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Here's how Philly hopes to improve transportation in the next seven years 10.10.2018 News
Here are five takeaways from the new city transportation plan.
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The transportation equity conundrum: 6 ways cities can improve mobility without displacement 9.10.2018 Resource Efficiency |
There are countless opportunities — but limited investment funds.
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Free public transit could challenge reliance on cars 6.10.2018 - News for the rest of us
Yves Engler Free public transit could combat both economic inequality and climate disturbances. And, if paid for by fees on automobility, fare-less transit could be part of a serious challenge to private, car-centred transit and urban planning. At Toronto's first mayoral debate Saron Gebresellassi called for fare-free transit. By detailing a bold proposal the left-wing mayoral candidate  steered  the other candidates to bemoan ballooning fare costs and suggest eliminating some of them. Gebresellassi's plan also garnered significant media attention. In an article titled " Making Toronto   transit free isn't realistic now. But it's a terrific idea," Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan offered an informative rundown of the argument. But, as is wont in the dominant media, Keenan implicitly downplays the climate crisis and the importance of ditching the private automobile. Rather than being a long-term objective, free public transit should be viewed as a short- to medium-term tool for shifting away from our ...
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Market Street redesign in Old City gets state funding 3.10.2018 News
State money dedicated today could make Market Street look very different.
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China's electric bus leadership 28.9.2018 Energy & Climate |
Electric buses are getting big press in America, but they're growing in big numbers in China.
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Metro Transit police chief: Crimes reported on transit down 27.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Metro Transit police chief said serious crimes reported to police on buses and trains and around public transit stations are down.
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With bus service no faster than walking, a new approach to clear up Center City traffic jams 25.9.2018 News
More cops on the city streets target Center City traffic.
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Need New Ideas to Advance Public Transport? Look to Vienna 24.9.2018 THE CITY FIX
European cities by and large have a sterling reputation when it comes to walkability and public transportation. Recent data compiled by Ralph Buheler, John Pucher and Alan Althauser in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation show that between 1989 and ...
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In D!ONNE Renée's Toronto, everyone could live and thrive 20.9.2018 - News for the rest of us
Phillip Dwight Morgan For mayoral candidate D!ONNE Renée, Toronto has yet to become a world-class city, a place where people thrive. Despite being one of the wealthiest cities in North America, Toronto still presents many barriers to people's livelihoods. Renée recounts her many friends who have visited the city from other places in the world and asked, "how do people rely on a transit system that is unreliable? There's a bus pole with a sign and a schedule but the bus doesn't come." She adds, "people come from other countries and they tell me this because their expectation of Toronto is the expectation that I have too: that transit should be coming in and meeting on time. It works in their country, why not here?" While reliable transit is not the only hallmark of a healthy city, Renée contends that Toronto's ailing transit system is indicative of the city's mismanagement of funds and its resultant failure to ensure community wellness. Using Toronto's controversial PRESTO fare gates as an example, Renée ...
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Metro Transit hopes apprenticeships can help ease driver shortage 19.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Amid a tight labor market that has many industries hurting for workers, Metro Transit is launching an apprenticeship program to address a shortage of drivers that has forced service cutbacks.
The 2018 VERGE Vanguard Awards 17.9.2018 Energy & Climate |
A salute to the pioneers and leaders at the intersection of tech and sustainability.
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Electric buses and trucks play a leading role at GCAS 14.9.2018 Design & Innovation |
Companies, cities, states and regions make big commitments to buying electric fleet vehicles at the Global Climate Action Summit.
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Shortage of school bus drivers means surplus of late students 11.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Low unemployment in Minnesota is translating into a shortage of school bus drivers, forcing fill-ins, workarounds and late arrivals.
Bus driver shortages are the new norm as new school year starts 30.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Once again school districts around the state are facing a shortage of bus drivers. District bus coordinators say recruitment is now a year-round task, and they don't see any end to it.
Philly refiner plans $120M plant to convert food scraps to fuel for trucks and buses 28.8.2018 News
PES, the largest oil refiner on the east coast, goes at least partly green by joining with RNG Energy to build a $120M digester to convert 1,100 tons of food waste a day into methane gas.
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Design is the key to the self-driving challenge 24.8.2018 Design & Innovation |
Who will teach autonomous vehicles how to interact with pedestrians and passengers?
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4 changes at this year's State Fair that you need to know about 22.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The good news: More cookies! The bad news: A driver shortage means you may be getting to the fair later than usual.
Open letter to Chief Minister of Karnataka: Elevated Beda, Suburban Train, BRT, LastMile Beku 21.8.2018 Citizen Matters, Bengaluru
Elevated roads do not solve the traffic problem - they shift it to another place. The government must decide to move people, not move vehicles, says Sandeep Anirudhan in his letter.
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BMTC’s communication design: How does a newbie navigate? 20.8.2018 Citizen Matters
How does BMTC communicate to commuters? How easy or difficult to figure out routes and bus timings using this communication system? How efficient is this?
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NJ Transit: Atlantic City line must shut down for safety upgrade 17.8.2018 News
The Atlantic City Rail Line will return after upgrades and repairs are finished, NJ officials say.
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