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Plastic is really useful. We need to figure out better ways to recycle, not ban, it 22.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: We can all agree on the importance of reducing waste and finding common-sense solutions to protect our environment. But the approach suggested in your Feb. 20 editorial, “Grocery bags and takeout containers aren’t enough. It’s time to phase out all single-use plastic, would do just...

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Amid a flood of plastic, big companies see opportunity 21.2.2018 AP Top News
LONDON (AP) -- Once a month, accountant Michael Byrne pulls on his rubber boots and makes his way to a spot on the banks of the River Thames....
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TerraCycle: Eliminating the idea of waste by recycling everything 16.2.2018 Small Business |
Tom Szaky built a company around one question: 'Why does waste exist?' Now it's entering a new phase of growth.
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Leaders from Mars to McDonald's give voice to the power of partnerships 16.2.2018
Big companies and NGOs share how they pooled resources and tackled ambitious goals to go 'far and fast'.
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Paper or plastic? 15.2.2018 Planet Ark News
An award-winning innovation in bioplastic design could replace cling wrap with a biodegradable product made from cellulose.
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Woolcool turns waste wool into insulation wonder 15.2.2018 Planet Ark News
The rise and rise of home delivery services has been a major lifestyle trend over the past couple of years, revolutionising the way we eat at home and the humble 'night in'.
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Cleaning krewe: Recycling effort targets Mardi Gras trash 14.2.2018 AP National
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Mardi Gras produces days of merriment, indulgence, a few hangovers - and a lot of garbage. Once the parades have passed and the beads have been thrown, the cleanup begins....
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Los Angeles councilman wants to look at getting out of city's new recycling program 14.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander called Tuesday for his colleagues to look at what it would take to pull out of the city’s troubled waste franchise system, known as RecycLA.

Englander said the program, which serves roughly 70,000 businesses, apartment buildings and condominium customers,...

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Philly schools ditch styrofoam trays, embrace a greener lunch option 14.2.2018 News
Philadelphia's school system, moving towards a smaller carbon footprint, has long wanted to ditch Styrofoam, but it was trapped by cost: polystyrene is cheaper than the Earth-friendlier alternatives, and school food service operates on the narrowest of margins: feeding the district's 130,000 students cannot cost the operating budget fund a penny.
Going green for little kids means dressing in the dark, turning off the iPad 11.2.2018 Washington Post
Going green for little kids means dressing in the dark, turning off the iPad
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City Hall should stop acting shocked that a trash-hauling monopoly has failed 10.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: If Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz “never would have envisioned” the RecycLA program going so poorly, and if his colleague Mitch O’Farrell believes he was sold a “bill of goods,” they should not be council members. For that matter, any other officials who thought this anti-competitive...

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Our heaping food waste problem has an open secret: It can be solved 8.2.2018 Energy & Climate |
Experts from Kroger, Dow, ReFed, Feeding America and TSC weigh in the potential for making great systemic change.
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Garbage In, Garbage Out in L.A. 7.2.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
A new recycling program leaves residents feeling like Oscar the Grouch.
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RecycLA and other reasons to wonder who's in charge at L.A. City Hall 7.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

“You were had,” said one angry taxpayer.

“You guys got crushed,” said another.

The topic?

L.A.’s Keystone Kops rollout of a new trash recycling program, which has featured a dramatic service reduction at a huge price increase for thousands of customers.

It’s so bad, even the people who supported...

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'A hot mess' — Council members trash the rollout of L.A.'s recycling program 7.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Two Los Angeles councilmen took aim at the city’s new recycling program on Tuesday, saying sanitation officials and an array of trash companies need to take new steps to provide relief to customers.

Councilmen Mike Bonin and Mitch O’Farrell said they have been bombarded with complaints about higher...

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The Super Bowl of recycling? NFL aims to keep over 40 tons of waste out of landfills. 1.2.2018 Washington Post
The Super Bowl of recycling? NFL aims to keep over 40 tons of waste out of landfills.
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How Whirlpool uses local data to spin up global cleanup plans 30.1.2018 Small Business |
When it comes to holistic insight, the more perspectives, the better.
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Here are 5 ways climate became part of the 2018 Davos dialogue 29.1.2018 Business Operations |
Despite the U.S. government's silence, plenty of world leaders and corporate chieftains are speaking up.
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Italian election campaign thrives on trash talk 29.1.2018 Washington Post: World
In Italy’s general election campaign, Rome’s uncollected garbage has become fodder for politicians — and at least one pig.
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WLRM Business Recycling & Waste and Recycling Infrastructure grants are now open 29.1.2018 Planet Ark News
Funding is now available for the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Waste Less Recycle More grants for business recycling and waste and recycling infrastructure programs.
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