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Southern Poverty Law Center says number of anti-LGBTQ groups are growing in U.S., with four in Colorado 19.3.2020 Denver Post: Local
The Southern Poverty Law Center found 22 hate groups in Colorado in its 2019 report on extremists in the U.S.
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In Washington, COVID-19 quarantine plans disrespect communities of color 13.3.2020 High Country News Most Recent
‘In the end, among the most lasting symptoms of COVID-19 will be the layers of inequity it exposed in our society.’
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U.S. Soccer apologizes for arguments in equal pay case 12.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The U.S. Soccer Federation apologized Wednesday night after it contended in court documents that women on its national team had lesser responsibilities and physical abilities than their male counterparts, an assertion that drew widespread criticism and sparked a player protest.
Tampons, pads and politics mesh amid push in Colorado for access to menstrual supplies 11.3.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
As a national movement for better access to menstrual products gains steam, “period equity” activists in Colorado are finding the path to change isn’t straight. Although Denver last summer repealed sales taxes on menstrual products and the state now requires supplies to be provided in prisons, an effort to repeal the statewide sales tax on the products failed. So, activists assemble supply kits to donate to those who need them.
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Women fill streets of world’s cities with call for justice on International Women’s Day 9.3.2020 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Women filled the streets of the world's largest cities Sunday to protest gender violence, inequality and exploitation on International Women’s Day, with the mothers of murdered girls leading a march in Mexico City and participants in Paris inveighing against the “virus of the patriarchy.”
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Protests and celebrations mark Women’s Day, despite threats 9.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
From the streets of Manila to the plazas of Santiago, Chile, people around the world marked International Women’s Day on Sunday with calls to end exploitation and increase equality.
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Letters: Trying to keep us safe from the armed and dangerous; Pit bull decision still dogged by controversy; The fight to pass paid family leave for Coloradans; more letters (3/1/20) 2.3.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Trying to keep us safe from the armed and dangerous
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Broomfield’s “Drag Queen Story Time” met with support, protest 2.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Rainbows stood out against an otherwise gray sky Saturday morning as LBGTQ+ advocates gathered hours before a controversial children's library event.
Letters: Don’t let fear of socialism block spread of good ideas; Confronting racism personally; Documenting slavery; more letters (2/28/20) 28.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Don’t let fear of socialism block spread of good ideas Re: “This is how Scandinavia got great,” Feb. 16 commentary What an insightful look at investing in the education of their youth, while establishing their relationship to the community and the world as well, and how that informs their sense of responsibility to the least […]
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Ask Amy: College student learns equation: growth equals change 27.2.2020 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Dear Amy: Everyone claims that college is the best four years of your life. My friends always pressure me by saying that I only have a limited opportunity to go wild and have fun.
Guest Commentary: Yes, cannabis social equity is about reparations … and there’s nothing wrong with that 26.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
In paving the path forward on cannabis regulation and opening new economic opportunities, Colorado left those who were most harmed by the drug war behind.
McMillin: It took a serendipitous journey to realize that I am not only an anti-racist, but a racist 22.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
I am racist, and I am anti-racist. Author Ibram X. Kendi gave me the words, the definitions and, indirectly, the encouragement to write that sentence. It’s a start.
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Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change 18.2.2020 Denver Post: Local
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own fortune to help fight climate change.
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Many Colorado homeowners are “equity rich” when it comes to their mortgages 18.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Mortgage borrowers in Colorado ended the last decade in a much healthier place than where they started it, especially along the Front Range.
McMillin: If prejudice can hide behind “electability,” the glass ceiling will never break 14.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Our national winnability debate is sexist and racist and reveals more about us than the quirkiness of our politics.
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Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes 13.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The families of three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls sports.
NEPA battle pits Colorado leaders, residents against industry backers of Trump push for faster environmental reviews 12.2.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
The political fight over the Trump administration's efforts to trim environmental reviews for new development flared across a deep divide Tuesday at a federal hearing in Denver, with climate change looming heavily and frustrations high.
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Letters: Questioning the “freedom” offered by DeVos’ plan; Don’t use taxpayer money for faith-based education; Air near wells is safe according to tests (2/9/20) 10.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Questioning the “freedom” offered by DeVos’ plan Re: “Federal tax credits for donations would boost school choice scholarships,” Jan. 31 commentary Betsy DeVos stated in her commentary, “America’s forgotten students — those without the freedom the wealthy, powerful and well connected have always enjoyed” should have the same educational freedom as the wealthy. She ended […]
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Guest Commentary: Five uncomfortable truths we must face about homelessness and poverty 2.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Truth #1. If we talked about any other group of human beings the way we speak about people experiencing homelessness, we would be called bigots at best.
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Kafer: Parents choosing faith-based schools deserve equal treatment 1.2.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
What matters most to you when selecting a school? Academic performance? Proximity? Sports or arts programs? Vocational training? Values alignment? Safety? A nurturing environment?  All of these qualities are important but no one institution can be all things to all people. Parents have different priorities, circumstances and expectations; children have diverse needs and interests. Thus what matters most differs considerably from family to family.
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