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10 LGBT Uprisings Before Stonewall 24.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Stonewall is seen as the birth of the LGBT rights movement. But there were pickets, protests—even riots—in the years before June 28, 1969.
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Stonewall was important, but the LGBT movement’s L.A. roots were essential 23.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary
Gay history is a story often told by New Yorkers, who see our past through their own narrow lens.
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Oregon State Capitol Shut Down Amid Threat of Militia Violence; Republicans Flee to Idaho to Escape Statehouse 23.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Sara Gelser, a Democratic state senator, wrote on Twitter that members of her party "were notified we were physically in danger."
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Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta gets an intersection named for her in Boyle Heights today 22.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Civil rights activist and labor union leader Dolores Huerta will have her name enshrined at the intersection of East 1st and Chicago streets in Boyle Heights on Saturday during a dedication ceremony by the city of Los Angeles.

Huerta, 89, led programs to assist low-income and working families through...

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Tune in to the Green New Deal's stop in Vancouver tonight at 7PM PT 22.6.2019 - News for the rest of us
rabble staff Our friends at The Leap have been touring across the country to hear from prominent climate activists, students, organizers, workers, and people like you on how to build power and popular supports for an inclustive, climate-safe economy and society, a Green New Deal. The tour's stop will be in Vancouver tonight! They will be presenting a livestream of the event and you can watch “A Green New Deal for All” live right here . You don’t need to be in Vancouver to hear from speakers and performers which include Kanahus Manuel, David Suzuki, Harsha Walia, and Avi Lewis, with MC Anjali Appadurai. For more information on rabble's Amplify! event coverage services please visit our page , or email ...
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Japanese-Americans Held in Internment Camps As Children to Lead Protest Against Fort Sill Child Detention: 'It's Never Too Late to Do the Right Thing' 21.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"When we were detained, America turned its back on us... There were no protests on our behalf," said Satsuki Ina, who was born in a Japanese-American internment camp.
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Thousands of Hong Kong protesters flood the streets again, this time targeting police 21.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Hong Kong’s protest movement shifted its focus to the territory’s embattled police force after thousands of demonstrators surrounded the department’s headquarters Friday, signaling no end to the conflict that drove an estimated 2 million people to the streets last Sunday.

The tense standoff under...

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Patrisse Cullors on using performance art to confront exhaustion 21.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

For the last two years, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has been immersed in art, exploring the intersection of performance and activism while earning her MFA from USC’s Roski School of Art and Design.

Cullors, a political organizer who has worked for 20 years to reform the criminal...

Two Denver city workers suspended over brawl at Lakewood youth baseball game; police investigation ongoing 21.6.2019 Denver Post: Local
As police continue working to identify about 20 people involved in a brawl between adults at a youth baseball game in Lakewood over the weekend, two city of Denver employees were placed on leave Thursday for their alleged involvement.
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Heated battle over automation and jobs at Port of L.A. moves to City Council 21.6.2019 LA Times: Business

A fierce battle over automation at the Port of Los Angeles will move to the City Council as dockworkers continue to protest expected job losses at the nation’s largest shipping terminal.

Amid angry shouting by hundreds of members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the Los Angeles...

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EDF Experts Contribute to Culinary Institute of America’s Menus of Change Report 20.6.2019 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
EDF Experts Contribute to Culinary Institute of America’s Menus of Change Report
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Federal unions speak out against P3; new pilot for care workers offers respite; and Manitoba nurses protest health-care changes 20.6.2019 - News for the rest of us
Zaid Noorsumar PSAC decries $2.6 billion public-private partnership for heating and cooling federal buildings Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has been enthusiastic about a contract with a private consortium to upgrade heating and cooling infrastructure in federal buildings. But PSAC and other public sector unions say that such partnerships do not provide value for taxpayer funds, the Hill Times reports . Trudeau government announces new pilots for care workers New pilot programs for domestic care workers will grant open work permits to them and their immediate family members, the Toronto Star reports . Care workers have long demanded open work permits that would allow them to escape abuse by exploitative employers. New security rules making it tougher to find seasonal farm workers The CBC reports that businesses accustomed to using temporary foreign farm workers are finding it tough due to new government rules requiring biometric data. The articles quotes an employer saying that Canadian residents ...
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Instead of squabbling over scarce jobs and incomes, we should jointly strive for a fair economic system 20.6.2019 - News for the rest of us
Ed Finn There's an African proverb that is becoming uncomfortably apt to apply to many workers and citizens: "As the waterhole becomes smaller, the animals get meaner." In other words, as basic needs dwindle, so does the willingness to share what's left. The merits of community and co-operation are superseded by a selfish survival-of-the-fittest mentality. A big difference, however, exists between what happens at a shrinking waterhole in Africa and what happens in Canada when good-paying jobs are reduced, incomes fall or stagnate, and government services are cut back. The African waterhole gets smaller because of a drought. It's a natural and unavoidable phenomenon. In Canadian society, however, the necessities of life for the most vulnerable among us are being deliberately restricted. Our welfare "waterhole" is being siphoned away, its contents inequitably transferred from the pockets of the poor into the bulging bank accounts and stock portfolios of the rich and powerful. There is no shortage of money ...
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Hong Kong’s leader ignores call to retract extradition bill. More protests may come 20.6.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Hong Kong’s leader ignored a deadline imposed by student groups to retract an unpopular extradition bill Thursday, raising the specter of more demonstrations and civil unrest nearly a week after 2 million people took to the streets to repudiate her leadership.

Student unions from various universities,...

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Once known as ‘Asia’s finest,’ Hong Kong police now stand accused of brutality 20.6.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Ethan Chu was volunteering at an aid station near government headquarters here last week for what started out as a peaceful demonstration.

Then, without warning, the 18-year-old high school student heard the pop and hiss of tear gas canisters and the shrieks of fellow protesters being pelted by...

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Germany’s capital plans 5-year ban on rent hikes to fight gentrification 20.6.2019 L.A. Times - World News

German officials facing protests and endless complaints about threats to affordable housing in the nation’s capital have decided the solution may be a five-year ban on rent increases and fines as high as $550,000 for violators.

Officials in Berlin, a city of about 3.7 million residents long known...

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How the Target Center's 'nutritional curator' wins with clean food 20.6.2019 Business Operations |
You won't find a single microwave or any trans fats in the stadium food at this Minneapolis arena, thanks to David Fhima.
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Suburbs Aren’t Only Conformist, White-Bread Clichés. They’ve Also Been Radical, Green, and Visionary. 19.6.2019 Mother Jones
The typical suburb as it is stereotyped in the popular imagination is white, wealthy, and conformist. The Monkees’ 1967 song “Pleasant Valley Sunday” captured the cliché by describing a place with “rows of houses that are all the same and no one seems to care,” where there’s a TV in every room “here in status-symbol […]
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Trump Is Abandoning Red State Farmers. A Green New Deal Can Help Save Them | Opinion 19.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
A comprehensive climate policy could create new livelihoods for rural Americans and farmers suffering under Trump administration policies.
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L.A. could overhaul how homeless encampments are cleaned 19.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Faced with a chorus of frustration among Los Angeles residents, homeless activists and business groups, city officials say they want to overhaul how L.A. cleans up trash and filth surrounding homeless encampments that have sprung up on its streets.

At a hearing Tuesday, sanitation chief Enrique...

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