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Spice Finch conjures seductive Mediterranean flavors, and brings star chef Jennifer Carroll home 6.10.2018 News
Spice Finch is a spirited homecoming for Jennifer Carroll.
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In a drier world, hit 'save' for water 4.10.2018 Business Operations |
Sponsored: We need water to manage the digital transformation. But Ecolab knows that to manage our water, we’ll also need digital technology.
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BP offshore drilling threatens Nova Scotia coastal waters 3.10.2018 - News for the rest of us
Brent Patterson There is a deposit of an estimated eight billion barrels of oil and 120 trillion cubic feet of gas under the ocean floor off Nova Scotia’s coast that should stay where it is. This past February, defying climate science in favour of corporate profit, the Trudeau government granted BP Canada Energy Group permission to drill up to seven exploratory wells over a three-year period. In April, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board then, not surprisingly, approved the drilling of the first exploration well, Aspy D-11. BP began drilling that well on April 22, Earth Day. Work on the well was briefly halted on June 22 when the West Aquarius rig spilled about 136,000 litres of synthetic drilling mud about 330 kilometres offshore of Halifax. The petroleum board, again not surprisingly, gave permission to BP to resume drilling on July 22. BP's plan to extract oil and gas off the coast of Nova Scotia should be considered a climate crime given it would release millions of tonnes of carbon ...
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VERGE Hawaii highlighted how 'resilience' is changing the narrative 3.10.2018 Business Operations |
Sponsored: Recent hurricanes highlight the importance of perseverance and collaboration in creating a more resilient Hawaii.
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Report: Nitrate in drinking water a costly problem for small, rural cities 3.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A new report from the Environmental Working Group says nitrate pollution is hitting small, rural communities hardest, and they're the ones least able to afford the cost of treatment.
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Boyz II Men to play The Met Philadelphia next year 1.10.2018 News
Boyz II Men head home
Why Shouldn’t Bartenders Be Rich? 1.10.2018 American Prospect
wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock This week, Washington, D.C.’s city council will vote on whether to repeal Initiative 77, which would phase out the sub-minimum wage for D.C.'s tipped workers over the next seven years.  In defending the initiative, the pro-77 coalition has looked primarily to D.C.’s low-income tipped workers. They have stated (correctly) that one in seven D.C. tipped workers live in poverty; they have noted (smartly) that the typical D.C. tipped worker makes one-third what the typical non-tipped worker makes; and they have highlighted (importantly) the stories of non-restaurant tipped workers like my friend  Dia King , who straddles the poverty line as a valet attendant. And indeed, the needs of low-income tipped workers are the most compelling reason to end the tipped minimum wage. But Initiative 77 will improve the earnings of D.C.’s most successful restaurant workers as well, challenging the prevailing notion that service work is necessarily low-wage—and we should welcome that. We should ...
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Green Soul: Healthy options and a bar in Spring Garden 29.9.2018 News
The Bynum brothers have transformed the former Alla Spina into a more advanced version of their Northwest Philly cafes.
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Why New Mexico shouldn’t rush toward repurposing oilfield wastewater 28.9.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Why New Mexico shouldn’t rush toward repurposing oilfield wastewater
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Wanda Sykes, who quit Roseanne after the star's racist tirade, has one request for the new 'The Conners' 28.9.2018 News
Also, where the comedian plans on eating where she is in town.
What California’s history of groundwater depletion can teach us about successful collective action 27.9.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
What California’s history of groundwater depletion can teach us about successful collective action
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Heat, transport, storage, industry: Could hydrogen hold the key to decarbonization? 24.9.2018 Small Business |
There's massive potential in clean technologies using the most abundant element in the atmosphere — but skepticism and lack of political will are proving barriers to its growth.
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10 Minutes with Bea Perez, Coca-Cola 24.9.2018 Small Business |
How packaging and recycling became an embedded strategy.
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The Con in Foxconn Wisconsin 21.9.2018 American Prospect
This summer, the roar of bulldozers replaced the sound of tractors over thousands of agricultural acres outside of Racine in southeastern Wisconsin. Road, water, and electricity infrastructure construction was well under way for a new industrial complex for Foxconn, the Taiwan-based technology giant. In the project’s master plan, Foxconn will eventually own 4.5 square miles of once-prime Wisconsin farmland, an expanse about a fourth the size of the city limits of nearby Racine, population 77,000. The main 24-inch water main will have the capacity to deliver more than 20 million gallons a day of high-quality Great Lakes water (home to 21 percent of the world's remaining supply), although initial usage has been promised to be much less. Foxconn has pledged to be good environmental stewards, even as Wisconsin has waived many of its basic environmental regulations in order to expedite the project. The company has promised to build a $9 billion to $10 billion sprawling industrial complex which will employ “up ...
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'Space Jam 2': Why Joel Embiid must be a Monstar 21.9.2018 News
Why the big man needs to be cast in the "Space Jam" sequel ASAP.
Crowd-pleasing Bruno Mars brings Boyz II Men to the Wells Fargo Center 20.9.2018 News
The dream of the '90s was alive in South Philly on Wednesday night as Bruno Mars, our reigning king of pop pastiche, mined the looks, sounds, and moves of eras past to maximum effect.
Hey, Ford! Wellington county's water is not a commodity, it's a human right 19.9.2018 - News for the rest of us
Doreen Nicoll Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) has a number of campaigns underway, including their most widely recognized campaign Say No To Nestlé! encouraging the provincial government to phase out bottled water extraction over the next 10 years. Wellington Water Watchers acknowledge that water is a basic human right. Their campaign, Water for Life, Not Profit, focused on Nestlé's Aberfoyle plant which has pumped more than 1.1 billion liters of water since its permit expired 24 months ago. This is only one of two permits Nestlé has in the area. Erin's permit expired almost a year ago but Nestlé continues bottling water from that well too. Together, these two permits allow Nestlé to draw up to 4.7 million litres of water daily from Wellington county's aquifer -- the same aquifer residents depend on for all of their water needs. Nestlé purchased a third well in Elora after outbidding the local community of Centre Wellington. A moratorium currently prevents Nestlé from pumping water from this well. And, ...
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Amidst a rising sea-level crisis, staying resilient in New Orleans 18.9.2018 Resource Efficiency |
Five lessons from the Big Easy.
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Dance in music: The Bourrée 16.9.2018 The Navhind Times
Luis Dias Like many of my generation, I was introduced to the bourrée through my study of violin. I came across it as an exam piece, a simplified version for violin and piano of the Bourrée from George Frideric Handel’s Water Music Suite no 1 in F major HWV 348. In the early 1970s, the ...
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The 2018 Phillies. So what the heck was that? | Bob Ford 14.9.2018 News
The Phillies won't make the playoffs this season, but have they made progress?
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