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Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again 24.4.2018 Truthout - All Articles
Truthout is your hub for thought-provoking, conversation-sparking stories. Support independent journalism by making a small, tax-deductible donation today! This article was published by At the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC, rays of sunlight break through an unseasonably cold March, through the ordered, brutalist buildings that line Pennsylvania Avenue. Hundreds of thousands of people crowd the avenue, just as they have been crowding legislators' phone lines and email inboxes in recent weeks. On a stage strategically positioned in line with the Capitol building, 17-year-old Cameron Kasky, a Parkland shooting survivor, delivers  this proclamation : To the leaders, skeptics, and cynics who told us to sit down and stay silent, wait your turn: Welcome to the revolution. It is a powerful and peaceful one because it is of, by, and for the young people of this country. Since this movement began some people have asked me, do you think any change is going to come from this? Look around, ...
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Three Mexican film students were killed, their bodies dissolved in acid, authorities say 24.4.2018 Washington Post
Three Mexican film students were killed, their bodies dissolved in acid, authorities say
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The data on green data centers is still pretty cloudy 24.4.2018 Resource Efficiency |
Efficiency gains and clean power investments are adding up for companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, but the pace of digital expansion is making it tough to keep up.
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Three missing Mexican students were slain, their bodies dissolved in acid 24.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Three Mexican film students whose disappearance last month sparked large-scale protests in the city of Guadalajara were beaten, killed and their bodies dissolved in acid, Mexican authorities said Monday.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the gruesome crime, said officials of the...

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Nicaragua scraps unpopular welfare plan, but unrest continues 24.4.2018 L.A. Times - World News

A sense of smoldering discontent was evident in Nicaragua on Monday after President Daniel Ortega’s decision to cancel a welfare overhaul plan — a proposal that sparked days of deadly protests and looting in this Central American nation of 6 million.

On Monday afternoon, thousands of peaceful protesters...

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Students plan sustained demonstration against gun violence leading up to Election Day 24.4.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Four student organizers from Eden Prairie High School are recruiting two volunteers per weekday to hold photos and information about school shooting victims in the Capitol lobby.
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With arrest of Waffle House shooting suspect, 'Nashville can breathe a sign of relief,' mayor says 24.4.2018 LA Times: Nation

Travis Reinking, the suspect in the killing of four people at a Waffle House diner in Nashville, was captured and taken into custody Monday afternoon after a tense manhunt involving scores of law enforcement officers.

Reinking, 29, of Morton, Ill, was arrested in a wooded area less than a mile...

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Behind bloody Gaza clashes, economic misery and piles of debt 24.4.2018 Washington Post
Behind bloody Gaza clashes, economic misery and piles of debt
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Trigger Warning: John Waters to get 'Filthy' on Penn campus 23.4.2018 News
John Waters will talk about the finer points of his filth today at the Zellerbach Theater.
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Suspected Waffle House shooter on the run, residents urged to be cautious 23.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

A man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant remained on the run Monday, and authorities said he may be armed with one of the guns seized from him last year after he tried to enter the White House to see President Donald Trump.

More than 80 Nashville police officers...

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Mock draft: NFL beat writers make picks for the teams they cover 23.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary
With the NFL draft less than a week away, reporters who cover their teams on a daily basis take a crack in predicting how the first round will unfold in The Times' annual beat writers' mock. Each reporter made a pick and gave a rationale for that selection.
New York Politicians Seek to Make Highway Repairs Contingent on Placing Cops in Schools 23.4.2018 Truthout - All Articles
Ready to challenge injustice and spark real change? So are we. Support Truthout's mission today by making a tax-deductible donation. Three state senators have sponsored a bill that will allow New York to fast-track the repair of crumbling highway infrastructure -- on the condition that armed police be stationed in every school in New York City, public or private. Democrat Simcha Felder joined Republicans Martin J. Golden and Andrew J. Lanza to propose  Senate Bill S7867 , which has a stated purpose of changing the contracting method for construction on the Bronx-Queens Expressway. While there are many  problems with the design-build method , it has  broad support among politicians  because it saves money and expedites the repair process. Stipulating more cops in schools as part of an unrelated highway repair bill is a cynical political maneuver to pass a potentially unpopular measure. In essence, Felder, Golden and Lanza are holding necessary infrastructure repair hostage -- to be traded for the safety ...
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How Black Students Helped Lead the 1968 Columbia Strike Against Militarism and Racism 50 Years Ago 23.4.2018
Fifty years ago today, on April 23, 1968, hundreds of students at Columbia University in New York started a revolt on campus. They occupied five buildings, including the president's office in Low Library, then students barricaded themselves inside the buildings for days. They were protesting Columbia's ties to military research and plans to build a university gymnasium in a public park in Harlem. The protests began less than three weeks after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The 1968 Columbia uprising led to one of the largest mass arrests in New York City history -- more than 700 people arrested on April 30. It also inspired student protests across the country. Today, we spend the hour looking back at this pivotal moment. We are joined by Raymond Brown, former leader of the Student Afro-American Society; Nancy Biberman, a Barnard College student who joined the protests as a member of Students for Democratic Society; Mark Rudd, chair of the Columbia University chapter of SDS during the ...
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Tennessee Waffle House suspect still being sought; residents on alert 23.4.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
An intensive manhunt continued Monday for a half-naked man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant. Police in Nashville, Tennessee warned people nearby to be wary, while authorities shared reports about previous efforts to contain the gun-loving man with paranoid delusions.
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Starbucks won’t have any idea whether its diversity training works 23.4.2018 Washington Post
Starbucks won’t have any idea whether its diversity training works
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Syracuse fraternity: Second video shows mock sexual assault of disabled person 23.4.2018 Washington Post
Syracuse fraternity: Second video shows mock sexual assault of disabled person
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'My skin color is not a crime': Fraternity protests at Philly Starbucks 23.4.2018 News
Dozens of members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity rallied Sunday at the Starbucks near Rittenhouse Square was arrested this month.
Kanye West's embrace of a black Trump supporter not well-received 23.4.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Kanye has doubled down on his recent conservative positions with his latest endorsement.
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How a Skeptical High School Teacher Learned to Take Teenagers Seriously 22.4.2018 Mother Jones
This article first appeared on During the first week of May 1963, more than 800 African-American students walked out of their classrooms and into the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, to call for an end to segregation. Despite frequent arrests and having dogs and high-pressure firehoses turned on them, they kept marching. Their determination and […]
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The Latest: Pope calls for peace amid Nicaragua protests 22.4.2018 Washington Post: World
The Latest on unrest in Nicaragua (all times local):
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