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Is Eco-Fashion Full of Scrap? Watch and Find Out 30.10.2014 Green on
This new video from Tonlé , an ethical fashion brand in Cambodia, highlights a big problem in our world.... excessive waste. Tonlé's campaign points out that every year 100 million pounds of textiles worldwide are thrown away, which equals the weight of 14 cruise ships. By finding a way to use those fabric scraps to create new products, Rachel Faller and her team at Tonlé are able to create jobs, make products that appeal to the ethical consumer, and make money.... all from scraps that mainstream factories were going to throw away. Another fashion brand that is designed to keep beautiful raw materials out of landfills is Elvis & Kresse , a U.K. based luxury line of bags and belts that are produced from recycled fire hoses. On a regular basis the U.K. fire department decommissions their old fire hose, meaning tons of hose is ending up in the landfill... or at least it was until Elvis & Kresse came along ! They are able to not only save this material from landfills but also make Harrods-worthy products ...
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Buying paper for the home or office? 27.10.2014 Planet Ark News
Australians are great at recycling, however, when it comes to buying recycled paper we are lagging behind. Less than 1 in every 6 reams of paper used in Australia contains any recycled content.
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Planet Ark's Partnership with Australian Paper 27.10.2014 Planet Ark News
Why is Planet Ark working in partnership with Australian Paper?
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7 New York State Clean Energy Projects Receive Financing 23.10.2014 Green on

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York officials say they have reached agreements in principle to finance seven clean energy projects with a dozen banks and investment firms and the state's new NY Green Bank.

They hope to close deals this year that would lead to more than $800 million invested in solar energy, cogeneration and energy-efficiency.

The goal is a 575,000-ton annual reduction in carbon dioxide by generating and using energy in ways that reduce pollution and burning fossil fuels.

Parties include Ameresco, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BQ Energy, Citi, Deutsche Bank, First Eastern Investment Group, First Niagara Bank, GreenCity Power, M&T Bank, Renewable Funding, Sustainable Development Capital and Tulum Management.

NY Green Bank was established earlier this year to provide long-term funding certainty and generate private sector capital for clean energy projects.

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Big Utilities Want In On The Residential Solar Industry 22.10.2014 Green on
Oct 22 (Reuters) - For years, the utilities responsible for providing electricity to the nation have treated residential solar systems as a threat. Now, they want a piece of the action, and they are having to fight for the chance. If utilities embrace home solar, their deep pockets and access to customers could transform what has been a fast-growing, but niche industry. Solar powers only half a million U.S. homes and businesses, according to solar market research firm GTM Research. But utility-owned rooftop systems represent a change the solar installation companies who dominate the market don't want, and whether the two sides can compromise may determine if residential solar truly goes mainstream. In Arizona, the state's largest utility has proposed putting solar panels on 3,000 customers' homes, promising a $30 monthly break on their power bills. In New York, regulators are weighing allowing utilities to get into the solar leasing business to meet the state's aggressive plan to ...
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Supply-chain fixes are the secret sauce for three NY companies 21.10.2014 Business Operations |

What do ice cream toppings, mushroom-based packaging and paving stones in common? They all can be greener. Here's how three companies are doing it.

