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Soapbox 18.3.2010 Durango Telegraph
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Trip Van Noppen: Solar Energy Foes Try to 'Block' Sun 18.3.2010 Green on
In Hawaii, Earthjustice is taking on a blatant effort by the state's largest utility to block homes and businesses from installing rooftop solar panels,
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Roadshow: Some say texting at a red light poses no problem 17.3.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Mr. Roadshow
But most readers say it's a bad idea, including a woman whose husband and son were rear-ended by a teen texter.
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Ford's New Police Car 17.3.2010 GOOD
A highly efficient 3.5-liter V6 engine delivering at least 263 horsepower and E85 compatibility is 25 percent more efficient than the 4.6-liter Single Overhead Cam V8 offered in the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. ...
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Fee increases proposed at Green Mtn. Reservoir in Summit Co 17.3.2010 Vail Colorado: Columnists
The Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest has proposed several changes to recreation fees at Green Mountain Reservoir, north of Silverthorne on Highway 6. Green Mountain Reservoir receives about 34,000 visitors between May and October, with the greatest use in July and August. Funds resulting from the proposed fee increases would be used to offset increased operating expenses for recreation facilities. The Forest Service has been exploring fee increases at Green Mountain for the past three years. The current fee structure, which has been in place since 1997, does not generate sufficient revenue to offset the increasing costs of operating and upgrading the facilities, according to the Forest Service. The new fee ...
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Merkel: eurozone expulsion should be possible 17.3.2010 Seattle Times: Top stories
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there needs to be a mechanism to expel countries from the eurozone if they persistently break its financial rules.
Buy electric car, get $5,000 17.3.2010 The Thin Green Line
Buy electric car, get $5,000
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Two Westerners Under Taliban Rule In Kandahar 17.3.2010 NPR: Morning Edition
U.S. military officials are preparing to attempt to take control of Kandahar away from the Taliban later this year. Two young Western residents of the city, Felix Kuehn and Alex Strick van Linschoten, describe what it's like to live and work under Taliban rule.
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A town tradition that began as a jest 17.3.2010 Boston Globe: Massachusetts
A town tradition that began as a jest
Put on your (green) marching shoes 17.3.2010 Star Tribune: Local
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Green MBA appeal: Save green, make green 17.3.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
Local business schools increase "green business" course offerings to keep students competitive in the job market.
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89-year-old East Bay drag racer and his Buick sedan still make heat on the track 17.3.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
By Jennifer K. RumpleCorrespondentSONOMA — "The Professor" steps lightly on the gas pedal to ease his 2005 Buick LaCrosse — the family car — to the start line.
Report: Equipment at PR veterans clinics not clean 17.3.2010 Seattle Times: Nation & World
Federal inspectors found medical equipment not properly cleaned or inspected at some of the clinics for veterans in Puerto Rico, a U.S. government report said Tuesday.
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Cleaner Cars and Strong Climate Policy Can Create up to 150,000 American Jobs, new report says 17.3.2010 Switchboard, from NRDC
Today, NRDC with the UAW and the Center for American Progress released a new report that demonstrates that fuel efficiency can go hand in hand with creating tens of thousands of high quality, clean energy manufacturing jobs. This is a...
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You don't have to be Irish, Vail Valley 17.3.2010 Vail Colorado: Our World
VAIL VALLEY, Colorado - Overflowing Guinness drafts in the Vail Valley. Emerald green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts. Heaping plates of corned beef and cabbage. St. Patrick's Day is the one day out of the year when everyone is Irish, regardless of if your last name is O'Neil or Ortiz. And no matter how you'd prefer to celebrate, one thing is for sure: there are plenty of local bars and restaurants that take this holiday seriously and have plenty of fun planned. Read on to find out what Eagle County has on tap for St. Patty's Day fun. VAIL Garfinkel's, 970-476-3789 To celebrate, Garfinkel's will be pouring car bombs on St. Patty's day. Red Lion, 970-476-7676 Traditional Irish fare, including corned beef and cabbage for $8.95. Phil ...
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Summary Box: Commodities gain on interest rates 17.3.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
PRICE GAINS: Prices for most commodities rose as the Federal Reserve left interest rates at record lows to boost economic growth. The key exception was natural gas, which settled lower.
Correction: First Solar story 17.3.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
In a story March 15 about First Solar Inc. selling a power project, The Associated Press reported erroneously the identity of one of the purchasers. The Turner Renewable Energy involved in the joint venture is owned by media mogul Ted Turner. It is not the company with the same name that has been owned by First Solar since 2007.
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Fuel Efficient Cars for 2010 17.3.2010 TreeHugger
Fuel Efficient Cars for 2010
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Why Consuming Smarter Means Consuming Less 16.3.2010 Resource Efficiency |

The Natural Resources Defense Council is taking a more active role in talking about consumption by encouraging people to eat less red meat and dairy, fly less, and use paper smarter, all actions that could put a big dent in greenhouse gas emissions.

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4 Keys to a Successful Sustainability Strategy 16.3.2010 Resource Efficiency |

If you're of the mind that the global economy is an Energizer battery that will simply go, go, go -- without needing outside attention -- think again.

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