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Denver seeking contractor to help it create incentives for more affordable housing near transit 7.8.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The city's Community Planning and Development and Denver Economic Development & Opportunity offices on Monday announced they are seeking a consultant team that can aid them in a multi-year effort to achieve key affordable housing goals.
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As metro Denver home prices continue to rise, one builder’s answer is to go smaller 28.7.2019 Denver Post: Business
Mission Homes Colorado is building smaller houses starting in the mid-$200,000 range as median home prices rise above five times median household income
“There’s speculators buying up houses:” Denver’s East Colfax braces for transit, density and displacement 22.7.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver plans to spend at least $150 million to run bus rapid transit down Colfax, a project that could transform the stretch during the 2020s. Meanwhile, the city is buying local properties and shutting down “nuisance” businesses, and local authorities could soon declare an urban renewal area, creating a magnet for developer investment.
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Only 1 in 20 houses in Denver is affordable for teachers, study finds 19.7.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
A pair of recent analyses showed that teachers struggle to find affordable housing in Denver, but the situation has improved somewhat since 2000 despite skyrocketing real estate prices.
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Colorado commission addresses affordable housing by extending incentives to manufacturer of modular homes 18.7.2019 Denver Post: Business
Colorado's economic development office has brought thousands of jobs to the state this decade and consistently beat out rivals like Texas and California, thanks to a more powerful set of incentives.
Denver Post listening tour: Leadville looks to diversify beyond “scrappy mining town” 14.7.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Leadville is Colorado’s scrappy mining town that has boomed and busted more than once. Given its isolation, residents are accustomed to figuring out problems on their own, with little of the polarizing conflict that tears apart other communities.
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Denver communities putting more faith in land trusts amid affordable housing crisis 8.7.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
As a nationwide affordable housing crisis continues to inflict pain on renters and would-be homebuyers across the Centennial State one tool has emerged as a key means to get more people into quality homes they can afford and stabilize neighborhoods.
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Tiny homes as affordable and alternative housing gain in popularity. Colorado is at forefront of the movement. 5.7.2019 Denver Post: Business
As housing prices rise and environmentalism becomes more mainstream, the tiny home movement is growing, and Colorado is a major hub.
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As home sales flatten, affordability remains key issue for new housing construction 28.6.2019 Denver Post: Business
Falling mortgage rates have put some wind back into existing home sales, but new home purchases, down the past two months, remain dead in the water.
Home affordability study offers glimmer of hope to Denver buyers 26.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Housing affordability is improving this year in metro Denver, enough to give buyers a little bit of breathing room in terms of the income they need to show lenders, according to a study from Canadian real estate brokerage Zoocasa.
Once the site of an East Colfax strip club, Denver selects developers for affordable housing project 26.6.2019 Denver Post: Local
Plans have taken shape for the future of a former strip club and a nearby vacant lot on East Colfax after Denver officials picked two nonprofit firms to redevelop the properties and provide housing options for disadvantaged groups.
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Denver council approves affordable housing, 16-floor tower near Sloan’s Lake 25.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Denver's elected leaders faced one of the last big, controversial developments of the current term on Monday night.
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Housing could be key to helping Boulder County farmers find workers in limited, expensive labor market 24.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Adrian Card, Colorado State University Extension's agricultural agent for Boulder County, sees a potential chance that a for-sale property at 12525 Quicksilver Road just south of Longmont could help combat a common problem local farmers in this expensive housing market face: finding affordable labor.
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Once-controversial, Boulder housing co-ops proving worth in affordability, community 17.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Once labeled by a former councilman as “the most closely watched houses in the city of Boulder,” co-ops are not without their critics. The bruising, emotional debate over the co-op ordinance two years ago illuminated contrasting opinions about how a city -- and neighbors — should define a home. In the years since its passage, it also has provided an example of the creative ways in which the city can address its affordable housing crisis.
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Guest Commentary: Sloan’s Lake development is a model for Denver’s affordable housing needs 15.6.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
It’s no surprise to any resident that Denver faces an affordable housing crisis.
Denver is the most expensive city to rent an apartment in the metro area. Find out what cities are the cheapest. 12.6.2019 Denver Post: Business
Denver has the most expensive rental rate in the metro area, with a median cost of $1,540 to rent a one-bedroom apartment.
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Guest Commentary: Proposed development on Sloan’s Lake offers “poor doors” instead of affordable housing 11.6.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The City of Denver is clamoring to create affordable housing for many thousands who desperately need it.  The danger is that our city leaders will do no better in solving the problem than they have in allowing it.
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Denver mayoral race: Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock on the issues 31.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Mayor Michael Hancock and Jamie Giellis have broad similarities in their visions for Denver, but their platforms promise different approaches to the city's biggest issues.
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Denver to help homeowners in 9 neighborhoods build low-income “granny flats” 14.5.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Under a new program, public agencies will partner with Habitat for Humanity to help West Denver homeowners build accessory dwelling units, also known as granny flats, on existing residential properties.
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Douglas County approves $10 million for school security following STEM School shooting 14.5.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Douglas County commissioners agreed to target $10 million toward increasing school security at a special meeting Monday, less than a week after two students at STEM School Highlands Ranch are alleged to have shot nine of their classmates, one fatally.
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