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Emails show that census question discriminates, voting rights advocates say 16.6.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Voting rights activists argue that newly discovered 2015 correspondence between a GOP redistricting expert and a current Census Bureau official bolster arguments that discrimination motivated efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 population survey.
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Guest Commentary: The biggest fight facing the U.S. women’s soccer team isn’t on the field 14.6.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The U.S. women's national soccer team took to the field Tuesday to open its World Cup run and defend its title as world champion. But the World Cup isn't the only battle the team is fighting. Just three months ago, 28 of its members filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation, the country's national governing body for soccer.
Caldara: Colorado is ready for a reasonable abortion debate 14.6.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
“Nuance” is a difficult concept for us Colorado conservatives. As proven, yet again, with the failed attempt to recall state representative Tom Sullivan, our well-intentioned activists tend to believe most people think like them. They don’t.
On 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the Denver LGBTQ community reflects on the moment that ‘blew open the doors’ 14.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Regarded as the beginning of the gay civil rights movement, the Stonewall uprising in New York City was a pivotal moment for LGBTQ activists in Colorado.
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Botswana decriminalizes gay sex in landmark Africa case 11.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Botswana became the latest country to decriminalize gay sex on Tuesday in a landmark case for Africa when the High Court rejected as unconstitutional sections of the penal code punishing same-sex relations with up to seven years in prison.
What it’s like to navigate life below the poverty line 10.6.2019 High Country News Most Recent
A new book humanizes the work America’s poor must go through to try and stay afloat.
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How a Colorado mother went from starting a Facebook group to identifying as the National Rifle Association’s worst nightmare 9.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Shannon Watts folded laundry as news of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 20 children and six adults flashed across her television screen in 2012, rattling something inside the mother of five that couldn't be stifled.
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Denver voters kept Mayor Michael Hancock, but sent his council allies packing — setting the table for more conflict 6.6.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock survived to serve a third term -- even as some of his top allies on the City Council fell in Tuesday's runoff elections.
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Video clip of bullwhipping demonstration at Territory Days festival involving a young black girl causes controversy 30.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A video clip of a young black girl getting struck by a bullwhip by a white man in a cowboy hat at an annual event called Territory Days in Old Colorado City, Colorado, has gone viral.
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Ask Amy: The kids are upset by Mom’s involvement with “stepson” 27.5.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Dear Amy: My significant other (we were never officially married) died six months ago from a long-term illness.
Letters: What will you do for the planet? (5/25/19) 27.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
What will you do for your planet and future generations? Re: “U.N. report weaves together perils facing all creatures,” May 19 commentary Parenthood is often on my mind. I think about how, one day, I’ll be a mother, how I’ll love my children deeply and how I’d do anything for them. Parenthood. It’s often on […]
Hate makes a comeback in the Pacific Northwest 26.5.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Nearly two decades after the Aryan Nations’ Idaho compound was demolished, far-right extremists are maintaining a presence in the Pacific Northwest.
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Equal pay becomes Colorado law. Here’s what it means for companies. 23.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
Gov. Jared Polis has signed equal pay legislation into law, but it won’t go into effect for another 19 months, leaving Colorado employers time to limit their legal liability before 2021.
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Trump tells anti-abortion activists to stay united for 2020 20.5.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
With Alabama's restrictive new abortion law stirring divisions on the right, President Donald Trump implored anti-abortion activists to stay united heading into the 2020 election even as he laid out where his personal views differ from the legislation.
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A look at efforts to make legal marijuana foster social justice 20.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Questions about marijuana and social justice have played a prominent role this year in several U.S. states' debates about pot legalization. But other states and cities where recreational or medical marijuana already is legal have also endeavored to make up for the consequences and racial disparities of decades of policing pot.
Pot “legalization 2.0”: Social equity becomes a key question 19.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Complicating the law-making process, sometimes even among supporters, are questions about how best to erase marijuana convictions and ensure that people who were arrested for pot benefit from legal marijuana markets.
Gun rights activists’ attempt to recall Rep. Tom Sullivan splits Republicans 17.5.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Word this week that conservatives will try to recall Rep. Tom Sullivan has divided Republicans between those who see it as politically imperative and those who view it as politically foolhardy. 
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Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike, ignites social media 12.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Actress Alyssa Milano ignited social media with a tweet Friday night calling for women to join her in a sex strike to protest strict abortion bans passed by Republican-controlled legislatures.
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Schrader: STEM School students are right and we must listen 11.5.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The students’ reaction is something we all can learn from — everyone responds to trauma in a different way, and there’s no single appropriate response, but if we truly want to support people whose lives have been shattered by violence, the least we can do is listen closely when they speak
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STEM School students protest political nature of vigil, prompting apology from gun control group 10.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
Wednesday night's gathering at Highlands Ranch High School was marred by student walkouts, anti-media chants and a chorus of high school voices asking why the tragedy turned so quickly into political speeches.
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