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U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election 23.10.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The senior U.S. diplomat in Ukraine told lawmakers Tuesday that President Donald Trump made the release of military aid contingent on public declarations from Ukraine that it would investigate the Bidens and the 2016 election, contradicting Trump's denial that he used the money as leverage for political gain.
Sondland says Giuliani was given role on Ukraine policy 17.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The U.S. ambassador to the European Union said Thursday that President Donald Trump directed him and other envoys to work with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on Ukraine policy and that he disagreed with the directive.
No relief from fracking industry on Colorado’s Front Range 15.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Advocates hope new laws will bring changes, but they aren’t seeing much yet.
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The U.S. stole generations of Indigenous children to open the West 14.10.2019 Current Issue
Indian boarding schools held Native American youth hostage in exchange for land cessions.
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White House vows total halt to impeachment probe cooperation 9.10.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The White House declared Tuesday it will halt any and all cooperation with what it termed the "illegitimate" impeachment probe by House Democrats, sharpening the constitutional clash between President Donald Trump and Congress.
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Denver opens the door for tiny homes. Will mobile homes be next? 8.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The Denver City Council voted on Monday to make it easier to build tiny-home communities in most of Denver.
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Why Denver Health and other hospitals are getting into the housing business 7.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Hospitals from Baltimore to St. Louis to Sacramento, Calif., are exploring ways to help patients find a home. With recent federal policy changes that encourage hospitals to allocate charity dollars for housing, many hospitals realize it’s cheaper to provide a month of housing than to keep patients for a single night.
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“Castle doctrine” may protect white officer who shot innocent black man in his own home, a judge rules 1.10.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
A Texas jury began deliberations Monday to decide whether a white police officer who shot and killed an innocent black man in his own home is guilty of murder. Thanks to a last-minute decision from the judge, they'll be able to take into account a controversial law that might clear her of wrongdoing.
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“Not the golden ticket”: Colorado Democrats may change Section 8 voucher rules 30.9.2019 Denver Post: Local
Landlords in Colorado have no obligation to accept housing vouchers, which makes it difficult to use the benefit. Colorado Democrats are considering changes.
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U.S. House passes bill giving marijuana businesses access to banking 26.9.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would grant legal marijuana businesses access to banking, a measure that would clear up a longstanding headache for the industry.
Two Colorado police departments already partner with a popular doorbell camera company — and more are considering 22.9.2019 Denver Post: Local
Thousands of self-installed home security cameras across the Denver area record the daily comings and goings of their neighbors and visitors on their streets, and police are increasingly attempting to partner with camera companies for easier access to the footage.
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For 1 in 21 applicants, Section 8 can change lives 20.9.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Denver's Section 8 lottery, available online at until midnight Friday, has seen its number of applicants double over the last decade. That’s in part a result of an easier online system -- but also because a crushing housing market.
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Guest Commentary: Trump axes Bolton, the hawk he brought to the White House 11.9.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
When President Donald Trump tapped John Bolton to be his third national security adviser in two years, the veteran foreign policy official was already widely seen as a polarizing figure. Opponents to the left loathed the former member of both Bush administrations for his bludgeoning approach to diplomacy abroad and interagency processes at home, his support for numerous invasions and wars, and his hard-line insistence on the primacy of American might on the world stage.
Editorial: Denver should enforce its strict short-term rental laws 6.9.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
We’re impressed Denver officials are using the sharp-teeth of enforcement to crack down on those who are violating the city’s aggressive short-term rental policy. Don’t want to face felony charges for your Airbnb or VRBO rental in Denver? Simply make sure the house or room for rent is your primary residence and don’t lie to public officials. If you don’t call the place home, rent it for 30 days or more.
Grand Junction, Basalt, Denver projects among those awarded combined $10.4M in state housing grants this summer 4.9.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
The money -- drawn from a pot earmarked for supporting work that improves, preserves or expands the supply of affordable housing in the state -- will benefit the seven total projects.
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While ‘zombie’ mines idle, cleanup and workers suffer in limbo 4.9.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Instead of paying to clean up the mess left by mining, companies are warehousing their operations indefinitely.
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Colorado lawmaker says he helped reverse Trump on red-flag laws once and it can be done again 17.8.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A Colorado Republican lawmaker believes President Donald Trump can be talked out of his fledgling support red flag laws, a gun control measure he called for following deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.
When public lands become tribal lands again 16.8.2019 High Country News Most Recent
A story of fire, stolen lands, and how hard it is to get the U.S. to follow its own laws.
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When federal lands become tribal lands again 16.8.2019 High Country News Most Recent
A story of fire, stolen lands, and how hard it is to get the U.S. to follow it’s own laws.
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Denver business owner “self-deporting” to Australia as Trump administration takes harder line on employment visas 12.8.2019 Denver Post: Local
Colorado immigration attorneys have noted an increase in employment immigration cases since President Donald Trump took office, with Citizenship and Immigration Services scrutinizing and asking for more evidence for visa applications that the office previously had approved.
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