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Go snorkeling in Belize's turquoise waters, bird-watching in its national parks 7.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

With one foot in the Caribbean and another in Central America, Belize has many attributes that make it an attractive locale for a tropical vacation.

An eight-day Rainforest to Reef tour organized by Mountain Travel Sobek showcases some of the country's highlights, with time set aside to kayak or...

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Judge Doubles Down on Order Requiring Michigan Officials to Deliver Clean Water in Flint 5.12.2016 Truthout - All Articles
Citing irreparable harm caused to residents of Flint, Michigan, by their lack of access to clean drinking water, a federal judge has ordered state officials to comply with an earlier order and start delivering bottled water. Officials are reportedly working on a plan to comply with the order even as they prepare to challenge it. The Flint River in Flint, Michigan, on October 6, 2015. (Photo: Laura McDermott / The New York Times) A federal judge told state officials in Michigan on Friday that they must comply with an order to deliver bottled water to residences in Flint, Michigan, even as the officials challenged the delivery order in an appeals court. The ruling is the latest in a dispute between state officials, including Treasurer Nick Khouri, and advocacy groups over how to provide clean water to Flint residents as the city works to replace corroding pipes. Flint has struggled with a public health crisis since 2014, when its water supply became contaminated with lead after the city began sourcing from ...
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At Pearl Harbor, the silence 75 years later pays tribute to the sacrifices that saved the world 5.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Sometimes, sorrow and reverence only whisper. 

As the Navy shuttle pulled near the sunken USS Arizona battleship at Pearl Harbor, National Park Service rangers requested quiet on that May day of my visit.

This landmark of American tragedy and resilience marks its 75th milestone  on Wednesday.


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Gift ideas to make traveling easier 5.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The goal: Take the hassle out of travel. The gift: anything that does that.

Here are some items that can smooth the way, whether it’s across the state or around the world.

Our 2016 holiday gift guide is here, over 200 gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list »

Separate your tech and clothing...
National park tips: This desert is getting a lot of love 5.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

It’ll take a little doing to find your way to solitude in Joshua Tree National Park these days.

Park attendance hit 2 million for the first time in 2015, a nearly 500,000 increase from the year before.  And the first nine months of 2016 were another 21% ahead of 2015.

Whether you have it to yourself...

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Researchers: Flint water improving, but stick with filters 2.12.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

DETROIT (AP) — Researchers who played a critical role in the discovery of lead in Flint, Michigan, drinking water say tests reveal another rise in water quality. Virginia Tech says lead wasn’t detected in 57 percent of 154 Flint homes tested in November — up from 44 percent in July. Flint has a lead problem […]
Cruise Line Slapped With $40 Million Fine For Deliberately Polluting 2.12.2016 Green on
Carnival Corp.’s Princess Cruise Lines will plead guilty to seven felony charges and pay $40 million for deliberately polluting the ocean and attempting to cover up the crime, the Department of Justice said Thursday. The deal relates to the Caribbean Princess cruise ship’s illegal dumping of oily waste off the coast of England in August 2013. Authorities say the $40 million fine ― the largest criminal penalty involving deliberate vessel pollution in history ― includes $10 million for environmental projects.  “ The pollution in this case was the result of more than just bad actors on one ship ,” Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden said. “It reflects very poorly on Princess’s culture and management. This is a company that knew better and should have done better.” As part of the plea deal, cruise ships from eight Carnival lines will remain under supervised probation for five years, subject to independent audits and monitoring. In a statement, Princess Cruises apologized and sought to blame its ...
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Carnival's Princess pays $40M fine for sea waste 2.12.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Miami • Princess Cruise Lines will pay a $40 million penalty after pleading guilty to seven federal charges in an illegal ocean pollution case that involved one ship’s use of a so-called magic pipe to divert oily waste into the waters, authorities said Thursday. Miami U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer told a news conference the penalty is the largest ever of its kind. A plea agreement filed in federal court also requires Carnival Corp., parent company of the Princess line, to submit 78 cruise ships a...
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Magic pipe: Carnival's Princess pays $40M fine for sea waste 2.12.2016 AP Business
MIAMI (AP) -- Princess Cruise Lines will pay a $40 million penalty after pleading guilty to seven federal charges in an illegal ocean pollution case that involved one ship's use of a so-called magic pipe to divert oily waste into the waters, authorities said Thursday....
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Israel's Burgeoning Sustainable Innovation 1.12.2016 Green on
From the world's most environmentally recycled paper to cutting-edge water shortage solutions, sustainable healthcare, energy conservation and the green construction and infrastructure of the future, Israel continues to make strides in sustainable innovation, living up to its status as the world's top innovator in the field of clean technologies by the Global Cleantech 100 Index. Israel has a wealth of experience and expertise in fields like advanced agriculture, water technologies, drip irrigation, renewable energy and high-tech, but it is also a tiny country, with limited resources. So how has it emerged as a leader in sustainable innovation? First and foremost, Israel's surge within environmental innovation stemmed from a need; a need for a solution to problems like drinking water shortages or agricultural solutions in the Negev desert. It was out of this necessity to innovate that Israel has pioneered its way to the forefront of environmental sustainability. Take Mekorot for example, the national ...
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Solving India’s water woes one drop at a time 1.12.2016 FirstPost: Life

