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In 'Only The Brave,' The True Story Of Fated Wildland Firefighters 21.10.2017 NPR: Saturday
Actor and one-time volunteer fireman Josh Brolin explains his role in a new movie portraying the Granite Mountain Hotshots of Prescott, Ariz.
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Giant, bobbing bog threatens docks on northern Minn. lake 20.10.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A bog the size of a professional baseball field is on the move in North Long Lake. The 3-acre piece of wetland has destroyed docks while bouncing around the lake near Brainerd.
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D.C. Sports Hall of Fame revises its induction criteria 18.10.2017 Washington Post
D.C. Sports Hall of Fame revises its induction criteria
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NAFTA talks bog down over U.S. demands as latest round concludes 18.10.2017 LA Times: Nation

After seven straight days of talks fraught with emotion, officials representing the U.S., Canada and Mexico were at seeming loggerheads over several American proposals that observers fear could derail the negotiations and ultimately cause an unraveling of the 23-year-old North American Free Trade...

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What New England Marshes Can Teach Us About Coastal Louisiana Restoration 17.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
I’ve studied coastal wetland restoration in Louisiana since the 1990s and have visited with landowners and managers who want to slow wetland loss and build new land across the coast, from Lake Sabine to Slidell. I’ve also studied coastal wetland management and restoration outside Louisiana, by reading articles and attending conferences, but until recently, I’d only visited a handful of sites. This summer, I traveled to New England to participate in the workshop “Tidal Marsh Restoration: A Traveling Course ...
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Neighborhood Spotlight: South Park's fortunes going in a westerly direction 14.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

When Angelenos hear the words “South Park,” the boundary-pushing animated series probably comes first to mind for most, whereas some real estate insiders will point to the new, booming neighborhood of gleaming residential towers rising east of the Staples Center.

In actuality, South Park is a neighborhood...

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Once often sighted at Pashan Lake, some birds haven’t been seen in years 13.10.2017 Pune – The Indian Express
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Chesapeake acidification may compound issues already facing bay, researchers find 12.10.2017 Washington Post
Chesapeake acidification may compound issues already facing bay, researchers find
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Study tells of pumpkin-colored zombies 11.10.2017 Global Health and Wellness News - ENN
Reducing nutrient pollution may help prevent human disease
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A surgeon confesses his fears — and errors 11.10.2017 Washington Post
A surgeon confesses his fears — and errors
Delta Dispatches: Innovative Funding for Coastal Restoration 11.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
On today’s show Shannon Cunniff, the Director of Coastal Resilience at the Environment Defense Fund joins the program to talk with Jacques & Simone about environmental impact bonds (EIBs), and how they can save Louisiana money and restore the wetlands sooner. On the second half the episode, Megan Terrell, the Legal Advisor for Coastal Activities at the Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities brings a new perspective to talk about EIBs and other coastal restoration financing opportunities. Below is a transcript ...
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What drives some people to take personal risks to help strangers? 10.10.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Acts of altruism -- like saving swimmers caught in a riptide from drowning or donating a kidney to a stranger -- are among the thorniest puzzles of human nature, says guest blogger Abigail Marsh.
Natural Lands rescues PA and NJ walks on the wild side 6.10.2017 News
Natural Lands preserves walks on the wild side for millions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents by buying woodlands, meadows and wetlands, revitalizing them and welcoming the public to get face-to-face with nature.
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At EPA, a fight over numbers in water protection rule reveals a shift in ideology 6.10.2017 Washington Post
At EPA, a fight over numbers in water protection rule reveals a shift in ideology
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Report: Trump-tied lobbyists cash in on their connections 6.10.2017 AP Top News
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The day after the presidential election, the Washington lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck touted its Republican team's "significant relationships ... with those who will steer the incoming Trump administration." It highlighted Marc Lampkin, managing partner of its Washington office and a Trump fundraiser....
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Washington, D.C., is not a cynical swamp. It's America's most hopeful place. 5.10.2017 Washington Post
Washington, D.C., is not a cynical swamp. It's America's most hopeful place.
His Name Was Petty, His Art Was Grand 5.10.2017 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
His sound slithered like an alligator from the Florida swamps.
Experts say damage done to wetlands is beyond repair 5.10.2017 Pune – The Indian Express
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A Waterfront Stroll: New Orleans and the Mississippi River 4.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
On a sunny morning, a crowd of 20 odd people gathered outside the Old U.S. Mint at the foot of Esplanade Avenue. Designed by William Strickland, the c. 1838 Mint exemplifies the Greek revival style popular among the Americans who flocked to New Orleans following the Louisiana Purchase. Today it houses the New Orleans Jazz Museum, host of the annual Downriver Festival celebrating the Mississippi River's contributions to Louisiana's cultural and culinary traditions. We descended into Crescent Park, where ...
Learning curve: Hard lessons for businesses in hurricanes 4.10.2017 AP Business
NEW YORK (AP) -- Harvey, Irma and Maria have taught small business owners that disaster planning is more than just evacuating and trying to mitigate physical damage - it's also about the "what ifs."...
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