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Hancock, Kniech: Supporting 2B will fund proven solutions to reducing homelessness in Denver 28.10.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Today, 80% of the most chronically homeless individuals in Denver who have been placed in supportive housing are successfully staying housed. The progress we have made has not only saved lives but transformed them. Yet, the need for these solutions is many times greater than our current resources – and thousands of lives depend on us doing more.
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Denver officials open second emergency homeless shelter as cold weather continues 27.10.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver officials will open a second emergency shelter Monday evening for women and transgender people experiencing homelessness as the area’s cold snap continues.
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Denver’s Ball Arena to open Friday for in-person voting, ballot dropoff 27.10.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver’s Ball Arena, formerly known as the Pepsi Center, will serve as an in-person voting place for Denverites for the last days of the 2020 election, city election officials have announced.
Delores Project helps homeless find housing, supports them long after they get the keys 25.10.2020 Denver Post: Local
The Delores Project and Arroyo Village affordable housing units, nestled in the West Colfax neighborhood, provide 24/7 shelter for women, transgender people and those who are gender non-conforming and experiencing homelessness.
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Coloradans displaced by wildfires can return ballots across the state 24.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Coloradans who have been affected by the state's wildfires have multiple options to ensure their votes are counted in the Nov. 3 election, according to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office.
Denver officials open emergency homeless shelter as weather turns cold 23.10.2020 Denver Post: Local
Denver officials opened an emergency 24-hour shelter Thursday for women and transgender people experiencing homelessness as the weather turns colder.
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Letters: Doesn’t pass the “sniff test” (10/22/20) 22.10.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Doesn’t pass the “sniff test” Re: “Cover the Hunter Biden news,” Oct. 21 letter to the editor
A third of likely Colorado voters have cast their ballots two weeks before Election Day 22.10.2020 Denver Post: Local
More than 1 million Colorado voters -- about a third of those expected to vote -- submitted their ballots at least two weeks before Election Day.
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Colorado governor orders statewide eviction moratorium 21.10.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Days after banning late fees on renters in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday went a step further and reinstated a state eviction moratorium. Polis halted evictions when the coronavirus hit Colorado in early spring, but he allowed the moratorium to lapse in June. Then, in early September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]
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Colorado governor bans late fees for renters through end of 2020 16.10.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Gov. Jared Polis has announced an executive order banning late fees for Colorado renters through the end of the year but rejected his own task force's recommendation to enact a statewide eviction moratorium.
Guest commentary: It’s Polis’ turn to take meaningful action to protect Coloradans from eviction 13.10.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
The task force identified a pressing need for Gov. Polis to provide legal protections for Coloradans negatively impacted by COVID.
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Latino, evangelical and politically homeless 12.10.2020 Denver Post: National News Headlines
At the Church of God of Prophecy, hundreds come each Sunday for two hours of worship in Spanish. They share passages from the Bible, sing and embrace each other tightly. The evangelical congregation, led for nearly 25 years by the Rev. Jose Rivera, is nearly all Latino, the vast majority with roots in Mexico.
William Perry Pendley says he’s still on the job as acting director of BLM 11.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
William Perry Pendley wants Wyoming to know that he’s still on the job as the nation’s acting head of public lands.
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Denver Issue 2B: Homelessness sales tax 8.10.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
If approved, Denver's proposed sales tax to help those experiencing homelessness would charge shoppers an extra 2.5 cents on every $10 purchase. The measure would raise a projected $40 million in its first year.
PHOTOS: Denver homeless camp sweep on Oct. 6, 2020 7.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
City crews cleared out an encampment of people experiencing homelessness on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, near the intersection of 13th Avenue and Logan Street in Denver.
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Denver sweeps people experiencing homelessness from Capitol Hill camps 7.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Homeless encampments in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood were cleared on Tuesday morning  by city officials.
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Two newlyweds identified as victims of fatal plane crash near Telluride 6.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Authorities in southwest Colorado say two newlyweds from Florida died when their single-engine plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the resort town of Telluride.
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Homeless challenge Denver encampment sweeps in federal court 6.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Homeless people filed a federal lawsuit on Monday seeking to stop Denver from clearing their encampments around the city, saying the operations violate their constitutional rights and also raise the risk of the spreading the coronavirus.
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Guest commentary: Denver voters should say ‘no’ to Initiatives 2B and 2A 3.10.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Vote no until there is accountability for the monies already being spent and a real plan to show that Denver is doing something different to solve the problems of homelessness and climate change.
Letters: Waking up to history (9/29/20) 29.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Waking up to history Re: “Where will the woke cleansing of history end?” Sept. 13 commentary
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