The idea is to provide people with more water using current resources while new infrastructure can be built.

The post Solving India’s water woes one drop at a time appeared first on Firstpost.

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Huge Cobra Terrorizing Apartment Complex Toilet 1.12.2016 Green on
If there’s anything that could leave a person feeling down in the dumps, it’s a giant poisonous snake living in your toilet. Residents of an apartment complex in Pretoria, South Africa, have been in hiss-terics ever since an 8-foot snouted cobra suddenly appeared in their toilet. The commode cobra  could have gotten in through the plumbing system, but residents were more concerned with getting it out, according to The video above shows professional snake catcher Barry Greenshields attempting to grab the creature. Unfortunately, it slipped down the toilet and escaped capture. “ We still have no idea where the snake is hiding ,” wrote Anton Mejier, who filmed the video, on his YouTube page. Residents are reportedly considering eradication methods like pouring pool acid or hot water down the pipes, but Greenshields would prefer to capture the serpent alive. “We have put cameras in the pipes to look for it,” he told “Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it ...
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Grant boosts effort to dismantle Yakima’s Nelson Dam 1.12.2016 Seattle Times: Top stories

Yakima County is moving closer to getting both fish and sediment to the right places under a plan that creates more wildlife habitat and reduces the danger of floods.
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Fathom brand's social impact cruises to end next summer 29.11.2016 LA Times: Commentary

If you want to try out Fathom’s social impact cruises, you’d better act fast. The give-back trips aboard the cruise brand that Carnival Corp. launched last April will end this summer.

That’s not to say the Fathom “experience” will vanish, the company says, but more on that later.

Fathom promises...

This scientist wants to create 'artificial glaciers' to combat melting Himalayan ice (Video) 25.11.2016 TreeHugger
These vertical towers, made of artificially diverted glacial meltwater, are a brilliant idea and possible solution to alleviate water shortages brought on by the fast-melting Himalayan glaciers.
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Upstream From Standing Rock, Tribes Balance Benefits, Risks Of Oil Industry 24.11.2016 NPR News
Hours from Standing Rock, N.D., is another reservation, in the the Bakken oilfield's sweet spot. Drilling has brought in millions of dollars, but the tribes have environmental worries too.
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Smoke-Free Alberta asks: Why hasn't all of the Smoking Reduction Act been enacted? 23.11.2016 - News for the rest of us

read more

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Smoke-Free Alberta asks: Why hasn’t all of the Smoking Reduction Act been enacted? 23.11.2016 - News for the rest of us
A letter Monday from the Campaign for a Smoke-Free Alberta to Health Minister Sarah Hoffman asks why the NDP Government continues to put off full implementation of the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act, passed three years ago by the Progressive Conservative government of Alison Redford. The never-enacted sections ...
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Pipe rupture sends water gushing into Larchmont neighborhood 23.11.2016 LA Times: Commentary

A 100-year-old water main ruptured Tuesday morning, sending a torrent of water into a Larchmont street.

The rupture was reported about 7:22 a.m. in the 600 block of North Wilton Place near Melrose Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Television news footage showed water gushing...

Irrigators ask Trump for ‘God Squad’ as Snake River dam breaching floated 21.11.2016 Seattle Times: Local

Irrigation association is hoping new Trump administration will take another look at plans to breach four Snake River dams to protect salmon
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