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Boosting Recycling, Scavenger Incomes in Jordan 23.8.2009 TreeHugger
A sorting table set up by Entity Green Training, a Jordanian company that is developing the country's first real recycling program. There are only two paper-recycling companies in Jordan and none recycling glass or PET locally. But Anselm Ibing has a secret weapon in his efforts to boost recycling rates in this small Arab country: expat guilt.... ...
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The Other Climate Changers: Why Black Carbon and Ozone Also Matter 21.8.2009 ENN Network News - ENN
Washington, D.C., August 20, 2009 - According to an essay published in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs, reducing emissions of black carbon soot and ground-level ozone would quickly make a considerable dent in the climate change problem and would also contribute to public health and protect crop yields.
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8 College-Town Breweries Producing Great, Green Beer 19.8.2009 TreeHugger
Images via Bison Brewing Co. Savvy, environmentally conscious (and of age!) beer enthusiasts know that even when you're in college, there's more to beer than dollar Pabst at the neighborhood dive. Microbreweries are leading the way when it comes to going green, whether they're brewing with organically grown barley and hops, or adopting renewable energy and other sustainable practices in their operations. Not only does drinking local reduce emissions from transporting those cans, bottles, or kegs around the country, your local brewery likely offers some of the tastiest brews around. We've picked eight green beers conveniently produced... ...
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Recent Grads Land Green Dream Jobs: Bon Appétit Management Company Fellows Assess Farming Practices New sustainable agriculture fellowships result in green jobs for fresh crop of campus food activists 19.8.2009 ENN Network News - ENN
Palo Alto, CA (August 18, 2009) –As a new crop of college graduates worries about finding that all-important first job, and students flock to internships in food and farming, Bon Appetit Management Company (http://www.bamco.com) has established a program that brightens new graduates' job prospects. The sustainable food service leader has created three new career-boosting paid fellowships for young campus activists involved in sustainable food and social justice.
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Kate Kelly: "Green" Light Bulbs Have Mercury: Who Knew? 18.8.2009 Green on HuffingtonPost.com
The move toward greater energy efficiency Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs is more complex than consumers might realize because all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, a known neurotoxin.
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Istanbul Summer Campers Create a New Green Age 16.8.2009 TreeHugger
Summer-camp participants rally for their ecosystem teams. Photo via . It's hard to imagine what the adults waiting at the bus stop must have thought of the group of kids in matching baggy, lime-green T-shirts rattling and clanking plastic trays, tied-together aluminum cans, and wooden push brooms in a shy Stomp -style performance before sweeping up the garbage and "recycling" it in a big plastic can. But the captive audience dutifully listened as the mostly pre-teen students came over to hand out flyers about recycling ...
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Environment Agency Bars Tanker From Leaving UK for Scrapping 14.8.2009 ENS
Environment Agency Bars Tanker From Leaving UK for Scrapping
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Energy 14.8.2009 Commondreams.org Newswire

August 13, 2009

Worldwatch Institute

The United States throws away a staggering amount of energy that could be cheaply and easily captured and used, according to the latest issue of World Watch magazine.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Energy 13.8.2009 worldwatch.org
Washington, D.C. -The United States throws away a staggering amount of energy that could be cheaply and easily captured and used, according to the . Waste-energy recycling-which captures smokestack waste and other wasted energy and puts it to work-currently contributes about 10,000 megawatts of electric power to the U.S. national total each year. But a recent study estimates that if the energy content of all U.S. smokestack waste were recycled, it could replace roughly 30 percent of the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels. Elsewhere the technology is widely used: Russia gets over 30 percent of its electricity from waste-energy recovery, while Denmark gets more than 50 percent. In "Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future," ...
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Ray Hanania: Going Green in Orland Park to Reduce my Carbon Footprint 13.8.2009 Green on HuffingtonPost.com
Our ground is poisoned with fertilizers just so the grass can look pretty for about 10 weeks every summer.
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Ask Umbra on corn plastic 12.8.2009 Ask Umbra

You’ve probably seen corn plastic sprouting up as an alternative to regular plastic—but do you know which eeeevil company makes it? Umbra puts her ear to the ground to dig up the truth.

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Tesco Gets Rid of Garbage: Zero Waste Goes to Landfill in UK 11.8.2009 Business Operations | GreenBiz.com

The United Kingdom's largest retailer says 100 percent of its waste from stores, offices and distribution centers across the country are now diverted from landfill -- the result of aggressive recycling and treatment programs that include turning as much as 5,000 tonnes of old meat into heat and electricity each year.

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5 Recycling Myths Shattered 11.8.2009 AlterNet
This it's too expensive, a waste of time, not energy efficient -- think again. ...
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PWP Invests In Making New Plastic Food Packaging From Reclaimed Plastic Bottles 9.8.2009 TreeHugger
PWP-made compartmented trays and platters. Image credit: Only a small fraction of all plastic food packaging material currently is recycled in the USA. Much of what is reclaimed goes to China, if not to local landfills. Most of what packaging plastic does get recycled in the USA is "down-cycled." So, it's a real eye-catcher to see PWP Industries investing in making food packaging directly from reclaimed beverage bottles. Two things make the PWP investment unique: its large scale, and the meeting of food ... ...
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It Pays to Recycle in Chicago: RecycleBank Reaches Illinois 7.8.2009 TreeHugger
Image credit: Since its beginnings as a , RecycleBank has been growing rapidly. The idea is simple - instead of mandating recycling, or charging people for throwing out trash, RecycleBank offers rewards for what and how much you recycle. Having set up , and even taking ...
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Liquid Ban Creates Waste Headache for U.S. Airports 7.8.2009 Resource Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
Emply plastic bottles -- CC licensed by Flickr user ella novak

The Transportation Safety Agency banned liquids from carry-on bags exactly three years ago this week, forcing millions of travelers to check their luggage or throw away bottled drinks and toiletries. Some airports are toying with new programs to both trim the mountains of waste and the expense of processing it.

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Researchers Turn Textile Waste Into Compost With Worms, Manure 6.8.2009 Resource Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
Textile factory - CC license by Flickr user ezola

Researchers from an Indian university have used worms, cow manure and horse manure to transform the sludge waste put out by textile mills into a compost-like material.

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Mary Liz Thomson: Taking On the Plastic Vortex: Project Kaisei 6.8.2009 Green on HuffingtonPost.com
Discovered 10 years ago, The Garbage Patch or Plastic Vortex, is a huge area of floating plastic garbage, stretching hundreds of square miles northwest of Hawaii in the ocean's No Man's Land.
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Brazil Sends Ship Load of Rotting Rubbish Back to Britain 6.8.2009 TreeHugger
Image via A few weeks ago that dozens of containers of trash were shipped from Britain to Brazil under the pretense that they were filled with plastics for recycling. They weren't. They were filled with trash. Brazil got pretty peeved and now we've caught wind that they've finally shipped the waste back to the UK where it'll be disposed of properly. ... ...
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Sustainable Prisons: Con or Pro? 6.8.2009 TreeHugger
Photo via Flickr by As the US tries to close Gitmo, yet expects other countries to take our detainees, the town of Standish, Michigan is standing up to save the day and save its devastated economy by offering its maximum-security prison to the Feds. It could keep its prison up and running and residents employed. There’s a form of reuse. Meanwhile, one of the onerous financial culprits, , is locked up in a LEED-certified big house. What’s wrong (or right) with thi... ...
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