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Race for governor has a cast of many 22.8.2009 Star Tribune: Politics
Plenty of DFLers and Republicans are on the road this summer, attempting to gain an early advantage with voters, and the pace already is hectic for some.
Dave Matthews Band offers free music downloads for eco-pledges 22.8.2009 Gristmill
by Sarah van Schagen Photo: via FlickrDuring their , the Dave Matthews Band encouraged 160,000 fans to carpool, diverted 8,000 cubic yards of waste from the landfill, employed 550 volunteers to educate fans, and reduced their carbon footprint by almost 8.5 million pounds of CO2 (through eco-efforts and offsets). This year, they are continuing that commitment with their . Fans who recycle a can (or ten) at a Dave Matthews Band show this summer will receive a download code for the exclusive So Much to Save 2009 album featuring songs from the band and supporting acts from their tour like , , Umphrey’s McGee, and others. Not planning to attend a show? No problem. The free download is also available to fans who take the committing to at ...
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Weekly Web Roundup: carpools, clunkers, carbon traders 21.8.2009 Switchboard, from NRDC
Cash for Clunkers ends on Monday. ZoomPool, a new social network, connects carbon-conscious people who want to carpool. Baoding, China, becomes world's first carbon positive city. An international climate conference for teenagers results in 14 specific projects to help...
U.S. 36 alliance sets federal bid of $200 million for upgrades 20.8.2009 Denver Post: Local
Communities in the U.S. 36 corridor will bid for as much as $200 million in federal stimulus money to help extend high-occupancy vehicle/high-occupancy toll lanes on the highway from Pecos Street to Table Mesa Drive in Boulder. ...
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Roadshow: Fatal consequences of brake screeching 17.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Motorcyclist is killed after throwing on his brakes in front of an RV.
Roadshow: I-5 will not be widened anytime soon 16.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Focus is on upgrading Highway 99 into a freeway.
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Sao Paulo Adopts Comprehensive Climate Change Policy 15.8.2009 WRI Stories
Sao Paulo recently became one of the first cities in the developing world to implement a citywide plan to fight climate change. The city council , which ambitiously aims to reduce Sao Paulo’s citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 30% of 2005 levels by 2012 through several measures comprehensively focused on transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, construction and land use. The municipal government is currently defining further measures that will specify the details of the follow strategies laid out by the law: Climate change mitigation Transportation: Reduce fossil fuel used in public transit by 10% per year, with all city fleets running on renewable fuels by 2017 Improve traffic management and decrease car ...
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Testing quieter pavement on I-405 in Bellevue; weekend lane closures 15.8.2009 Seattle Times: Local
Roadshow: BART strike will have major impact on traffic 14.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
With BART workers planning to walk out Monday, expect big delays on the roads.
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Roadshow: Bumps on Montague Expressway will be smoothed out 13.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
And BART riders using parking tags will get some relief.
Roadshow: Advance warning of cell-phone crackdown angers some readers 12.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Police say the more attention, the more likely drivers are to understand the dangers of using a cell phone.
Political Notebook: Senators to assess area funding requests 10.8.2009 Post-Bulletin: Local Politics
 A key group of state senators will visit southeast Minnesota to check out millions in state funding requests.
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'Open' sign at Cherry Street onramp can only mean 'northbound' 10.8.2009 Seattle Times: Local
The onramp to Interstate 5's carpool lanes at Fifth Avenue and Cherry Street, at the south end of downtown Seattle, doesn't say which way drivers will be heading if they enter. But the state doesn't think that's a problem. Find out why in Bumper to Bumper.
Roadshow: Movable median barrier for Golden Gate Bridge? 9.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Plans to install a movable median barrier are moving ahead, and it could be in place in two years. It's not clear when a suicide barrier might be installed.
Cramming a Lot Into a Youthful Literary Life 3.8.2009 NY Times: Books
Nick McDonell, whose new book “An Expensive Education” is being published this week, writes so well that his connections are beside the point.

Roadshow: Traffic fines shock some drivers 3.8.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Higher fees are in place across California.
Michelle Obama meets with families at Va Navy base 1.8.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
First lady Michelle Obama is calling military families "quiet heroes" and urging the public to support them.
First lady Michelle Obama thanks military families in Virginia and calls for public support 1.8.2009 Star Tribune: Politics
Michelle Obama meets with families at Va Navy base 1.8.2009 Seattle Times: Politics
First lady Michelle Obama is calling military families "quiet heroes" and urging the public to support them.
Michelle Obama meets with families at Va Navy base (AP) 1.8.2009 Elections

First Lady Michelle Obama waves as she arrives at the Norfolk Naval Station in Norfolk, Va., Friday, July 31, 2009.  Mrs Obama was in town to address the sailors returning from the USS Eisenhower and US Comfort battle group. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)AP - First lady Michelle Obama is calling military families "quiet heroes" and urging the public to support them.

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