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Device at center of Grand Junction woman’s fatal bungee accident was functioning 14.1.2018 Denver Post: Local
Investigators say the device at the center of a fatal bungee accident at an indoor recreation park in western Colorado was functioning properly.
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High Court Won't Hear Challenge to State Law Letting Merchants Refuse Service to Gay People 9.1.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The Supreme Court declined to consider a challenge to a Mississippi law authorizing individuals and merchants to deny service to same-sex couples on the basis of “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions.”
Boulder smart-home software developer Yonomi adds $5 million from manufacturer of car technology 9.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Boulder-based Yonomi said Monday that it received $5 million from investors, showing there is more to smart homes than Amazon Echo and Google Home.
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4 candidates for Jared Polis’ congressional seat debate at Boulder forum 8.1.2018 Denver Post: Local
Climate change, the country's divisiveness and bringing Boulder County's progressive policies to the national level dominated the discussion at a well-attended Sunday forum for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District candidates.
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Woman crusades to change rules after dog death dispute in Longmont 8.1.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
When Longmont resident Anne Kelly set out to walk her dog in early December, she didn't know it would be her dog, Isaac's, last walk.
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The Colorado Energy Office averted a shutdown. Now it looks to avoid repeat of last session’s funding stalemate 7.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
In the six months since the Colorado Energy Office's state funding expired in a bitter political stalemate a total shutdown never came to pass. But in an ironic twist, the federal dollars that kept the $3.1 million office running can't be spent on what Republicans were fighting to see more of.
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Tiny home village moves to new location: “It’s costing us about $25,000 and it is displacing villagers” 7.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A 180-day relocation requirement by the City of Denver forced the $25,000 move.
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Trump Will Resubmit Judicial Nominees 6.1.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
President Donald Trump said he would resubmit more than 20 judicial nominees to the Senate for confirmation, including his picks for federal judge positions in states the White House says “are suffering from judicial emergencies.”
The University of Alabama Earns a Victory Over an Ugly History 6.1.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Autherine Lucy was kept out in 1956 because of her race. She eventually got a degree—and a monument.
Colorado stocks were left behind in a robust year for equities 30.12.2017 Denver Post: Business
U.S. stock markets notched in their best returns since 2013, and they did so with a  smoothness almost never seen. Against that backdrop, an index of Colorado stocks somehow found a way to lose 4.4 percent.
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The "Happiest" City in the US Has a Secret: It's White and Wealthy 13.12.2017
This article was originally published at "How is one to tell about joy? How describe the citizens of Omelas? ... I do not know the rules and laws of their society, but I suspect that they were singularly few. One thing I know there is none of in Omelas is guilt." —Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Earlier this year, National Geographic published an article claiming to have discovered the 25 happiest cities in the United States. The measurements were based on a scale developed by Gallup, with input from Dan Buettner, who has spent decades traveling the globe in pursuit of the roots of happiness. Even with all that experience, Buettner's findings (reported in the article by George Stone) seem to overlook one glaring problem: American happiness appears to be rich and white. The city that tops Nat Geo's list this year is Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, known for its biking paths, clean air, and youthful population; the latter of ...
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Justices Hear Case of Baker Refusing to Make Cake for Gay Wedding 5.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: Europe
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments over a Colorado baker’s claim that the First Amendment’s free-speech and religious-exercise protections exempt him from state law outlawing discrimination against gay people.
Religious Freedom Is for Christians, Too 5.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Why Hindus, Muslims, Native Americans and other minorities root for Masterpiece Cakeshop.
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Colorado Bakery Case Heads for Supreme Court 4.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear oral arguments in the case of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, citing religious reasons.
Let Them Not Bake Cake 4.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Does gay marriage trump the right to religious expression?
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Should telecommuting state workers live in Minnesota? 20.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
There is no law in Minnesota that says an employee of the state can't live half a continent away and work remotely, but Fox 9 says it's been stymied in an attempt to find out how pervasive the practice is.
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MLB playoff predictions: Big expectations for Indians, conflicting opinions on Nationals, Cubs 3.10.2017 Washington Post
MLB playoff predictions: Big expectations for Indians, conflicting opinions on Nationals, Cubs
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7,800-acre Winter Valley Fire in western Moffat County more than 50-percent contained 25.9.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Wind-driven fire exploded to 5,200 acres in a few hours Thursday. Cool weather and rain helped get it under control.
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Want to Be a Fed Governor? Better Pretend to Be From Somewhere Else 22.9.2017 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Congressman “Alfalfa Bill” in 1913 tried to make sure Wall Street wouldn’t dominate the Federal Reserve Board, which is why nominee Randal Quarles of Utah insists he’s from Colorado.
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Washington Just Sued a Giant Private Prison Company for Paying Immigrant Workers $1 Per Day 21.9.2017 Mother Jones
Thousands of immigrant detainees were paid $1 per day or, in some cases, with extra food as compensation for keeping one of the country’s largest for-profit immigration detention centers running, according to a lawsuit filed today by Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. The lawsuit targets the GEO Group, one of the country’s two most profitable private prison companies, […]
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