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N.J. Supreme Court wants to forgive your old parking and driving tickets, saying they may be unfair 21.7.2018 News
Hundreds of thousands of old, low-level municipal cases remain unresolved, which advocates say unfairly burdens the poor. The New Jersey Supreme Court wants to change that.
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North Dakota seeks federal money for pipeline protest costs 20.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
North Dakota is demanding $38 million from the federal government to reimburse the state for costs associated with policing large-scale and prolonged protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline.
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NFL, players agree to temporarily halt enforcement of anthem protest rules 20.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to temporarily suspend enforcement of new rules requiring players to stand during the national anthem while discussions on the policy continue.
Pa. GOP gov nominee to climate change activist: 'You're a little young and naive' 20.7.2018 News
Scott Wagner made the comment after an 18-year-old woman asked if his refusal to take action on climate change had anything to do with $200,000 in campaign contributions that she said he had accepted from the fossil fuel industry.
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In contentious back-and-forth, Philly officials say ICE 'likely' violates data-sharing agreement 19.7.2018 News
The arrangement is a sticking point for immigration rights activists.
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Ontario fightback: Lessons from organizing workshops across Ontario 18.7.2018 - News for the rest of us
Maya Bhullar In the wake of the recent Ontario elections  Briarpatch Magazine , the Council of Canadians , Solidarity Ottawa and the Fight for $15 and Fairness  organized panels with grassroots organizers in Toronto and Ottawa asking "what's next."  I listened to all three panels and have captured quotes around six themes to provide a "teaser" and share some great points. I encourage you to scroll down to the end of this article to find links which allow you to listen to each panel. The thoughtful and generous insights from inspiring frontline organizers Lindsay (Beze) and Vanessa Gray , Felicia Samuel , John Clarke , JP Hornick , Tori Cress , Pam Frache , Deena Ladd , Doug Nesbitt ,  Karen Cocq , Martin Lukacs  and others are worth listening to.  The next four years will be an important test for Ontarians. We will either see the most regressive policies Ontario has ever seen or we will build a movement which defeats anyone who is attacking the land, environment, and people in this province.    ​We must ...
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Counties Cancel ICE Detention Contracts 18.7.2018 American Prospect
David Bacon Zen Buddhists from Green Gulch Farm lead people walking in a circle outside the West County Detention Center, as part of the monthly vigil Most Latina teenagers celebrate their a quinceañera, or 15th birthday, with parties and dances. Sometimes their families even rent a hall and hire a band. On June 9, Alexa Lopez, dressed in a pink tulle gown, held her quinceañera outside the West County Detention Center in Richmond, California. Her father, Raul, had been locked inside for a year and a half. The celebration, organized with the help of the Interfaith Movement 4 Human Integrity (IM4HI), was in part an effort to help Alexa feel that, despite her family’s separation, she was surrounded by a community that understood the importance of that day. But it was also a way to show to the larger world the terrible cost of immigration detention and family separation. Perhaps that was one element convincing Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston to announce, a month later, that he was canceling the ...
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American Police Must Own Their Racial Injustices 18.7.2018 American Prospect
Tiko Aramyan/Shutterstock Americans rarely discuss racial injustice. When they do, many people treat the subject like an exorcised demon, a distant past without present-day legacies. But Americans still live in a country characterized by racial hierarchy that infuses its institutions and organizations. Lawmakers, reflecting the will of a sizeable portion of the public, set the laws that made slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration possible. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and municipal agencies implemented those measures. And law enforcement exacted the consequences for disobeying them.  Police have been central to American racial injustice since our nation’s founding, when nascent police forces enforced slave codes. Today, the wars on crime and drugs continue to produce disproportionate and destructive enforcement in black and brown neighborhoods. Communities’ of color deep distrust of law enforcement is multi-generational and well-founded. And as the recent “ living while black ” incidents show, many ...
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Transcript: Obama's speech at the 2018 Nelson Mandela annual lecture 18.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The former president spoke in Johannesburg on Tuesday. Here is the full transcript.
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It's time for a general strike, because Trump treason demands a brave response | Will Bunch 18.7.2018 News
Our oligarchy only responds to one thing: Money. It's time to boycott the corporations that enable Trump and start planning a general strike if there's no movement on removing Trump from office.
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Iraq Struggles to Contain Protests Over Government Dysfunction 15.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
Iraqi authorities deployed troops across the country’s south and blocked access to the internet as protests over poor government services grew violent, with demonstrators breaking into oil facilities, burning political-party offices and shutting Najaf Airport.
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'Mama Bears' arrests signal new frustration of Delco pipeline protesters 15.7.2018 News
Two Middletown Township residents were arrested this week during a sit-in at the Mariner East 2 pipeline.
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10,000 protest Trump in Edinburgh; UK police seek paraglider 14.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
From the capital of Edinburgh to seaside golf resorts, thousands in Scotland staged colorful, peaceful protests against Donald Trump on Saturday as the U.S. president played golf at one of his luxury retreats.
What will the NFL do about Shady McCoy? | Bob Ford 13.7.2018 News
It is alleged whether McCoy had anything to do with the attack. But there is nothing alleged about Delicia Cordon's injuries.
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Woman gets prison for firing gun during pipeline protest 12.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A Denver woman accused of shooting at officers during protests in North Dakota against the Dakota Access oil pipeline was sentenced Wednesday to four years and nine months in federal prison.
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Papa John's founder quits as chairman after using the N-word during conference call 12.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
During a conference call in May, Schnatter used the word as he sought to downplay earlier remarks made about the NFL anthem protests led by African-American players.
Will Scientists Gear Up for Activism in the Age of Trump? 12.7.2018 American Prospect
Diego Diaz/Icon Sportswire via AP Images Activists at the March for Science on April 14, 2018, in downtown Portland, Oregon The 2017 March for Science was an innovative attempt to mobilize scientists to engage in public protest. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, millions of people have participated in numerous marches and rallies across the United States  in resistance to his administration and its policies . But the March for Science differed from the other mass marches in one important way: The major organizers, including groups such as the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the Union of Concerned Scientists, framed the event as a protest by “scientists and science supporters, teachers and parents, global citizens, and policymakers.”   In other words, its core participants were specific professional groups (scientists, teachers, policymakers), rather than more identity-focused groups, such as women or African Americans.  The march was doubly contentious because participants were ...
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The Human Cost of Sweden's Welfare State 12.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
A group of women berated my friend in a public park because her 2-year-old son wasn’t in day care.
Philly poverty: Cause, or effect? 12.7.2018 News
"Until we can improve the quality of our local leadership, I'm afraid the city will continue to lag behind other places"
The Scramble for Land Rights 11.7.2018 WRI Stories
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