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Cities and states are charging ahead towards a clean transportation future 18.10.2018 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
At the state and local level, communities are pressing ahead on clean transportation solutions—never mind that the Trump administration is stuck in reverse. A new resource released today helps these communities turn their aspirations into action. The Toolkit for Advanced Transportation Policies details the wide range of transportation policy opportunities that state and local governments […]
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The deceptive safety claims being used to justify the proposed rollback of the Clean Car Standards 11.10.2018 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
By Jeff Alson, Former EPA engineer who helped develop the Clean Car Standards, current consultant for EDF The Trump administration is trying to justify its decision to roll back America’s Clean Car Standards — an action that will result in more pollution and greater costs for American families — by claiming that dirtier, more expensive cars […]
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Here's how Philly hopes to improve transportation in the next seven years 10.10.2018 News
Here are five takeaways from the new city transportation plan.
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Governor: Limo that crashed shouldn't have been on the road 9.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The supersized limousine that crashed and killed 20 people outside a country store failed a safety inspection last month and shouldn't have been on the road, and the driver wasn't properly licensed, New York's governor said Monday.
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Speed cameras are likely coming soon to Roosevelt Boulevard 3.10.2018 News
Speed cameras are seen as an important tool to improve street safety.
How autonomous vehicles will influence the future of travel 2.10.2018 Design & Innovation |
New technological trends are disrupting transportation. Here are all the ways that user behavior is going to change.
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I-35E south closure tops Twin Cities weekend road woes 28.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A section of southbound Interstate 35E is set to close to traffic Friday and remain closed all weekend as crews work to repair rough joints in the concrete.
Will Congress bring sky-high air ambulance bills down to Earth? 26.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
Medevac helicopter companies are on the congressional radar, as a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration nears passage. Consumer protections against deceptive practices could become law.
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Other states give IDs to residents for free. Could it happen here? 26.9.2018 News
At least eight states issue free or discounted IDs to low-income or homeless residents and at least 10 states waive ID fees for seniors. Advocates in Pennsylvania are lobbying for fee waivers for the homeless.
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With bus service no faster than walking, a new approach to clear up Center City traffic jams 25.9.2018 News
More cops on the city streets target Center City traffic.
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FAA Bill Leaves Out Change Fee Oversight 23.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Congressional lawmakers have left a proposal to regulate airline “change fees” out of a bill authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration’s operations.
California Gears Up for a Gas Tax Clash 21.9.2018 American Prospect
screen_shot_2017-07-19_at_4.28.52_pm.png “Your gas tax dollars at work/Rebuilding California, SB 1” signs have sprung up on transportation infrastructure repair and maintenance projects from the Mexican border to the Oregon line. Having $5 billion each year to fill potholes, shore up bridges, and pave roads is a pipe dream for most states. In 2017, California finally stopped imagining the “what-ifs” of transportation fixes and got to grips with its state-of-good-repair backlog. Governor Jerry Brown signed a new transportation revenue program into law in last April and the state officially hiked fuel taxes and vehicle fees last November. With little real money expected from a dysfunctional Washington, the onus for new revenues has shifted to states to figure out the best way to keep decay at bay. In California, the Democratic-controlled Legislature came up with a slate of investment measures known as SB1 (Senate Bill 1) that includes new  fuel taxes : a 12-cent per gallon increase in the gasoline excise ...
The 2018 VERGE Vanguard Awards 17.9.2018 Energy & Climate |
A salute to the pioneers and leaders at the intersection of tech and sustainability.
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How can citizens share responsibility for a polluted river valley basin? 15.9.2018 Energy & Climate |
Here's how France created a system for participatory decision-making for its river water.
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Here's new research attendees are debating at the Global Climate Action Summit 12.9.2018 Resource Efficiency |
A roundup of reports, indexes and solution handbooks issued in collaboration with the GCAS gathering.
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Financing a new, climate-friendly metropolis 7.9.2018
Will smart city projects with longer-term benefits weaken credit ratings?
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Global Climate Action Summit: A business preview 4.9.2018
Five themes, hundreds of events. Inside the upcoming San Francisco extravaganza.
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Experts condemn the Trump administration’s attack on strong Clean Car Standards 29.8.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Experts condemn the Trump administration’s attack on strong Clean Car Standards
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8 Years Watching and Influencing Urban Transformation: Reflections From a Foundation Program Officer 23.8.2018 THE CITY FIX
Can innovative work be achieved by a program officer in a philanthropic organization? I remember asking this question when I started at the Hewlett Foundation in 2010. In my time there, I learned that program staff at philanthropies get to ...
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Could ride-hailing improve public transportation instead of undercutting it? 17.8.2018 Small Business |
There's no question ridesharing is much-needed innovation for the transportation industry, but its impacts are still being understood.
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