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Unilever CEO Paul Polman Discusses Sustainable Business Strategy 30.7.2015 WRI Stories
Unilever is a new member of WRI’s Corporate Consultative Group, and we were thrilled to host the company’s CEO, Paul Polman, together with members of his sustainability team, Jeff Seabright and Thomas Langan, at WRI’s DC office recently. Polman met with WRI’s experts, reviewed some of our water and forestry tools, and spent more than an hour describing Unilever’s approach to sustainability from a business perspective. Although already familiar with much of Unilever’s work, I was impressed... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
IMF says it will not join new Greece bailout right now 30.7.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
The International Monetary Fund said Thursday it would not join a new bailout program for Greece until conditions for debt sustainability, including debt relief and economic reforms, are clearly assured. "In order to ensure that medium term sustainability, there is a need for difficult decisions on both sides... difficult decisions in Greece regarding reforms, and difficult decisions among Greece's European partners about debt relief," a senior IMF official ...
Five Lessons for Making Bike Share a Success in India 30.7.2015 THE CITY FIX
Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), or bike share, as it is more popularly known, was first introduced in Amsterdam in 1965. While the concept spread to various European cities, it remained largely experimental in nature and small in scale. It wasn’t ...
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Kayaktivists, Greenpeace Activists Blockade Shell’s Damaged Arctic Icebreaker in Standoff 30.7.2015 Newswire
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Pool shark in training 30.7.2015 Durango Herald
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Ska honored as eco-friendly brewery 30.7.2015 Durango Herald
Ska Brewing Co. is accustomed to winning awards for its craft-brewed beers, but now it’s being honored for something else – conducting its business in an eco-friendly manner.Epicure & Culture: Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler named Ska to its list of 10 of the most Sustainable Sips in the world. Noted...
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There will be no Katz-Green City Council ticket 30.7.2015 News
Forget about a Sam Katz-Bill Green ticket for the Nov. 3 general election for City Council. The two politicians said Wednesday night they have decided against registering as their own political party to seek two of the seven City Council at-large seats set aside in the City Charter for a minority political party.
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6 Quick and Easy Ways to Go Green 30.7.2015 Green on
Going green at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are many ways to improve efficiency without spending a fortune. Here are some quick and easy ways to increase energy efficiency while decreasing your monthly utility bills: #1 Perform a home energy audit. Perform an energy audit to identify all of the energy-wasting areas in your home. You can hire a home energy auditor for about $220 to $530 . An auditor will usually find more than one way to save energy in your home, saving you as much as 30 percent or more on your monthly utility bill. The savings add up quickly whether you decide to invest in some or all of the recommended changes. Photo courtesy of Electrical Plus, LLC in West Chester, PA #2 Upgrade your light bulbs. Switching out your light bulbs with their CFL or LED alternatives is another low-cost way to save energy. CFLs convert most of the energy they use. Altogether, they use 75 percent less energy and last 10 times longer. You will save about $90 over the lifetime of every ...
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Eco chic: Luxe rings feature recycled metals, ethical stones 30.7.2015 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
Seattle jewelry designer LilyEmme has the sparkly engagement ring of your dreams.
Syfy trying to reawaken the gory grindhouse cinema via 'Blood Drive' series 30.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Syfy is going the bloody distance. 
Old explosives still being found at Lakewood's Green Mountain park 30.7.2015 Denver Post: Local
The heavily-used William Frederick Hayden Park in the foothills of Green Mountain were bombarded with artillery shells from roughly 1935 through the end of World War II for Colorado National Guard war-time training ...
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With 'Paper Towns,' Author John Green Reopens Search For Agloe, N.Y. 30.7.2015 NPR: All Things Considered
Agloe, N.Y., is not a town in the real sense. It's a dot on a map put there by cartographers some 85 years ago to help them catch people illegally copying their work. The fictitious town is among a number of map traps and "paper towns" that inspired novelist John Green to write his book and now movie, Paper Towns. He shares the story of Agloe, and what he found when he used a map to try to travel there.
California's Drought Spurs Unexpected Effect: Eco-Friendly Development 30.7.2015 NPR: All Things Considered
In the state's agricultural Central Valley, planning is under way to transform peach and plum fields into Kings River Village, a solar-powered community that will send wastewater back into an aquifer.
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California's Drought Is So Bad Some People Are Painting Their Lawns Green 29.7.2015 Green on
  Thanks to California's four-year drought , a lawn painting industry is growing where green grass can't. While professional landscapers have used lawn paint to touch up golf courses for decades , some California residents with restrictions on watering their lawns  are either relying on a growing crop of small businesses  to paint theirs for them, or are painting it themselves . While most of the country knows about California's drought from pictures of dry riverbeds and empty lakes , brown lawns are a constant reminder to locals of their situation, and the hit to their curb appeal is disheartening. "I got sick and tired of looking at what looked like a pile of hay," Los Angeles resident Margarita Odelberg told the Wall Street Journal, adding that it was depressing . What to do? She could rip her grass out and replace it with drought resistant plants , such as cacti and succulents. She could commit to artificial turf, but that can cost around $5 to $20 per square foot , or she could simply paint her dead ...
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We Made DC Water's Green Infrastructure Proposal Better - But There's Still Room for Improvement 29.7.2015 Switchboard, from NRDC
Becky Hammer, Project Attorney, Water Program, Washington, DC: Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice concluded the public comment period on DC Water's most recent proposal to change course in its efforts to stop raw sewage from contaminating the waters of our nation's capital. NRDC submitted comments...
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We Are Literally Farming Ourselves Out of Food 29.7.2015 Politics on
Two items crossed my desk recently that were so fundamentally opposite in their visions of the future that it was enough to give a reader whiplash. The first was the 2012 book Abundance , the optimistic paen to entrepreneurs, inventors and Silicon Valley gazillionaires written by X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis and science journalist Steven Kotler. The authors claim that the exponential growth of technology will solve all the world's ills, and, "within a generation ... provide goods and services, once reserved for the wealthy few, to any and all who need them." Poo-burning toilets, refrigerator-sized water purifiers, portable nuclear power plants, algae biofuels and skyscraper greenhouses capable of feeding the world's 800 million hungry, among many other gadgets, they contend, are just around the corner and, within 25 years, will create a techno-utopian world. The other item was more sobering -- an article in London's Independent newspaper headlined, " Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic ...
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America's great internet divide 29.7.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Can you imagine a life without electricity? For most people, the answer is probably no.
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Enjoy Your Romaine Lettuce—While It Lasts 29.7.2015 Wired Top Stories
While the Central Valley's farm economy reels under the strain of drought, farms in the Salinas Valley are operating on all ...
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Room for Debate: Beyond Green Eggs and Ham 29.7.2015 NY Times: Books
Dr. Seuss still gets a lot of attention but what other young children's books and authors deserve ...
Green chile is feeling economic heat 29.7.2015 Durango Herald
ALBUQUERQUE – Green chiles have defined New Mexico for generations, gaining fans and fame around the globe.However, as this year’s harvest begins, labor shortages, shrinking acreage, drought and foreign competition have hurt the state’s production of the iconic pepper.Farmers and producers say the problems...
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