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Hoover Dam ceremony marks Colorado River drought plan 21.5.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Federal, state and tribal water managers are marking completion of a long-negotiated plan for 40 million people and vast irrigated farms to share crucial Colorado River water despite ongoing drought in the arid U.S. Southwest.
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Following environmentalist Edward Abbey's footsteps in the Utah and Arizona deserts 19.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The road trip from Moab, Utah, to Ajo, Ariz., is a sunbaked ramble through about 600 miles of dreamy, lethal desert, beginning with the red rocks of Utah’s Arches National Park, skirting Monument Valley and the Colorado River, and ending in the cactus country of southern Arizona.

I did it in April...

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Kayaking near Vegas on the Colorado River turns up a cave with emerald waters 14.5.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Lapland has the northern lights. Yosemite has a moonbow that forms over its waterfalls. Now the Colorado River near Hoover Dam claims that waters inside a small cave turn a brilliant emerald green at certain times of the day.

Vegas Glass Kayaks, 35 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, offers river tours...

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High snowpack could increase Colorado flood risk 11.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
As any gnar-loving powder-chaser might recall, Colorado's mountains got walloped with snow all winter long, leading to one of the state's biggest winters in recent memory. But most of the snow from the epic winter  hasn't melted yet, setting up what should be a busy spring snowmelt season for the state.
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Deep-sea Carbon Helped Superheat the Earth Once—Could It Happen Again? 9.5.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
At the end of the last glacial era, carbon gases trapped on the seafloor escaped, causing drastic warming that helped end the last ice age. A scientist says climate change could cause this process to repeat.
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What's the business case for climate-focused urban development in Africa? 8.5.2019 Design & Innovation |
As the continent urbanizes, it faces water shortages and deforestation. The private sector can help.
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Boulder County won’t process Gross Reservoir review while being sued by Denver Water 1.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
Boulder County has notified Denver Water that it will not process the utility’s land use review application for a Gross Reservoir expansion at the same time that is defending itself in a lawsuit by Denver Water challenging the need to even go through that procedure.
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Blue River near Breckenridge turns orange; river is source of drinking water for Front Range 28.4.2019 Denver Post: Local
Officials are investigating Saturday after the Blue River in Breckenridge has been running orange in color through the day. The source is likely an abandoned mine upriver from the town.
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Colorado River basin reservoirs benefit from heavy snowpack 25.4.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Reservoirs around the Colorado River basin are in good shape after an exceptionally wet winter.
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Vegas visitors can shuttle to see Boulder City, Hoover Dam starting at $25 24.4.2019 LA Times: Commentary

For $25 round trip, visitors to southern Nevada can get off the Strip and head to Boulder City, a laid-back small town about 30 miles east that’s full of little-known attractions and one huge one.

It’s known for Hoover Dam, the massive wall of concrete completed in 1936 and designed to harness...

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Imperial Irrigation District sues to block Colorado River drought plan 18.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Just as a long-negotiated agreement for how California and six other Western states will deal with drought on the Colorado River was about to cross the finish line, the river’s biggest user put up a roadblock.

The Imperial Irrigation District in southeast California filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking...

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President Signs Landmark Legislation for Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan 16.4.2019 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
President Signs Landmark Legislation for Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan
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Hiking among the hipsters: Strolling the Silver Lake Reservoir 12.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Silver Lake has become known as the hipster capital of Los Angeles, or the state, or the universe.

Away from the cafes and boutiques of Sunset Boulevard, though, the twin reservoirs that give the community its name are a great place to take a stroll, walk the dog, do some bird-watching or have...

Time's running out to hike this amazing hot springs trail near Las Vegas 11.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Las Vegas visitors who like a challenge will find rejuvenating hot springs, spectacular vistas and, right now, abundant wildflowers on an arduous hiking trail along the banks of the Colorado River that’s about an hour’s drive east of the Strip. Go now if you want to catch spring because the trail...

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Passage of Colorado River Drought Plan Marks a Major Step for Water Resilience 9.4.2019 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Passage of Colorado River Drought Plan Marks a Major Step for Water Resilience
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U.S. Congress approves Colorado River drought plan 9.4.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
A plan to address a shrinking supply of water on a river that serves 40 million people in the U.S. West is headed to President Donald Trump.
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Oroville Dam holds up as officials christen new spillway two years after near disaster 3.4.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Bystanders were met with the rumble of rushing water as Oroville Dam’s gates released more than a million gallons of water down a newly reconstructed concrete spillway on Tuesday for the first time since the infrastructure collapsed two years ago.

In February 2017, the city of Oroville watched...

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Colorado requiring boaters to buy a stamp to prove they don’t carry the “STD of the Sea” 2.4.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado in 2019 is requiring boaters to have an aquatic nuisance inspection before launching into lakes and reservoirs.
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Newly reconstructed Oroville Dam spillway could be used as early as April 29.3.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Two years ago the city of Oroville stood in awe as millions of gallons of water eroded the main spillway of the nation’s largest dam, sending a deluge of water cascading down a hillside and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate.

Now that the bulk of the repairs on Oroville Dam have been completed,...

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U.S. sues California over river flow standards 29.3.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The federal government Thursday added to the pile of lawsuits challenging new state requirements to boost river flows in order to help struggling fish populations.

The U.S. Department of the Interior, which manages California’s largest irrigation supply project, argues that the flow standards will...

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