgan Stanley last month fired financial adviser Galen Marsh for allegedly stealing account information from about 350,000 of its wealth management clients and posting some of it online. Federal law-enforcement officials are focusing their probe on the possibility that Marsh's computer was hacked, the Journal said. Morgan Stanley said that the leaked information included clients' names and account numbers, but not passwords or Social Security numbers. The company said at that time it was investigating the breach and has referred the matter to regulators and law enforcement authorities who are conducting separate ...
In Millville, Pat Witt's Barn Studio has history of art 16.2.2015 News
MILLVILLE, N.J. - There is a cycle of inevitability in nature - of birth, growth, evolution, and, eventually, death - that hasn't escaped the eye of Pat Witt.
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Cricket World Cup's family affair 16.2.2015 Yahoo: Politics
When Mitchell Marsh stunne England with a five-wicket haul in co-hosts Australia's 111-run thrashing of England in their opening World Cup match it represented the latest chapter in a remarkable family history. Saturday's match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was Marsh's World Cup debut and his return came 28 years after his father, Geoff Marsh, marked his first match in the tournament with a hundred against India at Madras (Chennai). Australia went on to win the 1987 World Cup, with opener Marsh a mainstay of the ...
In EPA’s expected ‘veto’ of Pebble Mine in Alaska, foes see a vein of overreach 16.2.2015 Washington Post
Just north of Iliamna Lake in southwestern Alaska is an empty expanse of marsh and shrub that conceals one of the world’s great buried fortunes: A mile-thick layer of virgin ore said to contain at least 6.7 million pounds — or $120 billion worth — of gold.Read full article >>
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It's mud madness: Brazilian Carnival party dispenses with costumes, revels in slime 15.2.2015 Star Tribune: World
Conservation, Climate, and CAFOs 14.2.2015 Views
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Louisiana Coastal Erosion Lawsuit Against Oil Companies Dismissed By U.S. District Judge 14.2.2015 Green on
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A lawsuit filed in 2013 by a Louisiana flood board that sought damages — potentially in the billions of dollars — from scores of oil, gas and pipeline companies over erosion of the state's fragile coast was thrown out Friday evening by a federal judge. U.S. District Judge Nanette Jolivette Brown dismissed the suit in a complex 49-page ruling rejecting the board's contention that, under federal laws, the energy companies had a duty to protect the flood board from the effects of coastal erosion. "We don't think this is going to be the last word on it," James Swanson, a lawyer for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, said in a telephone interview. He said attorneys for the flood authority were studying the ruling. He said attorneys had not yet decided on their next move, but that the case would likely wind up at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The flood authority, which oversees New Orleans-area levee boards, had claimed in the lawsuit that coastal drilling and ...
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Ecological disaster in Iran’s wetlands 13.2.2015 Financial Times US
State mismanagement, drought and dams in neighbouring Afghanistan blamed for water crisis
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