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Uber is expanding and rebranding — is that a good thing? 11.12.2018 Small Business |
As the ridehailing giant enters the multimodal market, will it maintain protections for consumers?
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Achieving Clean Air in Cities 7.12.2018 THE CITY FIX
The original version of this text appeared in the International Finance Corporation analysis, “Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities.” Air pollution is the world’s fourth-leading fatal health risk and the top environmental health risk. One in nine deaths globally are attributed ...
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5 climate stories to watch for 2019 3.12.2018 Small Business |
There's a major upcoming opportunity for effective bipartisan policies — the question is political will.
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Winter storm brings snowy start to December across southern Minnesota 2.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories remain in effect for the southern third of the state through Sunday morning.
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10 questions for Lime's head of sustainability, Andrew Savage 20.11.2018 Resource Efficiency |
The former solar executive talks about how Lime scooters can help cities reduce carbon emissions, cut congestion and provide better access to transportation.
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California aims to hit ambitious climate goals through electrification 14.11.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
California aims to hit ambitious climate goals through electrification
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Twin Cities weekend road woes: watch for I-494 closure 2.11.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
A stretch of Interstate 494 east will close Friday night through Monday, making travel in the southwest Twin Cities metro area a little challenging this weekend.
Rough Roads Ahead if California Voters Repeal Their Gas Tax 30.10.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Richard Vogel Gasoline prices are displayed atop a 76 Station near downtown Los Angeles.  Capital & Main is an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political and social issues. The American Prospect is co-publishing this piece. State legislatures are required to balance budgets. When there’s a shortfall, they have two options to bring things back into equilibrium: Raise taxes, or cut spending. Long ago, California's anti-tax conservatives set up barriers to raising taxes, forcing a two-thirds majority in the legislature for any tax increases. Despite this high bar, Democrats managed to find the votes last year for Senate Bill 1, increasing gas and vehicle taxes to fund the state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. In other words, Democrats played by the rules. They won elections, acquired a supermajority, and used it in the manner prescribed by state law to fund a public need. Now conservatives want to roll that back as well. Proposition 6, on the November ...
Self-driving cars could cause more pollution without dramatic changes to the grid 30.10.2018 Design & Innovation |
But the growth in demand from EV versions should be welcome news for utilities.
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Meet Lyft's first head of social impact and its first sustainability director 22.10.2018 Small Business |
The ride-hailing service is positioning itself as a social impact and sustainability leader. Here's who's in the driver's seat.
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Extend the Broad Street Line north, make parking permits more expensive, and more radical ideas to calm Philly's traffic woes and make us a better city | Opinion 20.10.2018 News
We've tapped some advocates and experts for radical ideas for what Philadelphia can do to address our transportation problems and make us a better city.
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These 3 trends could enable cities across America to reduce air pollution 18.10.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
These 3 trends could enable cities across America to reduce air pollution
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Philadelphia expected the Rail Park to generate new development. Instead, we might get a self-storage facility. | Inga Saffron 18.10.2018 News
And now the city is suing its own Zoning Board over the decision.
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Cities and states are charging ahead towards a clean transportation future 18.10.2018 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
At the state and local level, communities are pressing ahead on clean transportation solutions—never mind that the Trump administration is stuck in reverse. A new resource released today helps these communities turn their aspirations into action. The Toolkit for Advanced Transportation Policies details the wide range of transportation policy opportunities that state and local governments […]
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The deceptive safety claims being used to justify the proposed rollback of the Clean Car Standards 11.10.2018 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
By Jeff Alson, Former EPA engineer who helped develop the Clean Car Standards, current consultant for EDF The Trump administration is trying to justify its decision to roll back America’s Clean Car Standards — an action that will result in more pollution and greater costs for American families — by claiming that dirtier, more expensive cars […]
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Here's how Philly hopes to improve transportation in the next seven years 10.10.2018 News
Here are five takeaways from the new city transportation plan.
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Governor: Limo that crashed shouldn't have been on the road 9.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The supersized limousine that crashed and killed 20 people outside a country store failed a safety inspection last month and shouldn't have been on the road, and the driver wasn't properly licensed, New York's governor said Monday.
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Speed cameras are likely coming soon to Roosevelt Boulevard 3.10.2018 News
Speed cameras are seen as an important tool to improve street safety.
How autonomous vehicles will influence the future of travel 2.10.2018 Design & Innovation |
New technological trends are disrupting transportation. Here are all the ways that user behavior is going to change.
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I-35E south closure tops Twin Cities weekend road woes 28.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A section of southbound Interstate 35E is set to close to traffic Friday and remain closed all weekend as crews work to repair rough joints in the concrete.
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