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Biofuel manufacturing plant catches fire in southern India 27.4.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
HYDERABAD, India (AP) — A biofuel manufacturing plant caught fire in southern India, triggering explosions in biodiesel tanks and forcing around 150 workers to flee the facility, officials said Wednesday.
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Iowa corn feeding Brazil's demand for ethanol 6.4.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
At the Plymouth Energy plant in the heart of the U.S. corn belt -- where home-grown fuel from grain was supposed to ease American dependence on foreign oil -- every drop of ethanol goes to motorists in Brazil. Like many Midwest distillers, Plymouth’s Merrill, Iowa, plant was built a decade ago for a U.S. market that was importing ethanol to satisfy laws mandating increased use of renewable fuels. Since then, surplus capacity and a glut of cheap gasoline has left the industry navigating losses an...
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Energy company with polygamous ties has given University of Utah money for scholarships, research in Belize 4.4.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Washakie Renewable Energy, the company that has already paid a fine for misusing a government biofuels program and was the subject of a federal raid earlier this year, gave the University of Utah $218,246 over five years, according to university records. The money went to the university’s College of Engineering, where one of Washakie’s founders, Jacob Kingston, received bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The majority of the money was in donations for scholarships for mechanical and che...
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2 ethanol tankers among 16 derailed train cars in western NY 2.3.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
RIPLEY, N.Y. (AP) — Crews are working to contain a leak on an ethanol tanker that was among 16 cars on a freight train that derailed in far southwestern New York and forced the evacuation of several homes.
Gevo enters joint venture to develop biofuels plants in Argentina 2.2.2016 Denver Post: Business
Gevo, a Douglas County-based developer of biofuels as substitutes for jet fuel and plastics, has inked a licensing agreement to develop production facilities in Argentina, the company ...
Editorial: Among presidential candidates, a common refrain on ethanol 28.1.2016 Denver Post: Opinion
With the Iowa caucuses next week, it's worth counting how many candidates of either party have refused to pander to the corn-based ethanol industry so popular in the state.
Navy launches carrier group powered partly by biofuels 21.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Navy is launching a carrier strike group to be powered partly by biofuel, calling it a milestone toward easing the military's reliance on foreign oil.
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Editorial: Ted Cruz takes a stand on ethanol subsidy 8.1.2016 Denver Post: Opinion
Love or hate Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican candidate for president has the courage to do something no other leading candidate for the office from either party has done before: buck the ethanol in Iowa.
Toxic algae is causing deadly brain damage in sea lions 15.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Sea lions are in big trouble. The past few years have seen a record number of stranded creatures on the West Coast showing up underfed and confused in increasingly strange places.
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Presidential contenders differ sharply on climate, energy 28.11.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls climate change the greatest threat to national security.
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Gevo enters into isobutanol licensing deal with Praj 10.11.2015 Denver Post: Business
Gevo Inc. inked an agreement with Praj Industries Limited that will allow for its isobutanol fuel substitute to be produced by sugar-based ethanol ...
Questions, answers about toxic West Coast crabs 7.11.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
A poisonous substance linked to a massive algae bloom off the West Coast has led officials to halt recreational shellfishing from Washington to California and is blamed for sickening dozens of seabirds, seals, whales and other marine life.
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Gevo Inc. to bolster isobutanol production 24.9.2015 Denver Post: Business
With a years-long patent battle settled, local biofuels company Gevo Inc. plans to invest $5 million to ramp up production of isobutanol, a fuel and chemical alternative, company ...
Algae in full bloom on City Park's Ferril Lake is natural, not uncomon 5.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Algae is forming on Denver lakes, including Ferril Lake in City Park, and officials plan to manage the growing situation next week.
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Airlines push for more biofuels born of necessity 26.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
NEW YORK — The number of global fliers is expected to more than double in the next two decades.
Red Rock Biofuels to power FedEx jets under new contract 21.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
FedEx is set to fly its jets on fuel made by Fort Collins-based Red Rock Biofuels LLC from tree branches and pine needles.
Team to study extensive toxic algae bloom along West Coast 17.6.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SEATTLE (AP) — Federal biologists are studying an extensive toxic algae bloom that has prompted the closures of crab and other shellfish harvests in Washington, Oregon and California.
Bryce: Corn ethanol emits more carbon than Keystone would 3.6.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
For years, environmental activists have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, claiming that development of Canada's oil sands will be "game over for the climate.
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Latest U.S. proposal for ethanol could have political fallout 30.5.2015 Denver Post: Business
The Obama administration's latest plan on ethanol, the corn-based renewable fuel, probably will not have a major effect on pump prices, but could have political reverberations in Iowa and other farm states in the 2016 presidential ...
Chatfield High engineering students work on space station experiment 12.5.2015 Denver Post: News: Local
Thanks to a National Design Challenge grant from the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, the introduction to engineering class at Chatfield High School has been working to design an experiment regarding two different types of algae that will be sent up to the International Space Station in ...
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