Supply-chain fixes are the secret sauce for three NY companies
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Pacific Islanders Blockade World's Largest Coal Port To Protest Rising Seas (PHOTOS) 21.10.2014 Green on
Last week a group of Pacific islanders and Australians worked together to form a flotilla of kayaks and traditional canoes to blockade the world's largest coal port in Newcastle, Australia. The action was led by a group of Pacific Climate Warriors , who traveled from their home countries to protest coal's contribution to climate change and the threat of sea level rise to their low-lying islands. The group targeted Australia in particular because it is the second-largest coal exporter in the world and plans to expand production. Just this summer, the government approved a project that will lead to the creation of the country's largest ever coal mine . According to, hundreds of people participated in the blockade, including representatives from 12 Pacific island nations. They were successful at keeping at least two coal ships from passing through the port. Mikaele Maiava from Tokelau told, "It is very important for us to take direct actions against climate change because it is threatening ...
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New Biofuels Faciility Converts Plant Waste To Ethanol, Is 90 Percent Cleaner Than Gasoline 17.10.2014 Green on
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A new biofuels plant in southwest Kansas represents the future of ethanol production in the United States, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said. The $500 million biorefinery in Hugoton is one of only three commercially sized plants in the country that use only plant waste, such as stalks and leaves, for production and thus do not compete for food crops. The second-generation ethanol plant operated by Abengoa, a Spanish multinational corporation, began operating in late September and has the capacity to produce 25 million gallons of ethanol per year. Moniz said the biorefinery was built in the spirit of next-generation biofuels, solar and fossil technologies that reduce greenhouse emissions. The facility also includes a $150 million electric generation plant that powers its ethanol operations while still producing up to 10 megawatts excess that is sold to the local power grid. "We work across the entire innovation chain with the idea that we need to push innovation and cost reduction at ...
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How ConAgra sets the table for climate resilience 16.10.2014 Business Operations |

Here's an inside look at the food giant's sustainability menu, including engaging employees, reducing food waste and sharpening the supply chain.

How ConAgra sets the table for climate resilience
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Dumpster Diving to Save the Chesapeake Bay 13.10.2014 Green on
Imagine taking the world's largest cruise ship and dumping it into a landfill 700 times a year. Every year. That's how much trash new building construction and demolition produces in the U.S. alone - that's approximately 160 million tons of sometimes toxic trash . When we think about building for the future and what kind of legacy we're going to leave for our children, we need to revisit simple solutions like reduce, reuse, and recycle. Twelve months ago, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation broke ground on the Brock Environmental Center -- what will be one of the most energy efficient and environmentally smart education and community centers in the world. When completed later this fall, the center intends to meet the strictest LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge environmental standards. When people think about cutting-edge architecture and design, they often think about high-costs and space-age technology. But a key component of the Living Building Challenge is to use as many recycled and reusable ...
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Sweden and the Wakening of Eco-Integrity 10.10.2014 Green on
Startling news: Sweden now recycles 99 percent of its waste. At least that's what people are saying, including an official website of Sweden itself: "Less than one per cent of Sweden's household waste ends up in a rubbish dump." There may be less to this statement than meets the eye, but before I address that issue, I need to pause at the jolt of ecstatic excitement and jubilant incredulity I felt for a moment -- that maybe the resource-consuming, planet-destroying, multinational political and economic system I'm part of is capable of correcting its own insanity, committing itself to a sustainable future and embracing the circle of life. I've gotten used to living with despair: that so little of our effort, energy, intelligence and determination are invested in creating a sustainable future; and, indeed, that humanity's macro-organizations, its national governments, its multinational business enterprises, expend their enormous power not only contributing to the devastation but sabotaging every effort to ...
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More Space for You, a Second Life for Your Things 8.10.2014 Green on
Has your youngest started grade school? Or maybe, as if in a blink of an eye, she's finished college and moved into her first apartment. Now you and your husband are thinking of downsizing. Or you could simply be hoping to free up some space, and wishing those bunk beds would just disappear. Should you haul them out to the street as garbage? Heavens no! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that nearly 10 million tons of perfectly good furniture is dumped in landfills each year. Such a waste. But rather than collect dust in the attic or use up precious space in the garage, here's a much better solution: Give your well-loved but lightly-used furniture a second life by donating them to Habitat for Humanity Restores. If you make your donation on the second Saturday of the month, Sustainable Furnishing Council (SFC) will award you with 500 PIPs, reward points you earn for doing good things... like recycling furniture. It's all part of SFC's new #SustainableSaturdays program . SFC is an education ...
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Why renewable methane fuel smells like a rose 8.10.2014 Business Operations |

Forming a closed-loop system, renewable natural gas is the most sustainable fuel available. How can we get a big RNG initiative moving?

Why renewable methane fuel smells like a rose
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The dark side of solar: Why waste concerns abound 8.10.2014 Business Operations |

Developing countries don't often recycle or reuse their solar devices. But one organization is taking action to change this.

