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Louisville police officer shot amid Breonna Taylor protests 24.9.2020 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Louisville police say officer has been shot as protests grow over lack of charges for officers in Breonna Taylor's death.
Ask Amy: “Frequent Flyer” explains landing at home 19.9.2020 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Dear Amy: After reading so many parents’ questions about adult children returning to the nest, I thought I'd weigh in -- as a “frequent flyer.”
Denver police cut budget for financial reasons; public safety remains bulk of city spending despite protests 19.9.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Public safety operations will remain the city's largest expenditure in 2021 and no other single department is close, despite calls from weeks of protest this summer to reallocate taxpayer dollars from public safety to other city services.
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Killing the Vegas Pipeline 18.9.2020 High Country News Most Recent
Nevada’s attitude toward water is changing.
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In “Antebellum,” racism fuels a terrifying neo-horror ride 17.9.2020 Denver Post: Entertainment
Since Jordan Peele's "Get Out" smartly teased the horror of racism, there's been a fine upsurge of Black filmmakers and their collaborators bending the horror genre (fantasy/sci-fi, too) to culture-critiquing effect.
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In “Antebellum,” racism fuels a terrifying neo-horror ride 17.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Since Jordan Peele's "Get Out" smartly teased the horror of racism, there's been a fine upsurge of Black filmmakers and their collaborators bending the horror genre (fantasy/sci-fi, too) to culture-critiquing effect.
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Trump defies coronavirus rules as “peaceful protest” rallies grow 15.9.2020 Denver Post: National News Headlines
President Donald Trump is running as the “law and order” candidate. But that hasn't stopped him and his campaign from openly defying state emergency orders and flouting his own administration’s coronavirus guidelines as he holds ever-growing rallies in battleground states.
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Denver police officer files ethics complaint against Councilwoman CdeBaca over protest confrontation 14.9.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
A Denver police officer filed a city ethics complaint against Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca alleging the councilwoman belittled officers at a removal of a homeless encampment and tried to inflame protesters there.
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Racial injustice themes on display in empty NFL stadiums 14.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Seattle's Jason Myers kicked the ball through the end zone to open Seattle's season at Atlanta. No one else on the field moved.
Letters: Signs of hope not hate (9/12/20) 13.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Signs of hope not hate Re: “Social justice yard signs add division, not discourse,” Sept. 5 commentary
On Philanthropy: How donors can advance racial justice 13.9.2020 Denver Post: Business
George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Daniel Prude, Jacob Blake. The long road to racial justice in this country has been rocky and painful. It started long before these four people became household names and will, tragically, go well beyond their injuries and deaths. In response to these tragedies, many donors – whether in private or public […]
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“Cult-like” Colorado spiritual group met with violent protests during Hawaiian sojourn 12.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
What began as a relaxing trip designed to ease the pain of "Mother God," the ailing leader of the Love Has Won religious group, turned into a violent multi-day standoff last week with a collection of Hawaiian protesters who chafed at what they described as outsiders invading their island and desecrating their culture.
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Broncos announce series of social justice initiatives 9.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The Broncos announced a series of social justice initiatives Wednesday morning through a new “Broncos Inspire Change” program.
Guest Commentary: Your social justice yard sign contributes to division, not discourse 7.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Platitudes don’t change hearts or minds. Yard signs don’t change hearts or minds. And shouting at passersby in all-caps, even in multi-colored font, undermines the message of inclusivity and altruism you may think your sign is sending.
Rochester mayor promises police reforms following Daniel Prude’s death 7.9.2020 Denver Post: National News Headlines
The mayor of Rochester promised reforms are coming to the city's police department as community elders sought to bring calmer minds to a fifth night of demonstrations Sunday over the March death of Daniel Prude, who lost consciousness after police held him down with a hood over his head.
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27 arrested as Portland protests reach 100 consecutive days 6.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
As unrest continues in Portland amid 100 straight days of protests, authorities released additional court documents late Friday detailing the moments before the slaying of a right-wing protester last weekend.
Kamala Harris’ mostly virtual campaign to get Wisconsin road test 6.9.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Kamala Harris told a friendly crowd of Hollywood donors on Thursday they'd be surprised by how many states she's visiting daily, if only virtually.
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Unions threaten work stoppages amid calls for racial justice 6.9.2020 Denver Post: Business
Ahead of Labor Day, unions representing millions across several working-class sectors are threatening to authorize work stoppages in support of the Black Lives Matter movement amid calls for concrete measures that address racial injustice.
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Letters: Concern over Bandimere rally (9/5/20) 5.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Concern over Bandimere rally Re: “Rally worries health officials” and “Stop the Covid Chaos,” Sept. 1 and 2 news items
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Brauchler: There should be a no-politics, no-policy zone protecting America’s stadiums and arenas 4.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
During these politically brutal and divisive times, please let us continue to find unity in high-fiving and hugging total strangers when Von crushes David Carr, Kemp smashes another homer, or Murray puts up 50, without care that those fans also didn’t stand for our national anthem or that they support the doomsday candidate.
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