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Equity, innovation can be part of Illinois’ efforts to electrify transportation 22.5.2019 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Equity, innovation can be part of Illinois’ efforts to electrify transportation
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10 questions for Walmart's sustainable fleet leader 21.5.2019 Small Business |
While the world's largest company by revenue has been focusing on using data to make its truck fleet more efficient, it's also been testing out electric cargo-handling yard trucks. So what's next?
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Regulator says California might make dramatic moves if Trump relaxes emissions standards 17.5.2019 LA Times: Business

A top California environmental regulator is threatening to enact tough new pollution rules — including an unprecedented ban on cars burning petroleum-based fuels — in response to a Trump administration plan to relax vehicle emission standards.

California Air Resources Board Chairwoman Mary Nichols...

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How boxes, bots and biofuels are routing FedEx’s sustainability map 13.5.2019 Business Operations |
The delivery company is racing to stay ahead of the curve.
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Colorado steers toward electric-vehicle standard, while talking to auto makers about alternate route 11.5.2019 Denver Post: Business
Colorado state officials are taking a two-track approach to electrifying the state's transportation: pursuing a mandatory standard while exploring an alternative, voluntary program proposed by auto manufacturers.
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The human dimension of public transit planning — equity 2.4.2019
Planners can disadvantage communities in cities if they rely purely on numbers — with lasting societal impacts.
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Bikes, EVs and LNG trucks: How delivery giant UPS is steering 'beyond diesel' 2.4.2019
Bikes, EVs and LNG trucks: How delivery giant UPS is steering 'beyond diesel'
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Reducing traffic on the Westside is great — just don’t charge drivers to do it 31.3.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

To the editor: The L.A. Times article about the study on congestion pricing on the Westside ends by citing London as an example of how congestion pricing works when implemented. The article fails to include comparisons of the transportation alternatives in London and Los Angeles.

Here are some...

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Pay $4 to drive to the Westside? Analysis says it would cut traffic gridlock 28.3.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Charging drivers a fee to reduce traffic jams has worked in London, Milan and Stockholm, and the idea is gaining ground in New York.

But in Southern California, elected officials have approached the question of congestion pricing with trepidation, saying that such a dramatic shift in a driving-dependent...

Costs and Emissions Appraisal Tool for Transit Buses 25.3.2019 WRI Stories
Technical Note Featured ...
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MyFigueroa is everything wrong with L.A.’s alternative transit efforts 24.3.2019 LA Times: Commentary

A little over a year ago, I took a bike ride on a cool, pleasant evening in downtown Los Angeles. Traffic was calm and the bike lane I was riding in was freshly paved. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy the beauty of the night.

I should have known better.

Moments later, I was bloody and unconscious...

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Congressman slams payments to tollway consultants, calls on governor to ensure proper oversight 13.3.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Rep. Mike Levin, a vocal opponent of plans to extend the 241 toll road through south Orange County, has called on the governor’s office to ensure proper oversight of the local tollway authority after a Times article revealed questionable payments to the agency’s public outreach consultants.


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Westbound I-70 closed over Vail Pass due to multiple vehicle crashes 12.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Westbound Interstate 70 has been closed over Vail Pass due to several vehicle crashes and transportation officials are advising travelers to find alternative routes.
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Why Columbus is shifting mobility patterns to lower greenhouse gas emissions 12.3.2019 Small Business |
Incentivizing EV adoption with partnerships, better planning and more.
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The battle to tame O.C. traffic now rages over fees for high-priced consultants 11.3.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The warnings have been ominous for motorists winding their way to and from San Diego along a busy stretch of Interstate 5 in South Orange County — a future of crushing gridlock unless something drastic is done.

Transportation planners have been trying to sell skeptical residents for more than a...

Stabilization, not tunnel, is first priority for vulnerable bluff-top Del Mar train tracks 24.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Protecting the train tracks on the crumbling seaside bluffs in Del Mar, not building an alternative route with tunnels, should be the region’s top priority, officials said this week.

A recent series of bluff collapses has brought new attention to the scenic strip of railroad tracks in San Diego...

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Trump’s Wilderness Deal Will Decimate the “Most Important Wildlife Refuge in All of Alaska” 14.1.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by Reveal. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. COLD BAY, Alaska—At the spot where a rugged chain of islands breaks away from the Alaska Peninsula, a secluded national refuge protects millions of seabirds, grizzly bears and caribou. Framed by snow-capped mountains and smoky volcanoes, the refuge holds an irreplaceable underwater […]
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Building the business case for fleet electrification 12.12.2018 Small Business |
Sponsored: UPS proves the business case for electrifying commercial fleets.
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Uber is expanding and rebranding — is that a good thing? 11.12.2018 Small Business |
As the ridehailing giant enters the multimodal market, will it maintain protections for consumers?
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What Happens When You Can’t Catch a Ride to the Polls? 15.10.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Steve Karnowski) Voting booths stand ready in downtown Minneapolis on September 20, 2018, for Friday's opening of early voting in Minnesota. mobility_icon.png Getting a ride with Uber or Lyft doesn’t spring immediately to mind as an example of democracy in action, but on Election Day, the companies plan to offer discounted rides and free trips to voters facing transportation challenges in partnership with groups like #VoteTogether and DemocracyWorks (Uber) and the National Federation of the Blind, Voto Latino, and the National Urban League (Lyft). There’s more to this than good corporate citizenship, as the firms anticipate profiting from their discounted fares and from broadening their rider base, though they also are working with voting-rights groups to raise awareness of voter-registration tools and other election information. Forward-thinking transit systems in some cities and smaller locales also offer free rides on Election Day. But most people fend for themselves. Many voters do not have ...
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