The dark side of solar: Why waste concerns abound
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Can ditching diesel make recycling less cost-prohibitive? 7.10.2014 TreeHugger
Waste management companies, big and small, are coming together to make recycling more affordable, sustainable and scalable.
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Watching Our Health Go Up in Smoke 7.10.2014 Truthout - All Articles
(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout )The medical waste incineration industry was given birth to in the late 1980s by the confluence of two high profile media circuses: one - the HIV hysteria - and two - multiple media accounts of bags of syringes, needles, plasma bags, IV tubing, bottles of pills and even body parts washing up on the shores of some of the most popular resort beaches on the East Coast stretching from Maine to Florida. In 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, 12 children were found playing with HIV-infected vials of blood that came from an unsecured dumpster used by a medical clinic. In a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease, the knee-jerk response was a widespread call to burn hospital waste so that the various avenues of incompetence, corruption and profiteering that led to dirty needles washing up on exclusive beaches could be closed down through a back door. Little thought was applied to the consequences of incineration, until plumes of black clouds began billowing from ...
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20 Years, Yet EPA Still Fails to Protect Us From Polluting Incinerators 5.10.2014 Green on
An industrial incinerator, as viewed from a church playground in Midlothian, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Samantha Bornhorst) Joe Poole Lake is a popular destination for Dallas and Fort Worth residents looking for a weekend escape to the great outdoors. Lined with barbecue grills, hiking trails and sandy beaches, the 7,400-acre lake and its wooden welcome sign invite endless opportunities to relax and unwind. For Becky Bornhorst, a stay-at-home mom who never missed a PTA meeting, this lake was where she went to relax and create memories by sailing on a catamaran with her husband and two children and walking the family dog, a yellow lab named Nellie. Six years ago, Becky was forced to find a new spot to make these memories after she became aware that levels of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, were increasing in the lake — an increase she blames on the industrial incinerators nearby. Commercial/industrial waste-burning incinerators like the one near Joe Poole Lake burn waste produced from utilities and mining, ...
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Alison Teal Visits The Maldives' Trash Island And Reveals The Plastic Problem That Isn't Shown On TV 5.10.2014 Green on
Last year, Alison Teal arrived on an uninhabited Maldivian island completely naked and ready to do 21 days without food or water for Discovery Channel's reality show, " Naked and Afraid ." While the world watched Teal survive the scorching hot beach with coconut water and hats made of palm fronds, Teal struggled with something else. She was overwhelmed with how much plastic trash she saw washed up across the small island. She even handcrafted a raft from the pollution and paddled back to civilization, thus winning the challenge. "I told myself that I had to come back," she told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to see what I could do for a land that helped me survive for almost a month." This past summer, Teal returned to the Maldives with photographer Sarah Lee and Australian filmmaker Mark Tipple to show the world what wasn't filmed during the 40 minutes that ran on TV. In the photo above, Teal poses with plastic bottles and trash she found in just 50 feet of beach. Teal filmed her return to the Maldives ...
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Here's what's on Olive Garden's sustainability menu 2.10.2014 Business Operations |

Amid shareholder conflict and other turmoil, Darden Restaurants shows progress in reducing carbon emissions, energy and waste.

Here's what's on Olive Garden's sustainability menu
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Innovation Earth: Can the Massachusetts Food Waste Ban End Hunger? 1.10.2014 Green on
When I first started writing this column , I envisioned covering breakthroughs that could enable us to live sustainably on a world inhabited by 7 billion people and rapidly counting. The population predictions then were pointing toward perhaps 10 billion people by century's end, and that seemed an unfathomable throng of humanity; but a recent study in the journal Science has throttled whatever sense we had of exponential expansion -- predicting with 80 percent likelihood that as many as 12.3 billion people will live on earth by the year 2100. A deep breath, then the logical next question: How will we feed all those people? (And in a climate-altered, resource-depleted world, no less?) Interestingly, the most talked-about solutions are technological ones. There are the highly controversial, &agrave la genetically modified food . Other solutions sound snazzy, yet at present seem respectively outlandish or unappealing: 3D-printed hamburgers , for instance, or bug-based protein bars . Either way, the message ...
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